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  • + 3M’s Next Generation Wrap Film Makes Installation Easier

    3M introduces an industry first – new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films come engineered with a Protecti..

    17 September 2019

    3M introduces an industry first – new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films come engineered with a Protective Film Layer, allowing for easier installation.

    Further innovations in the new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 include; better conformability for further ease of installation and an extended warranty of up to seven years* on vertical applications, to drive greater confidence and peace of mind for both installers and consumers.

    New innovations in film technology are consistently being improved to achieve smooth and distinctive wrap designs. The patent-pending Protective Film Layer on gloss colours comes positioned over the top of the film’s surface to reduce the potential for surface imperfections, such as hazing or blotchiness. This remains in place during the installation and is removed easily once the film is applied to reveal a perfect finish. As a result, vehicle owners and installers will have the peace of mind that any scratches made to the Protective Film Layer will not transfer to the film itself, nor mar the look of the completed wrap. “The new 3M™ Wrap Films Series 2080 gloss films ensure both quality aesthetics and performance, and we’re excited to see the impact it has for installers and their customers.” said Janelle Pizzi, product marketer, 3M Commercial Solutions Division.

    Simultaneously, the warranty backed by science means installers and consumers can have increased confidence that when wrapping a vehicle with 3M film, it will both perform during installation and uphold its striking appearance when maintained correctly.

    The multi-layer cast, adhesive backed film will be first available in 41 colours, of which there are 6 new colours available to meet current consumer and trend demands, and all of which can be used with 3M™ Knifeless Tape.

    For For more information on 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080, please visit or

  • + swissQprint Karibu: Certified Energy Efficiency

    Following in the footprints of the swissQprint Nyala flatbed printer, the new Karibu roll to roll printer is the latest ..

    17 September 2019

    Following in the footprints of the swissQprint Nyala flatbed printer, the new Karibu roll to roll printer is the latest model to undergo tests as specified by the ISO 20690 standard. The result once again: outstanding energy efficiency.

    Confirmation comes from experts at Fogra: the new Karibu roll to roll printer from swissQprint is highly energy efficient. When they tested it as specified by the ISO 20690:2018 standard, Karibu scored even higher than the Nyala flatbed printer. swissQprint had this model put through its paces last year, when it was also given the rating "outstanding energy efficiency". 

    The ISO 20690 standard specifies methods for determining the energy consumption of digital printers and thus allows comparison of their operating costs and ecological footprints.

    Standardised measurement
    In order to model realistic system usage, the standardised measurement includes four different printer statuses. To ensure that results are consistent, the experts used three different printing modes several times with a standardised print file. For example, Karibu in its most productive "speed" printing mode applies 71 square metres to the substrate per kilowatt hour.

  • + Epic Sign Adventure Supports ASD Kids

    It wasn’t until Hexis Australia MD Ian Parsonson was chatting about an epic adventure planned for a group of his u..

    17 September 2019

    It wasn’t until Hexis Australia MD Ian Parsonson was chatting about an epic adventure planned for a group of his ultra-marathon mates that he realised just how far back into our history the sign industry in Australia really stretches. Next week, the group will go on an epic adventure to open up an ancient Aboriginal track…and raise much-needed funds for charity 4ASDKids.

    The WD Tarlinton Track winds its way more than 200km from Braidwood to Cobargo, through the Deua and Wadbiliga National Parks and across much of the NSW South Coast’s most rugged terrain. Forged in the early 1800s, when three Aboriginal trackers showed Steve Page’s great-great-great-great-grandfather the pathway, it was once a major stock route and popular horse trail from the tablelands on the upper Shoalhaven River to the coast.

    "Traditionally, the track was the major thoroughfare linking the fertile Valley to the Monaro and, in more recent times, was popular with local horse-riding groups who maintained it simply by way of use,” Page explains.

    “Following a decision by the NSW State Government to declare many parts of these national parks ‘wilderness’ – and therefore off-limits to anyone but bush hikers – the old bridle tracks, as they were known, fell into disrepair and have all but disappeared over the past 20 years.

    “As a descendant of the great pioneers in the area, I have decided to take an amazing group of ultra-athletes and run/trek this great track from Braidwood to Cobargo in September to bring awareness to the track and the possibilities of multi-use for the future.”

    The group will pass through some truly wild areas and make more than 50 river crossings, camping each night at significant spots linked to pioneering days, and documenting historic markers and signs for future trekking parties. 

    For Page, whose family goes back seven generations in the area, the track has always held a special lure. Parsonson, who will join the group, was also captivated with the idea of the trek, particularly after hearing how empty sardine tins were nailed to trees along the track to mark the path. 

    “I became intrigued with the story because I recognised that there was a history of signs through the region dating back to the early 1800’s – and I thought it would be great to draw some of this history out to share amongst our industry and see what other great stories are out there,” Parsonson says, “and then I thought – why not involve the industry in something even more significant, and make it a fundraiser for 4ASDKids?”

    4ASDKids was founded by dual international rugby player Mat Rogers and model Chloe Maxwell to provide support services for families with children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder. Recently, the group was the charity of choice for the ASGA / Visual Connections Queensland Golf Day, where over $900 was raised. The trek, Parsonson hopes, will raise far more.

    “I would love to encourage 100 sign, display and print companies across Australia to donate just $100 each – and then we’d be able to contribute $10,000 to this very worthy cause,” he says.

