PSP is now New Zealand's exclusive supplier of Metamark's range of self-adhesive SignVinyl, digital media and speciality materials.

16 April 2019

With Metamark products as instantly recognisable and widely varied as glass films, wall graphics and commercial vehicle and even V8 Supercar skins, Metamark is a well trusted name in self-adhesive vinyl that has more recently become something of a global vinyl manufacturer and distribution phenomenon. Our products have been available in Australia since 2004, and we have had high growth in the markets across Asia pacific, Europe and North America. We have products sold in more than 55 countries worldwide. 

Head of Metamark’s Asia Pacific region is Melbourne-based Paul Coniglio, who has worked in the signage and display industry for more than 15 years. He says “We offer a huge selection of self-adhesive films. We have a strong focus on high quality polymeric films for faster, trouble-free application of larger areas on flat or slightly curved surfaces, and so much more. And we take great care to work with our customers so they get the best possible product for their application.” Describing our product range as ‘immense’, Coniglio says that the key to the company’s success has been how Metamark and its partners help customers to select the right product for each application. “We always start with the application, for use in commercial fleets, boat signage, wall graphics or window graphics, for retail, events or promotional markets - and so much more.” 

Coniglio says he sees a tremendous opportunity in New Zealand for Metamark in partnership with PSP. “As part of our global growth strategy we’ve been keen to find the best partner possible to help us hit the ground running in New Zealand. When Dean Stuart rang me and told me he was joining PSP, I was pretty excited because he has so much experience in the industry. He can help build a modern supply business to suit the changing signage and print market. 

“The location of PSP’s facilities, their people and their passion for signage is what really stood out. Having Metamark available all across the country, matched with a detailed training programme, will ensure a new level of choice for New Zealand customers.”

This is backed up by Dean Stuart, who says that the link-up with Metamark takes PSP one step further to offering a complete service across the world of rigid, flexible and vinyl products. “When I joined PSP it was part of a drive to ensure that customers only needed to make one phone call to get the best range of rigid, flexible and vinyl products, save time and realise efficiencies. 

“For us, it’s all about bringing the parts together to match and work seamlessly as one, which we do with PSP substrates and Metamark vinyls. Furthermore, we have the machines to ensure that whatever your size requirements, we can meet them to the metre. Our link-up with Metamark is exciting for us because it means our customers get even more benefits. We’re a great match.”

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