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  • + Aquaman - The Underwater Poster

    Check out this awesome bit of work! For the release of their latest DC Comics movie AQUAMAN, Warner Bros invites s..

    02 April 2019

    Check out this awesome bit of work! 

    For the release of their latest DC Comics movie AQUAMAN, Warner Bros invites swimmer to dive into the world of the King of Atlantis.

    And what better way to experience it in his natural habitat ?

    Imagined and created by the independent advertising agency Brand Station, this unusual & out-of-the-box poster campaign has been set-up at the heart of Paris, in the Edouard Pailleron swimming pool.

    A true technical feat, this 495m2 immersed poster weighed in close to 1.5 tones and took 10 professional divers to lay out the graphics.

    This outdoor advertisement was created by Brand Station, France.

  • + Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone – Small Changes for Big Gains

    Injecting a little creativity into your applications offering and spicing things up with new techniques can surely do yo..

    02 April 2019

    Injecting a little creativity into your applications offering and spicing things up with new techniques can surely do you no harm in aiding customer satisfaction and retention. Here, Bobby Fosson, Channel Sales Manager at SAi looks at how having the right software can help achieve this efficiently and painlessly, while also improving the bottom line.

    When the going is good and your sign shop or large format business is doing just fine, it’s all too tempting to stick to your mainstay service or application offering. Why change what’s not broken, right?

    Fair enough, but isn’t it sometimes healthy to mix things up a little and offer customers something a bit different? This needn’t involve changing your core business offering, but simply adding services that are attractive to the client and enable you charge a premium. 

    For me, customers of signs shops and large format businesses broadly fall into three different types. First, there’s the high-end client that may already have a marketing department, a certain style or a set of branding standards that they need to follow. Then there’s the more local businesses – those customers that are always looking for some sort of advantage to differentiate themselves from the competition. Thirdly, there are those customers wanting something more unique that nobody else can provide or nobody else has. These are the ones who are willing to spend more money to ensure they stand out. 

    In each case, regardless of the type of customer, the goal with any large format application is to capture and hold the attention of their respective audience. For POP/POS applications, that means producing the type of signs and displays that will grab their target markets’ gaze for those few vital seconds, draw them in and then encourage an action/purchase. If you have the right equipment, achieving this can often be a lot easier, quicker and less expensive than you – or your customers - might realise.

    Photo finish

    For example, the fairly straightforward addition of a clear UV coating to a standard retail POP/POS display or poster enables a matt or high gloss finish. Aside from delivering a more premium-level and up-market appearance, it instantly and quite literally, becomes more eye-catching once the light hits it. Importantly, the likelihood of customers noticing it increases several-fold. 
    For customers who have UV printers, there are other reasons to use varnish or clear ink. As some materials don’t accept UV inks well, printing the image first with a matt finish varnish (which has no pigment in that material or ink), provides a better base layer on which to then print the full colour graphic. It also increases the breadth of substrates you can print onto. As necessary, you can then go back over it again with a clear varnish. 

    Getting a feel for it

    Another useful added-value technique is the use of UV clear ink for the creation of textures in the decorative or packaging markets, as well as promotional products like keychains, pens and USB sticks. For items such as a foam core or rigid substrate for example, rather than simply printing a flat logo, copy or graphic onto the substrate, with the right software and equipment, you can even produce a textured pattern, thereby giving a true tactile feel to the product.

    Another customer I know prints onto the surface of Mahjong tiles, before adding texture over the ink for a different feel. Such print techniques also continue to prove popular for prototyping. Experimenting with textures in very short-runs on behalf of customers, enables cost-effective product testing and evaluation of look and feel before going to full production. 

    Better yet as you’re already putting together an estimate or quote for approval of the layout and production of the job, you can easily add a simple check box to say, ‘add spot UV’ or ‘add texture'. Do this and have some pre-printed samples to hand to demonstrate the effect, and you’re halfway there to being able to up the value – and the price – of the job. 

    Ain’t no mountain high enough

    Of course, while it’s easy to see the benefits of leaving your comfort zone and differentiating your offering, there are factors that, for some, may present a barrier to doing this right away. That said, these are by no means obstacles that can’t be overcome.

    Indeed, unless you’re already equipped, this could require capital investment ranging from as little as $15K to several times that. In terms of applicable devices, there are many on the market from leading players, among them Mimaki’s UJF Series, Mutoh’s ValueJet 426UF, as well as several different machines from Roland. Alternatively, if investment isn’t possible, there’s always the option to outsource projects to fellow sign shops or print providers.

    In other cases, it might simply be a question of education that dissuades some companies from exploring these techniques. Ensuring operators are properly trained to set up files correctly can be daunting if they are unfamiliar, or they’ve been told to do it out of Adobe Illustrator.

    Indeed, while they might provide users with the necessary workflow to undertake these applications, certain printer manufacturers push the use of Adobe Illustrator to create different types of patterns, as well as overflood fills and suchlike. Meanwhile, those users might be unaware that their existing software, in this case our own SAi Flexi software, can to do the same thing.