    The group leaves on Saturday 21 September and expects to take five days to complete the trek. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so at

  • + ABG and CERM to Show their state-of-the-art integration at LE2019

    For many years, interfaces between MIS/ERP and printing presses are successfully reducing setup-times on the printer&rsq..

    17 September 2019

    For many years, interfaces between MIS/ERP and printing presses are successfully reducing setup-times on the printer’s shop floor, allowing a greater number as well as an increase in smaller jobs to be printed within the same timeframe. Obviously, the bottleneck of production has moved to the finishing department. 

    ABG has picked up this gauntlet and has rebuilt its complete machine software layer in the past 3 years. As a result, all computer-driven slitters and rewinders that leave the ABG factory now can receive instructions from the printer’s MIS/ERP system and can feed back information for production and costing.

    Matt Burton, ABG’s Sales Director, comments on this milestone: “We believe that automation and robotisation will continue to crawl into every printshop. We’ve invested heavily to be on the forefront of this trend by offering our customers a zero job-setup time and by reducing the setup waste considerably on all our equipment”.

    The sparring partner for ABG in this development has been the CERM MIS/ERP from the start. They had many years of experience with pre-press and press information exchange and CERM was already interfacing to some of the existing ABG machines on a more basic level. 

    Geert Van Damme, MD of CERM, explains how it all works: “The ABG slitter/rewinders receive all information about the print frames at the input and about the finished rolls as required output through scanning a barcode on the ABG. The slitting knives will be automatically positioned when jobs are switched. If you have a turret rewinder, the ABG printer will print a batch of identification labels and will close the rolls with these labels automatically after they are cut at the requested length. CERM will have all these finished rolls in its database for traceability.”

    The feedback of the ABG machine will update the CERM schedule and will allow for detailed job costing and waste or speed analysis. 

    Matt Burton adds: “ABG is the only finishing supplier with this level of integration with an MIS provider and we have invested heavily in software development over the past 3 years. This integration will save about 8 minutes per slitter-setup and about 2 minutes per batch of rolls coming out of the turret. Our customers will really benefit from our development of this integration!”

    ABG (6A37) and CERM (6A42) are showing this integration live at Labelexpo.

    Any enquiries can be made to

  • + Goerner Group presents fiber-based food contact packaging solution at Fachpack

    As a producer of cardboard packaging, the company's waste serves as the raw material for Goerner Formpack. At Fachpack, ..

    17 September 2019

    As a producer of cardboard packaging, the company's waste serves as the raw material for Goerner Formpack. At Fachpack, the company will present its newly developed GBfiber solution.

    Further development of the molded fiber technology and toolmaking was carried out in cooperation with a confectionery group in order to completely replace the plastic blister packs previously used with cellulose fiber products. The experiment was successful and GBfiber – the new brand of Goerner Bionics – meets various requirements, from an ISEGA certification for direct food contact and suitability for existing packaging systems. 

    GBfiber can be manufactured industrially and at costs that are absolutely comparable to the production of plastic blister packs. Wilhelm Siller-Goerner, the innovative mastermind at Goerner, says, “With GBfiber for the confectionery industry and greasy foods, we have developed an alternative to single-use plastics that is 100% environmentally friendly. There are also other sustainable approaches using other technologies and natural raw materials but they are often based on foods, such as potato starch. However, when it comes to economic efficiency, recyclability and sustainability, cellulose fiber and our molded fiber technology are currently ahead of the field.”  

  • + SCREEN to debut new 80 m/hr, 7-colour label press at Labelexpo

    SCREEN GP Australia is pleased to announce the finalisation of development of its new Truepress Jet L350UV SAI inkjet s..

    17 September 2019

    SCREEN GP Australia is pleased to announce the  finalisation of development of its new Truepress Jet L350UV SAI inkjet system for the digital printing of labels, and that it will be shown at Labelexpo Europe, to be held in Brussels, Belgium from September 24th to 27th, 2019. The new press features improved colour reproduction, more speed and superior scalability that enables it to meet a wide variety of market needs. 

    The worldwide commercial release will commence in February 2020.

    Screen GP Australia Managing Director, Peter Scott says: “The Truepress Jet L350UV SAI model represents the latest advances in the L350 series since its introduction in 2014. The suffix ‘SAI’ means ‘Stability, Accuracy and Integration’ – with the word ‘Sai’ also meaning ‘colourful’ in Japanese. This is a major step for digital label production as additional slots for printheads are onboard, meaning Orange, Blue and White inks can be added to the wide-gamut CMYK inkset.”

    He continues: “Overall colour management has been developed in collaboration with CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH of Germany. These technologies provide a far wider range of colour expression than was previously possible, increasing Pantone coverage and reducing colour differences with specific spot colours. CGS has been a leader in colour management for over twenty years, with its ORIS proofing systems enjoying considerable success in the ANZ region.”

    Four scalable variants of the L350 SAI will be available, E for entry-level, S for Standard and the flagship Z model for highest speed of 80 linear metres per hour. There will also be an LM version using low-migration inks specifically for food packaging applications.

    “We, and our dealer partner Jet Technologies, are very excited about this latest evolution of the successful L350UV label press line,” says Scott. “The features really respond to market requirements and we can point to more than 150 presses shipped to customers worldwide, many of who have ordered a second or even a third machine. As with all Screen technologies, quality and integrity of the build is high, uptime is of the highest in the industry and image quality is superb.”
    Screen and Jet Technologies welcome all visitors to Labelexpo Europe to see for themselves on stand B30 in Hall 9  of Brussels Expo, Belgium, from 23-27 September. 

