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  • + SCREEN and CGS ORIS unveil new technology that boosts work efficiency: New CxF Spot ColourMatching Solution

    Screen, manufacturer of the Truepress Jet series of digital presses, and colour experts CGS Oris, have developed a new t..

    01 December 2020

    Screen, manufacturer of the Truepress Jet series of digital presses, and colour experts CGS Oris, have developed a new technology that will save time, lead to better quality printing, and meet the growing need for independent colour management solutions.

    The new CxF3 (Colour Exchange Format) spot colour-matching solution - available for the CGS Oris CxF Toolbox - is a response to market demands for software that can guarantee colour consistency and enhance efficiencies for new and existing customers. 

    Spot colour printing is recognised as one of the best methods to capture and transmit all of the detail in colours. Unlike conventional ICC profiles, CxF data includes the spectral information of the spot colour, including halftones and transmittance. This allows for more accurate colour calculations and an optimal basis for the precise reproduction of a colour at any time.

    However, generating CxF data can be a lengthy process, as it requires charts to be printed and measured for all printing conditions as well as target values to be set. Printing methods have expanded with the uptake of digital printers and hybrid solutions. This has led to a need for independent colour management solutions that can guarantee consistent colour reproduction – even when switching from a conventional printing press to a digital output. 

    Screen Australia Managing Director Peter Scott says: “Screen and CGS Oris have co-operated for a while on various aspects of colour management. This new CxF spot colour initiative is a great boost for the label and packaging industry in particular, as spot colours are often a contentious issue between brand owners and print service providers. Mixing and applying special colours is time-consuming and expensive, now 100% accurate spot colours can be generated for our L350UV SAI label and packaging presses, quickly, easily and without high-level colour management knowledge.”

    Perfect colours, easily achieved

    To meet these market demands, Screen and Germany-based CGS-Oris, developed a technology that predicts halftones from limited colorimetric data by using a proprietary algorithm. This automatically generates complete CxF data, saving significant amounts of time. This has made it easier for new users to adopt CxF, as well as improving efficiencies for existing users. 

    More companies can now benefit from CxF’s many advantages. These include a more holistic representation of a colour, the best fundamentals for reproducing colours on different printing presses, and flexible and independent colour management, regardless of the operator’s skills.The new technology is available from Screen for the CGS Oris CxF Toolbox - the software solution used to capture, store and edit CxF data, in a fast, reliable and safe way. 

    The set-up is simple, with the user needing only to present output colour charts under certain printing conditions and put the colour measurement data into the CxF Toolbox. Once the set-up is ready, the system is able to automatically generate CxF data of particular spot colours or entire libraries, without requiring any colour expertise. The generated CxF data can easily be embedded in PDF files to be used for a pre-press process.

    The Cloud does the work

    The CxF Toolbox is seamlessly connected to the CGS Oris Color Cloud, the cloud solution provided by CGS Oris to communicate all stored CxF data to the entire supply chain. It guarantees authorised users around the world access to complete and up-to-date colour data - at any time. Even large amounts of a brand’s CxF data can be organised and communicated with the CxF Toolbox and the Color Cloud, including brand owners with collections of more than 200 brands. 

    Additionally, the Color Cloud can be used with the entire CGS Oris Software Suite, like Press Matcher, X Gamutetc, and can be connected to other workflows, including Screen’s Equios, and DFEs that work with CxF data. Screen’s newly - developed UV inkjet printer for labels,Truepress Jet L350UV SAI, processes PDFs with embedded CxF data, and is able to separate them into up to six colours of CMYK + OB. In combination with CGS Oris’s multi-colour separation technology, Screen’s inkjet technology enables the accurate reproduction of spot colours, even without the use of special colour inks. 

  • + HP and Computaleta announce new Channel Partnership in New Zealand.

    Auckland: HP has signed a new channel partner agreement with stalwart Sign and Graphics distributor, Computaleta, to su..