    In fact, Flexi also offers another extremely time- and cost-efficient capability when it comes to printing promotional items like pens or USB drives. As you may be aware, with many small format (up to 30-40 inches wide) desktop UV printers, it’s not just a case of putting such items down on the table and printing directly to them. First, you need to create a jig or fixture to drop these pieces into an item that has been pre-cut. 

    The good news is that, Flexi allows you to easily design the fixture around the product. You can then export the EPS file and send it to your router, laser engraver, or vinyl cutter to cut the jig or template to put on the table of the printer. Better yet, you now know exactly where to place these items and – in some cases – hold them in place for perfect registration. 

    Clearly, using just one software for the design of the jig and artwork, to the addition of UV or textures, as well as the direct output to the device, is more beneficial. It saves a lot of time, reduces the file size and decreases costs - along with overcoming the issue around familiarity with multiple-packages. Indeed, the need to handle various software packages and ensure different designers at each stage are fully conversant with each, is a major bugbear for sign shops.

    Stand out in 2019

    To that end, I would encourage you to take a look at the various software packages available on the market. Consider how they might help you to explore some of the techniques I’ve mentioned, and of course, others not discussed. 

    By fully exploiting their potential and pushing the envelope with new print substrates, techniques and applications that currently fall outside your area of focus, you’re better placed to both secure repeat business from existing customers and attract new ones. 

  • + Meteor Inkjet launches Waveform Development Services

    Meteor Inkjet, the leading independent supplier of electronics and software to drive industrial inkjet printheads, furth..

    02 April 2019

    Meteor Inkjet, the leading independent supplier of electronics and software to drive industrial inkjet printheads, further enhances its portfolio with the launch of a tiered collection of services for ink characterisation, print reliability analysis and printhead waveform development and optimisation.

    Customers can now choose from an extensive menu of waveform optimisation services which includes real-time evaluation of drops in flight; process mapping of drop volume and velocity response to drive voltage and frequency; visualisation and image capture of drop and ligament formation; analysis of a fluid’s rheology; determination of printhead open time and latency; assessment of jetting reliability, fluid build-up and misting; and print reliability testing using both standard images and customer-provided application-specific images.

    Matthew Pullen, Meteor’s product manager for DropWatching Systems comments, “Our new service offering fills a significant gap in the market. Ink manufacturers and print system developers can now access Meteor’s committed team of technical specialists to optimise fluid and printhead combinations for specific application requirements and progress ink formulation efforts in a time efficient way.”

  • + Sihl and partners present short-run inkjet packaging production

    Sihl has cooperated with various component manufacturers to develop Artysio. This has seen Sihl’s expertise in med..

    02 April 2019

    Sihl has cooperated with various component manufacturers to develop Artysio. This has seen Sihl’s expertise in media for digital printing, combined with digital printing technology, create a system to allow local narrow web printers to produce small quantities in custom designs. Machine add-ons for converting and the packaging material from Sihl make this possible for narrow web printers.

    In a video highlighting Artysio, the example of a car dealership group is used. Frey Automobile wants to produce herbal sweets with a unique design for each location for a company anniversary. The Artysio system is claimed to be suitable for the production of food-safe, high-quality flow-pack packaging that can be printed using environmentally friendly water-based inkjet printing. Frey Automobile is shown to benefit not only from efficient production, but in particular from ‘brilliant’ printing results. The food-grade barrier layer of the material with very good sealing properties guarantees a long shelf life for the sweets and prevents ink and undesirable substances from getting in.

    Depending on the type of machine add-on, the narrow web printer can also package many other products, such as soaps for hotels, tea, biscuits, coffee beans and a variety of other items. Sihl supplies the appropriate material for a variety of packaging types.

    In a statement, Sihl noted: ‘It‘s that easy to open up a broad new business segment for print shops, from which the car dealership group and many other customers such as start-ups, for example, can profit, who can have small packaging runs and customised solutions produced without sacrificing quality.’

    Click here for more information. 

  • + Digital printing specialist Xeikon has confirmed pouch production as an option using its dry toner technology.

    This involves reverse printing on the surface material and then using dry lamination to produce the packaging structure...

    02 April 2019

    This involves reverse printing on the surface material and then using dry lamination to produce the packaging structure. This uses a specially developed water-based adhesive from Michelman to maximize bond strength between the dry toner inks and the packaging material.

    Filip Weymans, vice president, marketing at Xeikon, noted that flexible packaging has been able to be produced using Xeikon’s presses for a while, when you consider products such as sleeves, wraparound labels and some paper-based products, but doing pouches opens up new potential revenue streams for its customers.

    Weymans said: ‘This is a prime example of what we call “customer driven innovation”. By focusing on this application, we are supporting our customers’ requirements and also responding to the current trends in consumer preference. This development takes our digital production portfolio to the next level. With our technological expertise, Xeikon is ideally positioned to provide innovative digital processes.’