  • + Hybrid machine for hot stamping and digital printing

    Leonhard Kurz will be presenting a hybrid machine for hot stamping decoration and digital printing from Kurz subsidiary ..

    17 September 2019

    Leonhard Kurz will be presenting a hybrid machine for hot stamping decoration and digital printing from Kurz subsidiary Baier at this year's plastics trade fair in Düsseldorf. The machine was developed to efficiently implement designs and labels for different model series, small runs, and individualised products.

    Economic customisation of mass-produced products

    Whether it be a washing machine, car or cell phone, consumers nowadays expect to have a variety of models to choose from and be able to individually select the options. Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of producing these tailored products as cost-effectively as possible. The hybrid machine enables numerous variants of a mass-produced standard product to be implemented economically. The scope of variation extends from different product lines right through to customised surface designs.

    Many variants with zero setup times

    The hybrid machine comes with two decoration stations that can be used in any order: a hot stamping unit, and a module for digital four-colour printing.

    The hot stamping unit is equipped with a stamping drum to which four hot stamping dies can be attached. This allows four different stamping designs to be arbitrarily employed. With the new quick-change system, design changeovers can be performed without tools. All configured designs can be selected via the controller and tried-and-tested process parameters stored for reuse. The hot stamping station is also equipped with two foil feed units that enable different hot stamping designs to be processed concurrently. This further-developed feed system saves considerable time when changing the foil rolls, which can be prepared completely outside the machine. The four stamping dies and designs can be arbitrarily assigned to each of the two foil tracks.

    An especially wide variety of designs can be generated using hot stamping technology. These include metallisation with a perfect chrome or steel look, holographic designs, or surfaces with a strikingly realistic wood, carbon, marble or opal appearance. The process is ideally suited for implementing the latest designs for household appliances, automobiles, consumer electronics or cosmetics.

    High-resolution variable colour printing

    The second decoration or labelling station of the hybrid machine is a CMYK digital printing unit. An additional print head for the colour white can be integrated if there is a need to increase the contrast between the print colour and the substrate. The digital printing unit prints crystal clear images on plastic substrates at a resolution of 600 dots per inch. An identical component can be mass produced for different product variants and then be given a model-specific design by digital printing.

    The unique combination of hot stamping and digital printing allows for an endless array of design possibilities and enables product variants to be produced efficiently. Both decoration processes can be performed in a single work operation. The component to be decorated is only placed in the part fixture once. The fixture is positioned on a sliding table that transports the component from one station to the next, where it is positioned extremely precisely to ensure a high registration accuracy between the first and second design.

  • + Next-Generation EFI Fiery Technology Delivers Higher Print Color Quality Plus Controls for Boosted Color Saturation

    EFI announced the availability of important advancements in its latest version of Fiery® Color Profiler Suite &ndash..

    17 September 2019

    EFI announced the availability of important advancements in its latest version of Fiery® Color Profiler Suite – integrated colour management software that gives digital print producers more power than ever before to get colour right every time. Next generation EFI™ Fiery Edge™ colour profiling technology launching in the suite delivers out-of-the-box print quality and colour improvements in new Fiery digital front ends (DFEs). Plus, a host of new controls within Fiery Color Profiler Suite tune colour to meet customer preferences, such as features to intelligently boost colour and adjust shadow detail levels.
    Fiery Edge profiles are available for selected new cut-sheet digital printers, as well as for many wide- and superwide-format printers that use EFI Fiery DFEs.

    Expanded output controls
    Users benefit from an increased array of advanced user controls. For example, a key element of the new Fiery Edge technology is the ability to control or manually select a black point that best matches the intent of the item being printed. This maximises the dynamic range of a print when the darkest printable colour is not a neutral black. Users can also control shadow detail levels to best represent a product’s or a subject’s characteristics.
    Fiery Edge also gives print professionals the ability to define colour-to-black transitions for reduced image peppering, graininess, and smoother transitions, all of which is especially useful in colour-critical market segments such as photobook printing.
    Prior to using Fiery Edge, Himanshu Pandey, owner of New Delhi-based Avantika Printers Pvt. Ltd., was unable to compete in that segment with his current printers. “The colours were not vibrant enough and the tonal values were not stable enough,” according to Pandey. “The colour control provided by Fiery Edge technology allowed us to use our printers to print photobooks containing various images of people and places. Fiery Edge literally opened the photo segment for us!”
    Out-of-the-box enhancements
    Users of Fiery Edge colour profiles will notice much smoother color transitions and blends right out of the box. They will also see more image detail, clarity, and depth. Plus, superior rendering of RGB reds and blues in Fiery Edge technology gives users a more-faithful rendering of RGB images.
    “Fiery Edge colour profiling technology brings all the excellent results and controls to my Fiery cut-sheet printer customers that I’ve been relying on for several years to keep my Fiery wide-format inkjet customers happy,” said Rob Cawston, owner of Colour Consultancy Ltd. in Nottingham, England. “The smoothness of blends and extra image detail are the things that stood out as benefits of Fiery Edge just by using the default profiles and settings.
    “I particularly like the new rendering intent option,” he added. “No more lengthy profile tweaking for customers that want more pop. Having all this control for toner now too is very welcome.”
    “Getting the best colour and quality from any printer should be the goal for all print producers,” said John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. “Whether it is taking advantage of the maximum gamut of a printer to give prints more colour, getting the most detail available to show a product at its best, or producing the smoothest colour transitions for photo-realistic images, these new capabilities will help print producers achieve the best results their print devices are capable of, therefore getting the most from their colour investments.”
    Boosted colour to attract attention
    Users can produce more colourful, vivid and dynamic-looking output in signage, point of sale, display and other applications because Fiery Edge technology brings the ability to boost colour with Fiery Intensify™ – a new rendering intent innovation that can increase colour and saturation while maintaining neutral grays and realistic skin tones. The new feature, which is part of Fiery Color Profiler Suite version 5.2, improves colour while at the same time maintaining balanced visual results – a difficult goal to achieve with other rendering solutions available on the market. Not only does this enable precise control of chroma, lightness and contrast levels, it also allows users to select the correct source profile for the best possible use of an output device’s gamut and dynamic range.