    30 November 2020

    Auckland:  HP has signed a new channel partner agreement with stalwart Sign and Graphics distributor, Computaleta, to supply HP wide-format hardware, ink and consumables to the New Zealand market.

    Computaleta will stock ink and consumables specifically at their Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch branches from December, with hardware demonstration showrooms to be established at their new premises in Onehunga, and Christchurch, in early 2021.

    With almost 40 years’ experience within the signage industry, Director at Computaleta, Arlette Farland (pictured with Wayne Shaw, Business Manager for HP Large Format Print), says that providing equipment hardware has been a desire for some time and she is delighted to be doing that with HP.

    “I am always looking for new opportunities to expand our range, so the inclusion of this range of equipment really brings us full circle.

    “Hardware has been the missing link in our portfolio since the mid-1990s and this closes that loop.”

    Arlette says they will be gearing up to give HP the specialist attention it requires.  This includes appointing two-three further staff to address aspects of this market and provide technical support in the near-term.

    “We are looking forward to working with the HP team to offer HP Latex Equipment through our national network of distribution centres, and I know that our customers and the marketplace in general, will be pleased to see us do it.”  

  • + Kornit Digital Establishing Global Biz Line Dedicated to Digital On-Demand Production Management

    Kornit Digital announced the appointment of Guy Avidan as president of its newly formed business line focused on acceler..

    24 November 2020

    Kornit Digital announced the appointment of Guy Avidan as president of its newly formed business line focused on accelerating the digital transformation of the textile industry to on-demand sustainable production. 
    The company also announced the appointment of Alon Rozner as its next CFO, effective Dec. 1, 2020.
    The inflection point in the textile industry and the massive shift to e-commerce continues to accelerate the need to digitally transform the supply chain and adopt on-demand sustainable textile production. 
    The newly formed business line will focus on enabling brands, retailers, and marketplaces to realise the benefits of digitisation by connecting to the most suitable on-demand production and logistics operations while ensuring consistency, quality and brand integrity.
    “Interest in adopting our cloud workflow platform and network for on-demand sustainable production is extremely strong. We believe there is a huge opportunity here for Kornit to build a significant incremental business and leverage the success of the Custom Gateway acquisition, which serves as the foundation for this strategic initiative,” said Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital’s CEO. “I am confident that Guy will lead this strategic initiative to great success and would like to thank him for his contribution to Kornit’s success in his years of service as our CFO.”
    “Kornit is on an amazing journey and I am honoured to have had the privilege of taking the company public as CFO and am now excited to take on this next opportunity to lead the continued execution of Kornit’s vision. This new business line will play an integral part in Kornit’s evolution as the leader in digital transformation of the textile industry,” Avidan said.
    Rozner served as the CFO of Orbotech, a global supplier of yield-enhancing and process-enabling solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry.
    “I am excited to join Kornit as it continues to transform the textile industry and scale profitably,” said Rozner. “Kornit is extremely well-positioned to capture the massive opportunity and I look forward to working with the team to achieve our goals and create value for all our stakeholders.”

  • + Xaar recirculation technology delivers optimal performance

    The results of a series of lab experiments demonstrate why Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation, invented more t..

    24 November 2020

    The results of a series of lab experiments demonstrate why Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation, invented more than a decade ago, still sets the benchmark for industrial inkjet recirculation techniques today to deliver a wider window of operation for users.

    Presented in Xaar’s new white paper subtitled ‘What goes around, comes around’, the research compares Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation with alternative ink recirculation techniques used by most other printhead manufacturers.

    Whilst ink recirculation is now commonplace, the white paper clearly shows that all technologies are not equal. A printhead’s architecture determines how well ink recirculation is implemented and therefore influences the degree to which the method delivers benefits across today’s wide range of printing and jetting applications.

    TF Technology is a key building block in Xaar’s recently announced ImagineX bulk platform which will power the next 30 years of innovation in inkjet capabilities and printhead launches.

    Together with the unique Hybrid Side Shooter printhead architecture, Xaar’s TF Technology enables ink or other fluids to flow directly past the back of the nozzle during drop ejection at very high flow rates.