    Xeikon has worked with UK printer CS Labels, a digital-only company, to develop dry toner pouch production. CS Labels has further developed its own in-house 6m-long converting line to allow it to produce converted flexible packaging.

  • + NUtec Digital Ink’s water-based dye sublimation range grows

    NUtec Digital Ink recently added a new product to its dye sublimation portfolio in the form of the Aquamarine AQ20-DST-H..

    02 April 2019

    NUtec Digital Ink recently added a new product to its dye sublimation portfolio in the form of the Aquamarine AQ20-DST-HC water-based digital ink.

    The newly launched AQ20-DST-HC dye sublimation ink is designed for coated and uncoated transfer paper and offers excellent transfer density. It is fast drying, allowing high speed printing with lower ink consumption.

    The latest addition to the water-based Aquamarine range is optimised for the Kyocera KJ4B series of print heads used in printers such as the EFI Reggiani and the MS Lario JP4, among others. It was developed for dye sublimation transfer applications such as prints on textiles, soft signage, banners, flags, apparel, promotional products and other polyester-coated substrates for high quality indoor decoration. 

    Nutec Sales and Marketing Director, Neil Green notes, “The Aquamarine AQ20-DST-HC ink delivers a superior colour gamut and high chroma. Users can confidently look forward to improved productivity as a result of this ink’s excellent print reliability for digital textile printing.”

    “The AQ20-DST-HC ink’s performance is supported by NUtec Digital’s Ink Delivery System Warranty which gives customers peace of mind when opting for any of our OEM alternative inks, “ states Green.

    For further information visit 

  • + Mactac, Lintec consolidation expands durables portfolio

    Mactac, a supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives, and Lintec, a manufacturer of adhesive-related products and specialt..

    02 April 2019

    Mactac, a supplier of pressure sensitive adhesives, and Lintec, a manufacturer of adhesive-related products and specialty papers, recently completed a strategic consolidation, expanding and strengthening Mactac North America’s label business.

    With significant projected growth expected in 2019, Mactac is now offering customers a plethora of new, high-performance durable goods and industrial labelling solutions.

    “Mactac and Lintec began the consolidation process last July and it has been a great experience that has better positioned, strengthened and expanded Mactac North America’s label business,” says Kim Hensley, marketing manager, Mactac Performance Adhesives. “The leader of on-demand label solutions has joined the leader in high-end industrial solutions and as a result, our new Lintec product offerings are giving customers the ability to offer high-end solutions with more value for a competitive edge that is ‘clearly different’.”

    Mactac’s new, high-performance durable goods and industrial labelling products are designed for applications such as power tools, appliances, electronics, compliance labels, and warning and instructional labels, as well as identification of test tubes and promotional labelling. They include:

    - Security labelstocks for industrial and automotive tamper-evident solutions.

    - Industrial labelstocks for extreme chemical and abrasion resistance.

    - High adhesion labelstocks, such as those that deliver strong adhesion to oil contaminated surfaces.

    - Cryogenic labelstocks for label applications requiring temperatures as low as -320 degrees Fahrenheit (-196 degrees Celsius).

    - Labelstocks that resist blistering and delamination caused by outgasses emitted from plastics.

    - Overlaminate films that differentiate products with features like soft touch and hologram.

  • + Ball & Doggett X Yupo, making your rugby dreams a reality.

    Today Ball & Doggett announced the launch of their Yupo competition starting 1 April. The major prize includes a tra..

    02 April 2019

    Today Ball & Doggett announced the launch of their Yupo competition starting 1 April. The major prize includes a travel package for two people to Japan during the world cup.

    The major prize includes airfares, accommodation and tickets to watch the Australia v Wales match on 29 September 2019. To enter, customers are required to purchase any Yupo* product between 1 April to 30 June 2019 to the value of $1000 ex gst (or more) for an automatic entry into the major prize draw.

    The company is also offering the chance to win fortnightly prizes from a variety of world cup merchandise, The entry requirement for the minor prizes is a mill pack or roll of any Yupo* product. The more packs purchased, the more entries a customer receives in the draw.

    The Yupo range of products offers extraordinary strength and flexibility. It is 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic paper with attributes and properties that make it the perfect solution for a variety of marketing, design, packaging and labelling projects. Yupo is printable on Offset, HP Indigo, Dry Toner, UV Inkjet, Latex, Solvent, Eco Solvent and Aqueous.

    For the full competition details plus terms and conditions, please visit

  • + HP Expands PrintOS Marketplace to Help PSPs Innovate, Automate and Grow

    At Dscoop Edge 2019, HP Inc. announced the expansion of HP PrintOS Marketplace, opening an ideas store to inspire HP pri..

    02 April 2019

    At Dscoop Edge 2019, HP Inc. announced the expansion of HP PrintOS Marketplace, opening an ideas store to inspire HP print service providers (PSPs) to collaborate, innovate and grow, while implementing Industry 4.0 for automated printing of thousands of jobs a day.

    New apps in the marketplace from HP and solution partners can also help HP print service providers increase productivity, streamline workflow and develop new digital print applications.