    Fiery Edge technology also supports up to eight colour channels (CMYK+ 4 extra colours) further enhancing Color Profiler Suite’s ability to get the best possible colour out of any supported Fiery Driven™ printer, including those with gamut-expanding colorants such as orange, violet, blue, and green inks or toners.
    The newest version of EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite featuring Fiery Edge is available now from EFI and authorised EFI resellers. For more information about digital colour production printing using EFI Fiery technologies, visit

  • + Roland DG Announces Free Upgrade for TrueVIS VG-640/540 Users

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters worldwide, announced to..

    17 September 2019

    Roland DG Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and printer cutters worldwide, announced today that owners of its TrueVIS VG-640/540 printer cutters can now upgrade their devices for free to the award-winning performance of the recently launched VG2-640/540 with new TrueVIS TR2 ink.

    “As a pioneer of UV print and cut, Roland DG has played an integral role in introducing and advancing this important technology, enabling users to take their design and print production capabilities to the highest possible levels,” said Roland DGA, Roland DG’s US-based sales and marketing subsidiary, President Andrew Oransky. “We’re thrilled that the SGIA judging panel saw fit to give our UV printer cutters and inks the recognition they deserve.”

    Ryo Baba, TrueVIS VG2 Project Manager for the Roland DG Digital Printing Business Division said, “As a major benefit to our existing VG-640/540 customers, we are offering a free upgrade program. Thanks to the newly developed TR2 ink*, that boasts a wide colour gamut, and a new “True Rich Colour” preset that maximises the potential of the VG-640/540 and the new ink capabilities, the upgraded VG-640/540 can now produce stunning graphics that excite both heart and mind.”

    Baba said the upgraded VG series with TR2 ink will help take the customer’s business to the next level. The VG series with TR2 ink is certified for long-lasting results by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, providing clients with assurance of the quality and reliability of their graphics. The VG with new TR2 ink is also certified by the Avery Dennison ICS Performance Guarantee, that provides protection for up to 4 years for outdoor durability and up to 7 years for indoor durability. Avery has set the recommended outgassing time at just six hours, dramatically reducing the print and laminate timeframe.

    With the free upgrade, VG owners obtain a host of new features to improve print & cut accuracy and usability. Crop mark options are added for cutting laminated printed materials to increase cutting stability. A newly added PerfCut mode lets you print, cut and die-cut in one seamless operation. In addition to the conventional Print & Cut function, the Cut & Print function allows you to cut first and then print later. This helps to reduce edge curls when dealing with thin media, such as heat transfer films for apparel decoration.

    VG-640/540 users can enjoy the free upgrade of their devices by downloading the specified firmware and the latest version of VersaWorks 6 software RIP. To learn more, visit

  • + WorldSkills Australia 2019 Skillaroos Wow International Crowds

    A team of 15 talented young Australian ‘Skillaroos’ has placed 8th in the world after competing in their cho..

    11 September 2019

    A team of 15 talented young Australian ‘Skillaroos’ has placed 8th in the world after competing in their chosen skills with teams from 65 other countries at the recent 45th WorldSkills International Championships in Kazan, Russia.

    Four of this year’s Skillaroos - Patrick Brennan, Maxine Colligan, Clinton Larkings and Patrick Keating - medalled in their categories with others including Indy Griffiths – supported by her employer, Mona Vale print and sign business Style Communications and sponsored by Visual Connections – achieving a Medallion of Excellence.

    Indy, who competed in the Graphic Design Technology Category, is the first graphic designer to be sponsored by Visual Connections, with CEO Peter Harper explaining that the organisation usually sponsors print, sign and display apprentices. 

    “We are strong supporters of vocational education and training, and are committed to helping young people gain the skills, knowledge and experience they need to build successful careers in our sector,” says Peter Harper, CEO of Visual Connections.

    “We often sponsor young print or sign apprentices to participate in WorldSkills Championships but there’s nothing more fundamental to our industry than design. Indy is already proving an asset to our industry and we’ve been delighted to sponsor her. We’re so proud of her achievements, and those of her fellow Skillaroos.”

    After a farewell from friends, family and supporters, the team participated in a resilience-building workshop before their departure, which saw them travel to Kazan via Moscow, where a short stopover saw the team meet Australian Ambassador to Russia, Graeme Meehan.

    An inspiring opening ceremony in Kazan the night before competition commenced at the Kazan Expo International Exhibition Centre set the stage for the intense, three-day competition, where our Skillaroos rose to the occasion and displayed great acts of comradery and sportsmanship. 

    A monumental effort was presented by the entire team, which included a large volunteer workforce from across Australia, culminating in the outstanding achievement of an overall 8th placing.

    Brigitte Collins WorldSkills Australia General Manager shared from Kazan, “We are all very impressed with the performance of the team, they showcased the power of excellence and demonstrated the strength of vocational education and training in Australia.