    This ensures the nozzles are continuously primed, keeping the printhead operational and the nozzles firing and – with the ink in constant motion – prevents sedimentation and nozzle blocking, particularly in heavily pigmented inks. Any air bubbles and unwanted particles in the ink are also carried away, improving reliability, even in the harshest industrial environment.

    With TF Technology, jetting is significantly more reliable compared to alternative ‘roof mode architecture’ design printheads whose convoluted ink flow paths means that recirculation is close to, but not at the back of the nozzle.

    “Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation completely revolutionised inkjet printing and has become an essential feature for a wide range of industrial inkjet applications,” said Angus Condie, Director of Technology at Xaar and one of the authors of the white paper.

    Launched by Xaar in 2007 with the introduction of the Xaar 1001 printhead XF Technology has since opened up exciting new applications such as glass printing with frit inks, high opacity white pigment ink printing for labels, and heavily loaded conductive inks for printed electronics - transforming the digital inkjet industry and becoming an industry requirement for effective and reliable inkjet printing.

    “Our research proves that ink recirculation solutions vary due to their architectural design, yielding vastly different results. Xaar’s TF Technology still greatly outperforms its rivals and continues to set the benchmark for ink recirculation today, delivering the widest window of operation within inkjet printing,” concluded Condie.

    The complete white paper can be downloaded from Xaar’s website.

  • + News from OS: Agfa introduces InterioJet printing system for interior decor

    The InterioJet 3300 is a multi-pass, water-based inkjet system for printing on decor paper used for interior decoration,..

    24 November 2020

    The InterioJet 3300 is a multi-pass, water-based inkjet system for printing on decor paper used for interior decoration, such as laminate floors and furniture. It boasts brilliant and consistent print quality and enables the creation of customised interior decorations, including brand logos, pictures or seasonal themes.

    The InterioJet is built on the same inkjet printing platform as Agfa’s award-winning heavy-duty Jeti Tauro LED UV printing press for sign & display printing applications. It delivers the same printing reliability – now with print heads, inks and a drying system tuned to water-based pigment inks.

    “The InterioJet 3300 will accelerate the transformation from analog (gravure) to digital printing in the laminated surface market,” states Tom Cloots, Director Industrial Inkjet for Agfa, Europe. “It is the ideal cost-efficient solution for medium and short production runs. Its limited start-up time and high flexibility will enable suppliers of laminated surfaces to gain new business by responding to evolving market demands, including printing on demand and just-in-time delivery. The system allows interior decoration designers to let their creativity run free and create customised designs for every order.”

    The InterioJet can print on two rolls at a time – each with a width of up to 155 cm and a weight of up to 600 kg – at a speed of up to 340 m² per hour. It achieves a brilliant and consistent print quality throughout, as well as across print orders. It excels through its superior contrast, sharpness, and colour saturation, matching typical decorative industry colour profiles.

    Incorporating Agfa’s signature ‘Thin Ink Layer’ technology, the InterioJet boasts a low ink consumption, reducing production cost and footprint. It can be combined effortlessly with various impregnation and lamination processes.

    Process automation through Asanti

    Like Agfa’s wide-format inkjet printers, the InterioJet is driven by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software, which adds to the system’s performance by controlling, simplifying and automating the entire printing process from prepress to finishing. Asanti’s comprehensive integration of file handling, colour management and preflighting guarantees smooth, error-free jobs.

    For advanced workflow and color management integration to the creative and reproduction processes, as well as cross-colour management with the analog printing processes, Asanti handshakes with full compatibility to the latest AVA CAD CAM products.

    Matched water-based pigment inks

    In accordance with Agfa’s matched components’ approach – which ensures the accurate alignment of printing systems, workflow software and inks – the company developed dedicated water-based pigment inks for the InterioJet. These eco-friendly inks are light- and waterfast and use specific pigments that deliver a high colour coverage. They have proved to be a perfect fit for standard lamination production processes. Thanks to the thin dried layer, they can be used to print great wood and natural stone designs (such as marble) without surface relief.