    “PrintOS Marketplace is an open platform designed to spread innovation and help customers adapt faster to the complexities of the changing print market,” said Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager, HP Indigo, HP Inc. “HP PrintOS is empowering PSPs to be more productive, manage higher print volume, and automate and streamline workflow.” PrintOS gives PSPs control over print operations virtually anywhere at any time, simplifies and automates print production processes, and provides a scalable architecture of production-ready tools to grow digital business. Today, the cloud-based PrintOS has grown to more than 20,000 users since launching at drupa 2016. Users include owners of HP Indigo, HP PageWide and Scitex presses and HP Latex and HP DesignJet printers.

    UK-based ProCo is printing thousands of profitable jobs a day with PrintOS. “Marketplace is going to be a game changer in how people are able to produce work in a digital print environment. Access to other print providers' applications means I don't have to reinvent the wheel for every project. And fundamentally, we're going to have access to thousands of partner apps in a cost-effective and quick way,” said Jon Bailey,  CEO, Proco.

    Projects in a box

    Resources in the new PrintOS Marketplace ideas store include projects-in-a-box for labels and packaging, commercial and photo printing.

    More than 50 free projects and design tools are now available for download exclusively for HP PSPs using PrintOS. Ready-to-go projects include HP Mosaic and HP Collage packaging templates, seed patterns, sample files, and royalty-free images and icons. PrintOS members are also invited to share or sell their print ideas in the store, with the goal of housing hundreds and even thousands of items by drupa 2020.

    New print production apps

    An additional PrintOS Marketplace store for Applications features monthly, subscription-based apps from HP and solutions partners. The apps help HP customers win more business, increase press output, automate production, manage higher print volume, better control costs, and expand print offerings. The App store is expanding with new offerings from HP and solutions partners, including:

    - Locr – a GEO services batch tool to easily generate personalised maps for adding the value of location to printed communications.

    - MindFire - a marketing automation tool to help PSPs promote business with targeted campaigns.

    - OneFlow - The AutoFlow solution automates manual prepress operations including artwork fetching, checking, fixing and manipulation.

    - HYBRID Software - PACKZilizer is an intuitive and easy-to-use cloud-based application to prepare packaging files for production.

    - PrintOS Jobs API: Enables streamlining of production-status and job-costing data such as substrate usage and time invested, from an HP Indigo digital press to a management system (MIS or ERP), to understand the true cost of completed jobs for more accurate quoting.

    - PrintOS Composer: Helps printers save time by easily and efficiently composing variable data jobs, including HP Mosaic and Collage, of any size.

    - PrintOS OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): Helps PSPs uncover opportunities for improving operations, reducing overtime, and saving costs, while increasing press utilisation.

    - PrintOS Colour Beat cuts colour control time down to minutes per job, helps ensure colour consistency across presses and sites, and track colour performance from anywhere.

    - PrintOS Site Flow: Enables to efficiently manage hundreds and thousands of jobs per day, all the way from automated order submission to pre-press, shop-floor management and shipping integration.

    PrintOS Marketplace is also now launching a new Licenses Store for easy self-service download and licensing of off-the-shelf software solutions from HP solutions partners integrated with PrintOS. Solutions licenses available for purchase include:

    - HP SmartStream Designer: a powerful, easy-to-use variable data printing (VDP) tool for users of HP Indigo, HP Latex, and HP PageWide technologies.

    - Esko: DeskPack Essentials and ArtPro+, powerful tools that shorten pre-press of labels and packaging jobs.

    - Memador: A photo enhancement solution that optimises and automates photo book creation with algorithms for face grouping, face detection and more.

    - Hybrid Software: PACKz, the powerful PDF editor and CloudFlow, Hybrid Software’s prepress workflow solution.

    - Tilia Labs: includes a bundle of Phoenix & Imposition AI workflow and imposition tools for labels and packaging, available later this year.

  • + Aleph Objects Launches LulzBot TAZ Pro, its First-Ever Industrial Open Source 3D Printer

    Aleph Objects, the well-known 3D printer manufacturer, launches the LulzBot TAZ Pro, its first ever industrial open sour..

    02 April 2019

    Aleph Objects, the well-known 3D printer manufacturer, launches the LulzBot TAZ Pro, its first ever industrial open source 3D printer. 

    Aleph Objects has added to its award-winning line of 3D printers by launching what it’s calling its first-ever industrial open source 3D printer, the LulzBot TAZ Pro.

    Grant Flaharty, Aleph Objects’ CEO and President, said: “The TAZ Pro is the first true multiple-material 3D printer with dual linear actuated hot ends at a prosumer price point.”

    The Colorado-based 3D printer manufacturer explains that this new industrial machine builds on the previous open-source TAZ printer series.

    However, this version boasts a dual-material extruder system, and was designed specifically for creating functional prototypes, print-on-demand parts, and manufacturing aids. It’s also larger than previous TAZ printers with an increased build volume of 280 x 280 x 285 mm.

