Digital Ink Sciences Announces New Dye Sublimation Ink for Wide-Format Textile Printers

22 January 2019

Digital Ink Sciences Announces New Dye Sublimation Ink for Wide-Format Textile Printers

Digital Ink Sciences announced two new ink formulations designed to solve the common yet vexing problem of nozzle dry-out within the aqueous dye sublimation market. The new ink formulations allow the printhead to remain off the capping station dramatically longer than traditional inks.

The DIS1000 and DIS3000 series inks are breakthrough formulations, available in both a mid-viscosity and high-viscosity variety. Their unique technology and chemistry boasts the longest decap time in the industry.

Digital Ink Sciences has a reputation for developing water-based textile inks that create vibrant colours with short cure times while also saving on maintenance costs. The newest ink formulations are specifically well suited for wide-format dye-sublimation printers.

The DIS1000 Series is a Mid-Viscosity ink designed for Epson and Mimaki printheads.

DX5, DX6, DX7, 5110, 77, 79, 97
SC-S70680, 50680, 30680, F5080, F7080, F718
SureColor F6200, F7200, F9200

JV2, JV22, JV3, JV4, JV5

The DIS3000 Series is a High-Viscosity ink designed for:

Grant French, Business Development Manager for Digital Ink Sciences, said: "The 1000 and 3000 series ink sets are surpassing our highest expectations for dye-sub transfers. We're getting beautiful vibrant colours, deeper blacks, and excellent jettability with no clogging or misdirected nozzles.

French says the DIS1000 and DIS3000 inks can even reduce head travel time and save ink costs on wide format runs. "The extremely long decap time means you don't have to print those end of line full-colour bars on wide prints," he said.

The ink sets require fewer head cleanings and flushes, which means operators can keep the machines running longer.

Additional Benefits:

Ink Stability
Better "Jetability"
Maintains Nozzle Integrity
Lower Maintenance
Faster Cure Times
Incredible Blacks
Wide Colour Gamut
Improved Wash-ability
Print Durability
Both inks feature faster cure times. Reduced cure times increase bottom line profits on every print.