    “Our internationally recognised experts and volunteers demonstrated once again, their capability and dedication. The Skillaroos, Team Australia and the volunteer workforce should all feel very proud of what they accomplished here in Kazan, Russia.”

    Visual Connections adds their congratulations, not only to Indy but to the entire team, for their dedication to their chosen craft, their commitment to the achievement of excellence, and for their outstanding representation of Australia on the international stage. 

    Follow WorldSkills Australia @WorldSkillsAU. Images Supplied by: TAFE NSW & WorldSkills International

  • + CorelDRAW Workshops [Save 10%]

    Frustrated with CorelDRAW? Save time on jobs and become more productive by mastering CorelDRAW techniques specific..

    10 September 2019

    Frustrated with CorelDRAW?
    Save time on jobs and become more productive by mastering CorelDRAW techniques specific for laser cutting and laser engraving.
    Alfex Laser’s popular CorelDRAW Training Workshops will teach you the shortcuts and new skills to save time when creating designs for laser cutting and laser engraving.
    Last workshops for 2019 in Melbourne:
    Melbourne CorelDRAW Beginner                 Thursday October 10th          Click here to book
    Melbourne CorelDRAW Intermediate         Friday October 11th               Click here to book
    These small workshops have limited seats to allow for more personalised and 1:1 time with the trainer.
    Book now and don’t miss out on saving time in your business.
    Use code VISUAL10 for 10% discount on tickets!

  • + INTRODUCING HP Foldable Durable Synthetic Banner, 3-in Core for HP PageWide Technology!

    HP introduces an innovative new banner material that offers a unique combination of durability and flexibility. Unlike o..

    10 September 2019

    HP introduces an innovative new banner material that offers a unique combination of durability and flexibility. Unlike other banner materials, HP Foldable Durable Synthetic Banner can be folded and easily transported due to its thin, lightweight construction. Engineered with DuPont Tyvek material it is designed to produce tear-resistant, water-resistant, foldable maps, banners, and posters that can be grommeted and stitched. This versatile banner material is compatible with Original HP PageWide XL pigment inks, and HP Vivid Photo Inks and HP Bright Office Inks for HP DesignJet printers.

    No longer just for technical documents, HP PageWide XL printers can produce brilliant banners radically faster than anything on the market—with low cost of operation.

  • + DTM Print launches LED dry toner color label printer

    DTM Print has launched the DTM CX86e colour tag printer, claimed to be the world’s smallest LED dry toner colour l..

    10 September 2019

    DTM Print has launched the DTM CX86e colour tag printer, claimed to be the world’s smallest LED dry toner colour label printer. This new digital printer helps companies produce versatile colour labels and tags.

    Whether they are vouchers, coupons, value-added receipts, ID tags with photos, visitor badges, price and promotion stickers, pasted labels, sleeves, loop ribbons or labels for cardboards and boxes – with the DTM CX86e high-quality full-colour prints can be produced within seconds – directly in production, at the point-of-sale or at various places of use.

    The CX86e uses the latest digital LED technology. During the electrophotographic LED printing process the image is developed on a light-sensitive drum, then it is transferred by electrostatic charge via an image transfer belt and fused by heat to the media. The labels produced that way are pin sharp, waterproof and UV-resistant. 

    ‘As LED print heads have no moving parts, unlike the classic laser technology, significantly less raw materials are consumed in the manufacturing process, and a space-saving design and a significantly longer service life are achieved. With a size of 198x195x380mm (WxHxD) and a weight of 9.5kg, the CX86e is more compact, robust and reliable than other printers in its class,’ explained Andreas Hoffmann, managing director of DTM Print. ‘This means it can be used almost anywhere and is easy to transport.’

    Easy to operate, the system requires the user to only change a three-colour toner cartridge that guarantees thousands of prints. This eliminates the need to stock individual toner cartridges and the device is ready to use again in just a few seconds. 

    Further components of the printer such as drum unit, transfer belt and fuser have been designed for a long service life with more than 100,000 prints and can also be replaced by the user in a few seconds. 

    With a wide range of interfaces such as USB, Ethernet, WLAN (optional) and control interfaces, the CX86e can be used as a stand-alone unit, in a network or in an automated environment.

    The external material feed of dry toner approved labels and tags are possible via roll, continuous feed paper in zigzag folding or single sheet. Single sheets must have a size of 25-86mm in width and 53-551mm in length. DTM Print provides a wide selection of DTM-certified labelstock for dry toner: starting with matte and glossy papers extending to transparent, matte and glossy polyester films as well as textured, silver, gold or other coloured materials.

    The built-in rotary cutter enables the production of labels with a length of 53-551mm. Optionally, the printer can be retrofitted with a presenter module. Here a label is printed, the printer waits until it has been peeled off before printing the next label. 

    ‘With the DTM CX86e, we are offering companies a powerful and cost-effective printer to achieve maximum advertising impact with their produced labels and tags, to attract the customers’ attention and to ensure higher sales,’ said Andreas Hoffmann.

    The delivery includes the printer driver for Windows 7/10 and the design software NiceLabel Free 2019 DTM Edition (for Windows) for simple creations of label designs. For data import and variable data printing the full version is needed. The printer can also be used with other popular label design software such as BarTender and graphic software such as Adobe Illustrator and other Windows applications.