    LulzBot TAZ Pro Boasts Dual-Material Capabilities

    Independent vertical lifting E3D hot ends with 360-degree part cooling give the printer dual-material capabilities. The result is clean transitions so users can print with unique material types, such as high-strength composite materials and materials with soluble supports, not just different colours.

    A press release from the company adds: “The new LulzBot TAZ Pro delivers true multi-material printing, soluble supports, superior 3D print quality, and easy, professional results.”

    To ensure printing high-heat composites is possible, Aleph Objects manufactured the printer with hardened-steel components. The company also added a sensor to alert the printer user to when more filament is needed.

    Further features of the printer include a 5″ full-colour touch screen display, automated X/Y/Z offset calibration, self-levelling features, nozzle wiping, and belt-driven z-axis to improve accuracy and quality of prints.

    Interested in buying a LulzBot TAZ Pro? You can now pre-order the printer and shipments will start around the end of April. The price is $4,950.

    This isn’t all to come from Aleph Objects this year as the company also intends to launch an upgrade on the TAZ 6 system in a few months which promises faster and more accurate prints.

  • + New Rowmark FIBERGRAVE ™ Acrylic Sheet material Engineered for Fiber and YAG marking

    Rowmark’s FiberGrave™. is light weight, UV-stable, single ply modified acrylic sheeting with a Matte finish,..

    02 April 2019

    Rowmark’s FiberGrave™. is light weight, UV-stable, single ply modified acrylic sheeting with a Matte finish, specially engineered to make contrasting marks with Fiber and YAG lasers. 

    How? Rowmark Magic! 

    FiberGrave™ is a cost-effective large format solution for Fiber/YAG laser marking applications.  Producing permanent, highly detailed marks, including variable tone images that are barcode and data matrix readable. FiberGrave™ is UV-stable for exterior industrial applications.

    FiberGrave™ is available in Bright White that lasers dark grey and Jet Black that’s lasers white in 613mm x 1238mm sheets in either 0.5mm (.020”) or 1mm (.040”) thickness. 
    Shears, saws, flexible heat bendable and can be vector cut with standard CO2 lasers.

    For further details contact Rowmark Australia on 1300 023 370 or  Click here  to request a sample piece.

  • + International Coatings Introduces Cool White Screen Printing In

    International Coatings is proud to introduce its new Cool White 7022 screen printing ink. As part of our FlexCure produc..

    26 March 2019

    International Coatings is proud to introduce its new Cool White 7022 screen printing ink. As part of our FlexCure product group, Cool White 7022  offers a 'flexible' curing range, from a low 275°F to a standard 325°F. 

    With Cool White 7022, we've achieved our goal of developing a breakthrough versatile ink that offers superior performance on a wide variety of substrates - from cotton to 100% polyester and other synthetics. Cool White 7022 is a low-cure, low-bleed ink that is creamy, fast flashing and opaque. It prints equally well on automatic as well as manual presses, and the resulting prints are soft, supple and offer a natural drape. Cool White can be used on hard-to-print synthetic fabrics such as nylon bags, non-woven polypropylene, and polyester sheathing.

    Even when cured at low temperatures,Cool White 7022 prints are stretchy, don't crack or exude any oily residues, and maintain their durability through multiple washes. 

    Cool White 7022, with its 'flexible' curing range, is compatible with International Coatings' standard cure plastisol inks, including specialty and special effects inks. 

    Cool White 7022 is available through International Coatings' network of distributors.

  • + Condé Introduces Shrink Wrap Film Sleeves for Sublimation

    Condé Systems adds shrink wrap film sleeves to its DyeTrans® family of production accessories. Introduced to ..

    26 March 2019

    Condé Systems adds shrink wrap film sleeves to its DyeTrans® family of production accessories. Introduced to remedy the challenges of imaging uniquely shaped products, the 6.875″x9.8125″ sleeves give digital decorators the ability to sublimate an exciting variety of tapered drinkware and handleless wine tumblers using a convection oven.

    To use, simply insert a blank sublimatable product with attached transfer into a film sleeve, shrink the film sleeve with a heat gun to conform to the product’s shape, and then place it into a convection oven for that product’s appropriate temperature and time settings.

    “While most drinkware can be produced in a traditional mug press, tapered mug press, or an oven using a wrap, many of our new drinkware products should be decorated in a convection oven using a shrink wrap bag. This new way of imaging drinkware produces full, all-around images that will impress you and your customers!” says David Gross, President of Condé Systems.

  • + Epson Puts The Emphasis on Colour

    It’s amazing to think that something as simple as ‘colour,’ is actually quite a complex topic. And tho..

    26 March 2019

    It’s amazing to think that something as simple as ‘colour,’ is actually quite a complex topic. And though most of us take it for granted, the concept of colour and being able to accurately reproduce it is a multifaceted discipline that requires expert knowledge. So it was great to hear all about the topic from the experts at Epson at their recent ‘Concepts in Colour’ roadshow in Melbourne.