  • + Esko launches award-winning Print Control Wizard 20.1 for astounding post print corrugated flexo print quality

    New software delivers triple benefits for corrugated converters Corrugated converters and their flexo plate supplie..

    24 November 2020

    New software delivers triple benefits for corrugated converters

    Corrugated converters and their flexo plate suppliers can now enjoy the triple benefits of quicker plate production, improved graphic performance and reduced costs as Esko releases the latest version of its award-winning Print Control Wizard software to extend the tool with screening optimised for the post print corrugated market.

    This new version of the software uses all critical print parameters and variables – imaging resolution, exposure settings, plate, substrate, anilox, press type and inks – to simplify the flexo platemaking process for post print corrugated packaging production. Print Control Wizard standardises the generation of microcells in the highlight areas of the plate.

    “Operators utilise an intuitive wizard-style user interface that unlocks powerful functionality to quickly and easily create premium flexo plates,” said Robert Bruce, RIP & Screening Product Manager with Esko. “The Corrugated Crystal Screens address the problems associated with recycled board liners, giving corrugated post print converters the opportunity to improve print quality or if print quality is not a goal, reduce ink costs. The screens can be imaged using our latest CDI Optics 100 technology, allowing plates to be made at 10m2 per/hr. Utilising the Crystal XPS brings a new level of plate quality and consistency for the corrugated market,” he said. “This is obviously a win for both trade shops and corrugated post print converters.”

    Esko, the global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the print and packaging sectors, developed Print Control Wizard in response to industry calls to simplify the implementation of screens and dot gain curves.

    “Our goal was to provide flexographic experts with the tools to standardise and simplify screen and curve creation, enabling them to achieve the best quality results without additional steps and checks being added to the process,” said Robert. “After Print Control Wizard was honoured with a number of top industry awards, we have been working tirelessly to develop the new enhancements, and we are delighted to now release this new version for the corrugated market as we continue supporting the work of print and packaging specialists across the industry.”

    Boosting customers’ print consistency and performance

    A beta testing partner of Esko, Contact Originators Group in Dukinfield, Manchester, UK, is renowned for its innovative approach to packaging origination, graphics management and flexographic plate production. Operating across the UK and Europe, the company was the first flexo platemaking company in the UK to have gained Esko HD Flexo accreditation in the corrugated industry.

    “Corrugated is a highly competitive and technically challenging print sector,” said Nick Mitchell, General Manager at Contact Originators. “With lower grammage and recycled materials coming onto the market today to drive down costs, we need to be constantly seeking new ways to boost our customers’ print consistency and performance.”

    “Our job is to ensure our customers’ presses run as smoothly as possible with maximum graphic impact,” said Nick. “This is where Print Control Wizard steps in.”

    Esko Print Control Wizard reduces press stops for plate cleaning and make ready times, boosting overall equipment efficiency. It also enables printers to move to fixed palette printing due to the consistency the software brings on platemaking.

    Les Jones, Print Innovation Manager at Contact Originators, added: “What we’ve seen with Print Control Wizard is that plates are now more consistent, and we can produce them more quickly, which is great for a busy prepress environment like ours. However, it’s the benefits to our printer customers - and their customers, the brands - that really makes the software stand out.”

    “We are seeing more colour density for less ink laydown on low grammage substrate, while printers are reporting they are achieving improved final print results in less time, with associated improvements in material and ink waste - a real bonus in today’s cost and sustainability focused industry.”

    “We estimate that Print Control Wizard is enabling our customers to save up to 20% on ink formulation too,” added Les. “Working in partnership with them, we are seeing more precision on each job enabling less rework or waste, and using Print Control Wizard they can print solids, tone and test work from a single plate. In real terms, this means they’re making savings on the number of plates used, as well as reducing set up times and ink consumption.”

