HP Inkspiration Awards 2021.

20 August 2020

The prestigious HP Digital Print Excellence Awards is back with a new name: HP Inkspiration Awards 2021.
Now in its 14th year, this HP Graphics Solutions Business event puts the spotlight on outstanding digital print innovators across Asia Pacific and Japan.
The HP Inkspiration Awards 2021 will be recognising creative ways organisations have responded to this unprecedented time through digital printing. Two new categories will be introduced: Collateral supporting this unprecedented time (Commercial segment) and Specialty print supporting this unprecedented time (Labels segment).
We invite you to wow our judges including representatives from global brands, graphic designers, packaging and media experts in terms of overall aesthetics, marketing impact, shelf appeal, design suitability, uniqueness, and media/substrate use, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase what you can do to a wider audience and receive the recognition you deserve.
Currie Group encourages all their HP Indigo customers to enter.

Submit your entries on or before 15th March, 2021.
Entry form link: https://web.pmgasia.com/web/edm/DPAEDM2021/en/pdf/DPA%20Form%202021_EN%20FA3_Lo.pdf