    The three-day event featured a number of presentations about colour, colour management, the print process, and the latest advances in workflow technology as it relates to colour. Attendees where then able to ask questions and work through issues they were dealing with.  

    The ‘Concepts in Colour’ tour is about helping our customers and other print professionals understand colour, how it is perceived, how to match colours and see what can be done and, harness its power for better results,” said and Romano Bacci, Business Manager, Professional Print Solutions, Epson Australia.  

    “Our industry is all about colour and getting it right for the client, especially in this day and age where people are becoming very demanding about how colour is translated, corporate colours and branding and the emotional impact colour has with the intended audience.

    “We are trying to share our expertise about colour, so our clients can make the most of their print systems, software and inks to improve their colour workflows in their business. By using them, and understanding how important it is, they can improve results they achieve for their clients, whilst becoming more efficient in matching and achieving accurate colour consistency and reducing waste.

    Whilst the presentations where packed with interesting facts and insights, the follow up Q&A sessions helped to solve a number of real world issues the attendees where dealing with. 

    To support the presentation, Epson also displayed a number of their market leading printers for the fine print, CAD, signage, display and garment printing industries. 

    “We had some good interaction with customers,” said Roman. “It was a good opportunity to show industry professionals the power of colour, and how they can make the most of it from our RIP software and S-Series and F-Series printers.”

    For more information about Epson print technology, please visit

  • + Trotec Laser Expands TroGlass Product Line

    Trotec Laser, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has further expanded its line of laserable acrylics to include TroGlas..

    25 March 2019

    Trotec Laser, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has further expanded its line of laserable acrylics to include TroGlass Glitter – a high-quality cast acrylic material with glitter distributed evenly throughout each sheet.

    Available in a variety of colours and thicknesses, TroGlass Glitter products are designed to be color stable and will not bleach or fade when laser processed. The new product provides exciting opportunities for creative minds and designers to explore many different and interesting new visual effects, and can be used for a variety of applications including jewellery, signage, decorative items and point-of-purchase displays, to name a few.

    Like all TroGlass products, TroGlass Glitter comes standard with a plastic laserable mask. This unique feature protects the acrylic from scratching, which reduces scrap and rework, and improves processing results. TroGlass products produce a smooth, polished edge in one process step, with little or no post-processing. Depending on the laser settings, laser engraving the material surface results in a prominent or subtle engraved image.
    Warren Knipple, President of Trotec Laser, Inc., says that the new products were created with the company’s driving mission in mind: To make customers more profitable.

    “Our growing materials product line allows us to provide our customers with new opportunities to broaden product offerings, meet a wider range of application needs, and get the most out of a laser investment,” Knipple says. “When we can empower our customers to grow business and increase profits, everyone wins.”


    Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions strengthens its relationship with Premier Film Distribution as the new distributor in ..

    25 March 2019

    Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions strengthens its relationship with Premier Film Distribution as the new distributor in New South Wales and Queensland for its industry leading range of architecture, solar and safety window films.

    The Avery Dennison range of window films for buildings include solar control films that can filter up to 85 percent of solar radiation passing through the glass and reducing energy consumption from air conditioning by up to 20 percent; safety window films for a layer of added security on glass doors or windows to hold shattered glass in place, thereby reducing the threat of injury and design films to help architects and designers transform properties.

    “Comfort and security along with energy savings, sun control and privacy are important considerations for building owners and vehicle owners in Australia,” said Jordan Leach, Senior Business Manager, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. “Avery Dennison is responding to our customers’ needs for fast delivery of our high-performance and durable window films with the appointment of Premier Film Distribution in New South Wales and Queensland regions.”

    “Our team of experts are familiar with the needs of our growing network of partners,” said Greg Munro, Managing Director, Premier Film Distribution. “Together with our partner network, Premier Film Distribution has the capabilities to distribute innovative, high-performance products from Avery Dennison.”

    Premier Film Distribution has been providing wholesale films to the tinting, graphics and printing industry in Australia since 1985. Customers can order stock on the phone at 07 3268 8450, via email at or shop online 24/7 at

    Over the years, Premier Film Distribution has developed a deep understanding of their customers’ businesses and value adding, which led to strong relationships with their customers. Premier Film Distribution are fortunate to call some of Australia’s most successful installation businesses their customers.

  • + Hexis Brings Dragon Ball Z To Life On French Trains

    GSDI France dressed a livery in the colours of the famous manga "Dragon Ball Z" on the occasion of a Yes GO operation. A..

    21 March 2019

    GSDI France dressed a livery in the colours of the famous manga "Dragon Ball Z" on the occasion of a Yes GO operation. A design that will allow travellers to live an experience in augmented reality!

    Wrapped inside and out with Hexis films demonstrates how a combination of Movies & Signage can build brand awareness and excitement. Hexis transport films cover a wide range of options from coloured anti graffiti films matched to State or Corporate colours, digital print media, anti graffiti laminates and Purezone Anti microbial films. London Underground, Paris and many European lines are all Hexis specified and wrapped.