    Originally released in 2019, Print Control Wizard has been honoured with a number of top industry awards, including the Label Industry Global Awards ‘Award for Innovation’, and Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) and European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) Technical Innovation awards.

    Available from November 23rd 2020, anyone wishing to learn more about Print Control Wizard 20.1 for corrugated can do so by visiting the new Esko Innovation Hub (, designed to provide users with a unique insight to the Esko Software 20 portfolio of innovations in a virtual environment. Users can navigate around the latest integrated hardware and software solutions from Esko, in their own time, accessing insights and technical information, as well as learn new ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

  • + anytron launches any-JET II digital press

    anytron (Bitek Technology) a South Korean equipment manufacturer has launched any-JET II, a digital press with in-line f..

    18 November 2020

    anytron (Bitek Technology) a South Korean equipment manufacturer has launched any-JET II, a digital press with in-line finishing options developed for the label and flexible packaging markets.

    The new any-JET II, powered by Memjet inkjet printing technology, offers in-line finishing capabilities, 1600x1600 DPI resolution with lamination and custom label shapes and sizes with laser die-cutting. It supports variable printing and cutting speed between 3 and 18m/min (9.8 and 59 ft/min) depending on the label design. 

    This all-in-one machine also includes a wide range of functions such as over-laminating, laser die-cutting, matrix removal and slitting. It can be additionally utilized for flexible packaging printing and laser scribing for easy opening, microwave steam release feature pouches.

    One of the new developments in any-Flow, an integrated workflow and RIP software allowing to control the printer and laser die-cutter with integrated user interface. It extracts cutting lines from printing design and automatically sends this information to the laser die-cutter. Furthermore, the embedded automatic job changeover function enables changing print job automatically by reading a QR code.

    ‘Anyone interested in making the shift to digital production will be interested in the any-JET II. Not only will it enhance the production capacity, but it will also expand the flexibility of applications,’ said Brian Kim, sales manager of anytron. The idea behind our in-line system is to cut the preparation time by up to 20 percent. This innovative technology eliminates waste and improves lead times, increases flexibility to support personalisation and highly variable applications with just-in-time delivery.’

  • + Announcing the worldwide introduction of two “100 series” models Expert printing made easy.

    Mimaki announces the release of two models of roll-to-roll inkjet printer "100 series" for sign graphics application, "J..

    18 November 2020

    Mimaki announces the release of two models of roll-to-roll inkjet printer "100 series" for sign graphics application, "JV100-160" compatible with solvent ink and "UJV100-160" compatible with UV ink, to be available worldwide starting December 1, 2020. Mimaki Australia will be holding good stock levels of these new models in April 2021.

    The "100 series" provides customers with new "high operability" based on the "high image quality" and "reliability" technologies that Mimaki Engineering, which has been leading the sign graphics market, has accumulated over many years. It is a product that can be used easily even by those who are unfamiliar with the printer operation.

    It should be noted that the printer is equipped with a DAS (Dot Adjustment System) function as standard, which automatically adjusts the dot position correction and media feed amount, which were conventionally performed manually when changing the media to be printed. This feature provides for high operability and significantly reduces workload, while consistently delivering high quality printing by eliminating variance in adjustment among operators.

    In addition, the products are equipped with a variety of Mimaki's functions for sign graphics, including NCU (Nozzle Check Unit)*1, NRS (Nozzle Recovery System)*2 and MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4)*3 to ensure the realisation of the high level of print quality required in the market. The solvent ink compatible model "JV100-160" is compatible with Mimaki's new generation ink, which has excellent drying properties.

    The newly developed inks evaporate quickly to minimise bleeding, even on images requiring large amounts of ink to print, producing beautiful, detailed expressions. This allows indoor and outdoor signs to print directly on common PVC media. This can realise sharp and eye-catching signage prints for applications such as indoor advertisements and outdoor signs that require high weather resistance to support strongly your business.