    DTM CX86e is available through authorised DTM Print resellers and distributors in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

  • + MPS and Domino to launch wider hybrid EF Symjet press

    MPS and Domino are set to launch a wider version of their hybrid MPS EF Symjet press at Labelexpo Europe 2019. Comi..

    10 September 2019

    MPS and Domino are set to launch a wider version of their hybrid MPS EF Symjet press at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

    Coming in a width of 17in (430mm), the new Domino N617i unit is fully integrated into the MPS EFA flexo platform. 

    At the show, the new press combination will be shown for the first time. Louise Adcock, global commercial product manager at Domino Digital Printing Solutions, said: ‘The Domino N617i is based on our proven N6-series inkjet product range, but has been designed exclusively for MPS. We are delighted that MPS is showcasing this solution at Labelexpo. The first N617i-based MPS EF Symjet deliveries are being scheduled from January 2020.’

    Visitors to Labelexpo can see live demonstrations of the press at the MPS booth 11C20. Hans Poortinga, manager of the MPS Technology & Expertise Centre, commented: ‘The press will be equipped with five flexo stations, digital cold foil, a Kurz cold foil unit for single images and optical effects, lamination and die-cutting. We will show the most unique and impressive label applications. MPS’ goal is to push the limits of flexo and ink jet printing and converting.’

    Domino and MPS first introduced their partnership at Labelexpo Europe 2015, launching the first hybrid EF Symjet press. Philip Easton, director at Domino Digital Printing Solutions, said: ‘From almost the first meeting we have developed an excellent working relationship with MPS. They have high standards but at the same time have been so responsive and easy to work with. There are now many MPS EF Symjet global installations benefiting from the most proven and best supported inkjet solution from a globally recognized digital inkjet company combined with a world class conventional press.’

    The MPS EF Symjet press is now available in 340mm/13in and 430mm/17in widths, and can be equipped with multiple flexo units, lamination and embellishing units, die-cutting and many more converting options. 

    Atze Bosma, CEO of MPS, said: ‘Productivity is one of our focus processes that extends “Beyond the machine”. With the new 17in width, we are offering our customers higher productivity, more flexibility and the possibility to open new markets and even more options for applications.’

  • + New Prinect Version 2020 from Heidelberg Forms the Backbone of Digitization in Print Shops

    - Push-to-Stop – greater automation, lower costs - Gang form creation with automatic optimisation - Plate Pilo..

    10 September 2019

    - Push-to-Stop – greater automation, lower costs
    - Gang form creation with automatic optimisation
    - Plate Pilot supplies plates right on time as printing commences
    - Prinect supports hardcover book production
    - SmartBi provides key lever for improving overall efficiency
    - Case-based online support
    - New functions for the packaging sector

    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is making it even easier for Prinect users to run their print shop with the new and partially cloud-based functions in the Prinect production workflow. “A growing number of Prinect functions are gradually migrating to the cloud. By taking out a subscription contract, customers can gain access to them as and when required and based on the benefits they offer,” says Jürgen Grimm, head of software solutions at Heidelberg. “The Prinect workflow thus forms the backbone of digitisation in print shops.”

    Push-to-Stop – greater automation, lower costs

    Automatic planning in Prinect 2020 makes it even easier to optimise job sequences. Substrates, special colours, folding layouts, and much more are taken into account in digital planning and transferred directly to the Prinect Press Center, thereby reducing the changeover procedures that have to be carried out on the press. Operators no longer have to select and adopt jobs from the machine queue, which also reduces the scope for errors.

    As of now, the Push-to-Stop concept is also supported in postpress

    This means that appropriately configured folding machines can work through several jobs one after the other, with the status of work repeatedly reported back to the Prinect system. As a result, the productivity gains that Push-to-Stop has brought to the pressroom can now also be achieved in postpress.

    Gang form creation with automatic optimisation

    One major contribution that Prinect makes to lowering costs and driving up productivity relates to the creation of gang forms, with the gang server picking out jobs from a pool according to pre-set filter criteria and then using these criteria to optimize the compilation of appropriate gang forms on a fully automated basis. Any gang forms produced this way that do not satisfy these criteria are not forwarded to production, and are instead canceled and then combined with other jobs later on, provided an optimum gang form can be created.

    Plate Pilot supplies plates right on time as printing commences

    The new Prinect Plate Pilot works with the further improved Prinect Scheduler to automatically output plates so they can be placed on trolleys in the correct sequence and made available at the press in time for the planned printing slot. Operators can monitor this process via the Plate Pilot Widget of the Prinect Portal, which also allows them to intervene in the process as necessary. This solution puts an end to the tedious process of sorting printing plates and also avoids the damage and scratches that can otherwise occur.

    Prinect supports hardcover book production

    The production of bound (hardcover) books and other complex products involves a number of steps that go above and beyond the usual processes in commercial printing. The new version of Prinect supports the special workflow-specific features of book production in both production and MIS operations. With immediate effect, Prinect offers the option of factoring these steps into the fully automated costing of the book in Business Manager and then handing over to the Prinect production system for automatic processing.

    SmartBi – cloud-based software provides key lever for improving overall efficiency

    The cloud-based software Prinect SmartBi supports the analysis and use of data generated in print shops. After all, every activity, every production process, and every job generates data, but many companies either completely overlook the value and usefulness of this information or do not fully harness its potential. Prinect SmartBI helps print shops unlock and utilise this corporate and production data quickly and with ease, assisting Prinect users with the generation, filtering, preparation, and visualisation of their data.