    Gare de Lyon welcomed the first train OUIGO dressed in the colors of Dragon Ball! On the occasion of the release of the feature film Dragon Ball Super - Broly at the cinema on March 13th, the BANDAI company celebrates the Super Saïyen through this exceptional device. On the arrival on the platform of the Gare de Lyon, the Dragon Ball train did not go unnoticed. 

    From February 24, travellers will be able to board OUIGO trains dressed in the colours of Dragon Ball for an exceptional ride. More than 30,000 people are expected to travel in these trains that will run for two weeks.

    Trains will run between Paris, Marseille, Lyon Saint-Exupery, Marne-la-Vallee, Roissy CDG, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Lille Flanders, Toulon, Nice, Antibes, Cannes, Saint-Raphael and Nice. On February 27th only, BANDAI NAMCO Group and OUIGO will offer their travellers the opportunity to play and participate in a tournament around the now famous DRAGON BALL Fighters video game in one of the central train sets of the 7:07 train departing from Paris Gare de Lyon. (Paris / Nice, round trip). A key, his journey by train to win! BANDAI NAMCO Group will also be celebrating Super Warriors and Dragon Ball Super - Broly 's theatrical release in mid - February by setting up corners dedicated to the intergenerational hero in two distinct locations in the capital during the school holidays.


    #publictransport #gsdi #ouigo #sncf #hexisgraphics #hexisaustralia

  • + Primera Introduces LX2000 Colour Label Printer

    Primera Technology, Inc., a global manufacturer of specialty printers, has announced its new LX2000 colour label printer..

    20 March 2019

    Primera Technology, Inc., a global manufacturer of specialty printers, has announced its new LX2000 colour label printer. LX2000 is Primera’s fastest-ever desktop colour printer, producing labels at speeds of up to 6” per second – about 25% faster than Primera’s best-selling LX900 colour label printer (for comparable print quality).

    Large, separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black keep the cost per label low. Other features include pigment-based ink for stronger resistance to UV light, chemicals and water, built in “pizza-wheel” cutter, viewing window to see label stock levels and wired Ethernet or USB 2.0 and wireless connection options.

    “LX2000 represents an entirely new product class in desktop label printing,” says Mark Strobel, Primera’s VP of sales and marketing. “With large ink tanks, we can offer an extremely competitive cost per label. Our print speeds rival printers that cost up to three times more. We have pigment ink that has far more resistance to water, chemicals and UV light. Print quality is superb. Add to that our wired Ethernet or USB 2.0 or wireless connection options, along with 8” print width and you’ve got everything most companies would ever need. With LX2000, there are only benefits and no compromises.”

    Typical applications include product labels for coffee, wine, water, bakery, confectionary, meat, cheese and hundreds of other specialty and gourmet foods. LX2000 is also ideal for private labelling, test marketing, pre-press proofing and retail labelling.

    With its pigment ink and Primera’s Tuffcoat Extreme PolyJet material, LX2000 has already passed Section 3, BS5609 testing. The testing included removal of print by adhesive tape, abrasion resistance and permanence of print evaluations under extreme conditions, including exposure to UV light and repeated salt spray and immersion. The material and printed images from LX2000 passed in all three categories.

    Printer drivers are included for Windows Vista/7/8, along with Bartender Ultralite Software (for Windows) to format label designs, add bar codes, QR codes, etc. Most other popular graphic design programs for Windows can be used to design and print labels. A Mac driver is currently under development.

    Qualified substrates include many different inkjet label materials, including Primera’s exclusive Tuffcoat Extreme white and clear polyester and white BOPP, as well as the new Tuffcoat Extreme PolyJet. Paper labels are also available in high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.

  • + Hans-Gronhi introduces updated LC330RE Roll-to-Roll Laser Die Cutter

    The updated Hans-Gronhi LC330RE Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutter from Hans-Shinohara Canada saves time and money while allo..

    19 March 2019

    The updated Hans-Gronhi LC330RE Roll to Roll Laser Die Cutter from Hans-Shinohara Canada saves time and money while allowing users to offer exciting new short-run printing and finishing products to their clients faster and more cost-efficiently. Its popular 13″ width can accommodate most narrow-web flexo printers, as well as the HP Indigo 6900 and 8000 digital presses. The fully automated, computer driven, roll-to-roll laser cutter/engraver is also ideal printers who want to improve cutting precision compared to traditional mechanical die cutting.

    Its Optical Laser Tracking Systems ensures precise positioning while its Automatic Tension Control improves stability. Adjustable laser-powered cutting speeds can be used for different jobs and with different materials. Additional laser heads can be added as needed. Built-in technology also includes laminating, slitting and waste discharge capabilities, as well as a manual feeder for special materials.

    The LC330RE can also laser-engrave quickly and accurately on a wide variety of traditional and difficult substrates with ease. This opens up exciting new product and revenue opportunities for printers. Common applications include multi-shaped digital labels and security printing (can generate barcodes, numbering, etc.). Cutting speed is from 1 foot up to 196 feet per minute (depending on the specific application). Maximum roll diameter is 19.7” with sheet widths from 2” to 12.9” and a maximum scan capability of 12.59.” The LC330RE includes a colour code sensor and auto deviation correction technology for consistent and accurate positioning. 

  • + CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has dramatically expanded its product line with a powerful new version for Windows and an all-n..

    19 March 2019

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has dramatically expanded its product line with a powerful new version for Windows and an all-new, graphic design software suite built specifically for macOS. Designed from the ground up to make the most of each unique platform, both packages also include the new™ for easy, on-the-go graphics creation. Finally, users have a true professional design contender available on their platform of choice, empowering the creation of bold, attention-grabbing graphics with pixel-perfect precision.

    Graphics professionals – and those aspiring to be – now have access to world-class vector graphics software, professional photo editing, unsurpassed output capabilities, and AI-powered drawing tools. With, designers can also show off and annotate their work on the go or quickly create new projects from virtually anywhere. Whether they have a passion for pixels, an obsession with output, or a love of layout, users can take control of their individual creative journey and dare to design differently.

    “CorelDRAW has built its reputation as a leading graphics suite that’s focused on professional results, output, and ease of use,” said John Falsetto, Senior Director of Products, CorelDRAW and Productivity. “When it comes to delivering outstanding projects every time, designers deserve real choice. With 2019, we’re bringing the power of CorelDRAW in a truly native experience to the Mac, delivering the high-end tools professionals need.”

    “Celebrating 30 years of graphics excellence, our CorelDRAW team continues to innovate with new products that promise to dramatically change the design software landscape,” said Gérard Métrailler, Executive Vice-President of Global Products at Corel. “With our recent Parallels acquisition and now the all-new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Mac, we’ve solidified Corel’s position as a provider of exceptional software that meets the needs of modern knowledge workers across specialties, skill levels, and platforms.”

    Experience the all-new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac.

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 delivers the heart and soul of CorelDRAW in a new experience built specifically for Mac.

    1. Complete, Professional Design Toolkit: Explore an expansive toolbox of versatile, intuitive, and integrated applications to express your unique style and impress your audience. Take advantage of CorelDRAW for vector graphic design, illustration, and page layout, Corel PHOTO-PAINT® for photo editing, Corel® Font Manager™ to index and organise font libraries, AfterShot™ 3 HDR for RAW processing, the new to access graphics tools virtually anywhere, and much more.

    1. Leading-Edge Technology: Discover a revolutionary new vector drawing experience that replicates the feel of pen and paper with LiveSketch™ – the industry’s first vector graphic design tool powered by a neural network. Watch as hand-drawn strokes are intelligently interpreted, adjusted, and combined with existing vector curves, making it simple to sketch and draw complex vector shapes on any pen-enabled device.

    1. Unique Experience for macOS: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Mac offers native Mac applications that reflect elements users love most about their favorite platform, including menus, windows and views, fields and labels, and buttons. Support for macOS Mojave Dark Mode and Touch Bar on MacBook Pro add to the suite’s unique look and feel.

    1. Easy to Learn & Use: Don’t fear the blank canvas – jump in and start creating! This powerful collection of applications is loaded with intuitive tools, learning materials, and sample projects to get started easily and create great designs sooner.
    Learn what’s new in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Windows.

    The latest CorelDRAW Graphics Suite offers an exciting collection of new features to create jaw-dropping designs with more precision and creative freedom than ever. Highlights include:

    1. NEW! Objects Docker: Completely redesigned, the new Objects Docker offers direct control over the structure of a document and quick access to its components to speed up any project.

    1. NEW! Non-Destructive Effects: Apply, modify, and experiment with effects on both vectors and bitmaps, all without altering the source object or image in CorelDRAW.

    1. NEW! Pixel Perfect Workflow: Ensure web graphics are crisp every time. Align the pixel grid to the edge of the page so exported graphics have clean borders, and use the new Align to Pixel Grid button to easily correct shapes.

    1. NEW! Modern Templates: Deliver professional results with a wide range of new, professionally designed templates presented in the enhanced ‘New from template’ dialog. Customize templates with ease to produce unique designs.

    1. ENHANCED! Look, Feel & Performance: Take advantage of interface improvements for easier navigation, greater consistency, and increased productivity. Enjoy performance boosts that improve text handling, startup time, document load times, graphics rendering, and more.
    Work anywhere with the all-new, web-based

    Included with the Windows and Mac suites, enables you to be more productive and creative on the go. Rounding out the graphic design workflow, use the new web app to access CorelDRAW files stored in the cloud, add annotations and design elements, or start a new project from any device, thanks to innovative tools that empower creativity and deliver incredible results. Enhance your web experience with a subscription to even more professional design options.

    When purchasing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019 for Windows or Mac, choice is paramount.

    1. Perpetual license: One-time payment for a permanent license with no extra monthly or annual cost.

    1. Subscription license: Pay a low annual fee with the flexibility to cancel if your software needs change. Get access to the latest version as long as your subscription is active.