    New Prinect Portal becomes an efficient collaboration platform?Version 2020 of Prinect reinforces inter-company cooperation. For example, the Prinect Portal has been launched to meet the demand for a wide-ranging collaboration platform and can be used by print shop staff to establish efficient online communications both within their own company and with customers and suppliers.

    New functions for the packaging sector

    To support Push-to-Stop in the packaging sector, Prinect is offering a new function that allows customers to use the cutting tool as a criterion for optimising production planning. This ensures the same tool is not refitted several times over, thus significantly improving productivity and machine availability.

    The cost savings and productivity gains achieved by using gang forms are also available to packaging print shops Working from an existing die cutting tool and filter criteria, gang forms are first created and then either kept or rejected depending on whether they satisfy pre-set criteria.

    Prinect also offers a whole series of new functions for CAD. Having the option to set out all the parts of a packaging design in one drawing ensures the interdependencies between the individual parts can be taken into account accurately. This makes the design process easier and faster to complete.

    When it comes to more complex packaging and displays, there is also the option of creating assembly instructions to make the items easier to build or set up.

    What’s more, Prinect supports pillow box packaging, which can now be simulated as a 3D model and exported as an animated 3D PDF.

    Context-sensitive online support

    The launch of HTML-based online support gives users direct access from within the application to the current library of Prinect software documentation at all times, plus a growing number of explanatory videos. All this makes Prinect even easier to use.

  • + Esko launches Share & Approve cloud-based software

    Share & Approve is a new and unique approval tool from Esko. The software runs as a service on Esko cloud architectu..

    10 September 2019

    Share & Approve is a new and unique approval tool from Esko. The software runs as a service on Esko cloud architecture and enables users of Automation Engine to upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and labels jobs in 2D and hyper realistic 3D.

    Esko knows that securing packaging job approvals can be a confusing process causing production delays and it’s often hard for the approver to envision their 2D design once finished. In today’s high speed and often pressured business environment, there is also no easy way to gather and interpret feedback from multiple stakeholders on a job, without significant time delays impacting the project.

    The Esko Share & Approve software solution enables users to realistically visualise their pack in 2D and 3D and annotate the file with feedback in a single, centralised online tool. This new clarity reduces the amount of approval iterations and shortens the time required to get the job approved enabling brands and their supply chains to operate more efficiently and drive down time-to-market.

    Karsten Daemen, Esko Product Manager, commented: “We are very happy to see approval loops finishing in a maximum of 8-9 days instead of a few weeks, which is typical of what happens in the industry today. We have also observed the number of job revisions decreasing from 8-9 to 3-4 with use of the software. With the speed and complexity of packaging management today, Share & Approve is going to make a tangible difference to our customers seeking to increase their speed to market.”

    Users of Share & Approve can now instantly create 3D pack renders based on their actual 2D artwork, including special print effects and embellishments. The software has a super easy user interface enabling upload and set up in only four clicks and incorporates a range of unique packaging inspection tools for measurements, deep zooms and separations viewing, as well as barcode and braille reading.

    Creating visibility on job management, Share & Approve provides a complete audit trail of operator actions and versioning, as well as increases approval rates up to 3x faster than traditional approval processes.

    Jan De Roeck, Esko Marketing Director, added: “With Share & Approve designed as a cloud-based service, there is no IT overhead costs or efforts involved for our customers, compared to traditional on-premise solutions. There is no web deployment, no servers to maintain and keep up to date, no need to provide for data security and back-up scenarios and the uptime of the service is guaranteed."

  • + Xeikon enhances inkjet capabilities

    Xeikon has developed a new option for printers looking to enhance and increase their range of inkjet-printed labels, com..

    03 September 2019

    Xeikon has developed a new option for printers looking to enhance and increase their range of inkjet-printed labels, combining its X-800 workflow and PantherCure UV inks to create a tactile layer.

    This is responsible for a so-called ‘haptic effect’ in print, noted Xeikon, with printers able to create labels with enhanced tactility, textures and a luxury feel utilising the new option. The beer, beverage, food, and health and beauty markets are identified as viable targets for such labels.

    No modifications are required to the pre-press file.

    Jeroen Van Bauwel, director of product management at Xeikon, explained, ‘The technology generating the tactile and textured layer is embedded in the Panther’s X-800 workflow. It is the brand owners and designers who define the structure, shape and form of the design. When the file is received, the workflow automatically recognises the elements of the design and generates the information required to drive the printhead – that’s what creates the haptic effect in print on the end product.’

    In order to further optimise the workflow of its Panther technology, Xeikon has developed automated optimisation of the white ink layer, embedded in the X-800 workflow. When producing labels on clear facestocks, an opaque white is required to make the design standout. A result can be varying ink layer thicknesses across the web. An uneven thickness of the ink layer will generate a telescoping effect on the printed rolls. In the past, press operators have overcome this by printing smaller rolls, resulting in more frequent roll changes and extra waste in material and time, noted Xeikon. One option to overcome this has been to spend extra time in pre-press to reduce the amount of white required.

    This time-consuming pre-press work can now be handled in a fully automated way by the X-800 digital front-end without intervention at any stage in the production process. The X-800 automatically reduces the white layer. The extent of reduction will depend on the colours that come on top of it.

    Van Bauwel concluded, ‘Xeikon continues to work towards excellence to enhance every facet of its portfolio. We continue to look for opportunities to make savings on costs and time. By improving each small step of the process, we can make a big difference to the overall production process and reduce manufacturing costs.  Achieving haptic effects in print through the unique capabilities of our X-800 workflow and ink optimisation not only boosts and increases the range of possible applications but allows printers to streamline their operations.’

  • + UV Curable Resin Market to Reach $9,769.7 Million by 2026: Allied Market Research

    According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, "UV-Curable Resin Market by Type and Application: Global ..

    03 September 2019

    According to a new report published by Allied Market Research, "UV-Curable Resin Market by Type and Application: Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2019-2026," the global UV curable resin market was valued at $4,745.6 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach $9,769.7 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 9.4% from 2019 to 2026.

    The use of UV curable resins has grown significantly, as they have several advantages over conventionally cured resins in terms of less energy consumption, reduced waste, zero-emission of volatile organic compound (VOCs), and higher productivity (fast curing).

    UV curable resins do not contain any organic solvents, which could have adverse environmental effects. However, the light penetration depth, which depends on the wavelength and spectral distribution, does not exceed a few millimetres. Thus, the application of UV-curable resins is restricted to inks, coatings, and adhesives.

    The UV curable resin market is segmented based on resin type, application, and region. Based on resin type, the global UV curable resin market is fragmented into acrylated epoxies acrylated polyesters, acrylated urethanes, acrylated silicones, and others. The acrylated epoxies UV-curable resin segment is expected to dominate the market, owing to its fast cure rates and good adhesion performance because of the presence of polar hydroxyl and ether groups in the epoxy backbone structure. However, the acrylated urethane UV curable resin segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

    Based on application, the market is categorised into coating, packaging, printing, adhesives & sealants, and others. The coating application is expected to dominate the market and printing application is expected to grow with the highest CAGR in the market.

    Region-wise, the market is analysed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. Asia-Pacific dominates the market owing to the growth in paints and coating industry which is the primary consumer of UV curable resins. Asia-Pacific is further expected to maintain its dominant position in the near future.

    "UV-LED curing technology has undergone significant advancements in the past few years. This technology serves as an environmentally friendly solution, as UV-curable resins ensure zero VOC emission, thereby significantly fuelling their demand across the globe," said Eswara Prasad, manager, Material and Chemical at Allied Market Research.

  • + Huntsman Selling Chemical Intermediates, Surfactants Businesses for $2.1 Billion

    Huntsman Corporation said it entered into a definitive agreement to sell its chemical intermediates businesses, which in..

    03 September 2019

    Huntsman Corporation said it entered into a definitive agreement to sell its chemical intermediates businesses, which includes PO/MTBE, and its surfactants businesses to Indorama Ventures in a transaction valued at $2.076 billion, comprising a cash purchase price of $2 billion, plus the transfer of up to approximately $76 million in net underfunded pension and other post-employment benefit liabilities.

    The $2.076 billion transaction value represents an LTM adjusted EBITDA multiple of approximately 8 times, which includes retained SG&A costs of about $30 million, a portion of which Huntsman expects to eliminate overtime. Under the terms of the agreement, Indorama Ventures would acquire Huntsman’s manufacturing facilities located in Port Neches, Texas; Dayton, Texas; Chocolate Bayou, Texas; Ankleshwar, India; and Botany, Australia. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions and is expected to close near year-end.

    “This transaction further transforms Huntsman’s balance sheet and future. It accelerates our ability to expand more in areas both downstream and complementary to our portfolio," said Peter Huntsman, Chairman, president and CEO. "This is another milestone in our stated strategy to focus more on our downstream and specialty businesses where we will generate more stable margins and consistent, strong free cash flow. We are committed to retaining our strong investment-grade balance sheet, repurchasing our shares, investing in organic research and select capacity expansions and acquiring strategic assets that are accretive to our earnings and create shareholder value.

    “Indorama Ventures will be acquiring a strong EO/PO derivatives business with a very experienced workforce and management team."

    “Huntsman intends to accelerate share repurchases under its existing $1 billion multi-year authorisation after the close of this transaction.”

  • + Mark Andy to debut new digital and flexo technology at Labelexpo

    At Labelexpo Europe 2019, Mark Andy gives a European debut to its Digital Pro line, a modular entry- to mid-market digit..

    03 September 2019

    At Labelexpo Europe 2019, Mark Andy gives a European debut to its Digital Pro line, a modular entry- to mid-market digital system.

    On stand 4C45, Labelexpo attendees will see live demonstrations of Digital Pro 3, the in-line converting model fitted with semi-rotary die-cutting. The roll-to-roll configuration, Digital Pro 1, will also be on display on stand 8A60, extending Mark Andy’s presence to the ‘Digital Hall’ for the first time.  

    Printing at 23.4m/min (77ft/min), the new product line comes provides production-level speed for all applications. 

    Digital Series HD, a 7-color UV inkjet press with QCDC-SR, Live VDP and StitchAI will be making its first appearance in Brussels since launching in spring of 2018. Mark Andy’s hybrid inkjet system is now available in 431mm (17ih) web width, and will be demonstrated four times daily, with special demonstrations highlighting its high-speed shrink sleeve capabilities.  

    The newest iteration of Mark Andy flexo technology will make its worldwide debut at Labelexpo Europe. This dual-servo driven label press is the result of a dedicated flexo engineering team, lean manufacturing and customer input, and will be unveiled live for Labelexpo Europe attendees during the show. 

    Representatives from Mark Andy Print Products Europe will be on-stand during the show. Mark Andy Print Products, now supporting European converters and customers, offers all essential flexo pressroom consumables, including, plate mounting tape, doctor blades, anilox rolls, splicing tape, pressroom chemistry, and more.