    The UJV100-160, first introduced to emerging markets in March 2020, “UJV100-160” has been received favourably by customers, and sales is now to be expanded worldwide. UV-cured ink used by the model contribute to a significant reduction in production turnaround time due to their quick-drying properties upon output.
    In addition to PVC and tarpaulin, which are common in outdoor signage, it can be printed on various media such as fabric (dedicated for sign graphics use), paper without an ink receiving layer, and PET film, so it is a product that can be used by a wide range of customers in the sign graphics market.

    Furthermore, the both models are equipped with "RasterLink7" as the standard accessory, which is newly developed as a RIP (Raster Image Processor) * 4 that controls printing.

    The software was developed by incorporating the Harlequin RIP® from Global Graphics, one of the world's leading digital printing platforms, into the RIP engine that performs the RIP process. This resulted in improving the reproducibility of the special effect (transparency effect) of PDF files and increasing the RIP processing speed by 25% on average compared to "RasterLink6 Plus". One of features of "RasterLink6 Plus", the favourite settings has been taken over, which has been further improved.

    With as our new catch phrase, "Expert printing made easy.", we will develop global marketing promotion for our appeal about the "100 Series" that can deliver high quality and reliable printing with superior operability and the "RasterLink7" of fine usability by means of further high performance and upgraded processing speed.
    Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd. upholds the management vision of “novelty and difference” and will continue to strive to be an innovator company that provides added value to its customers.

    *1 NCU: A function that automatically detects the status of nozzles using the sensor, and performs auto cleaning when a missing nozzle is found
    *2 NRS: A function that automatically replaces defective nozzles with other nozzles if there is a problem left unsolved by the nozzle cleaning, and ensures uninterrupted printing with stable image quality
    *3 MAPS4: A function that prints pass boundaries fading in gradation to reduce banding (horizontal stripes), uneven colour, and glossy streak
    *4 RIP: Process of converting text, images and other data created on computers into printable format.

    1. Worldwide release of two models utilising different inks, “JV100-160” and “UJV100-160”
    for the sign graphics.
    2. Well-balanced entry-level models with excellent operational performance, image quality, speed and cost
    3. Equipped with DAS for high operability and stable, high-quality printing
    4. Incorporates features including NCU, NRS and MAPS4
    5. Standard accessory "RasterLink7" with improved PDF file reproducibility and processing 
    speed increased by 25% on average compared to the conventional mode

    1. Latest features that achieve Mimaki quality
    Dot position / Feed auto correction function “DAS”
    Automated visual drawing adjustment (dot position correction and feeding correction) manually implemented in previous models. By saving operators time and effort needed for such adjustment, variation in adjustment is prevented.

    Mimaki technology enabling stable high-quality printing
    Since pass boundaries generally become straight, slight misalignment results in banding or uneven color. The “MAPS4 (Mimaki Advanced Pass System 4)” functionality provides gradation to printed pass boundaries and reduces banding and uneven color, achieving a beautiful printing result.

    NCU & NRS automatically detects missing nozzles and performs recovery
    NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) automatically detects nozzle condition. When the NCU detects a missing nozzle, it automatically performs cleaning. In case problem is not solved by cleaning, NRS (Nozzle Recovery System) automatically replaces defective nozzles with alternate nozzles, enabling users to resume operation without waiting for repairing. 

    2. High productivity
    High-speed printing at a maximum of 27.4m2/h
    4-Colour print on glossy PVC surface: 6 pass 20.0m2/h
    4-Colour print on tarpaulin: 4 pass 27.4m2/h

    180% faster than JV150 *5
    High productivity supported by extensive features.
    Allows for more order processing of short-duration work. 
    *5 Comparison at 6 pass 4-Color printing at the similar resolution rage as JV150

    3. Newly developed genuine RIP engine, “RasterLink7”.
    RIP core modified to enable high-speed PDF processing, improving processing speed by 25% on average. Increases productivity.

    Improves reproducibility of special effects (transparency effect) of PDF data 
    Improves reproducibility of PDF data containing special effects. There is no need to worry about losing time from data creation to output delivery.

    Swift RIP processing of PDF data for increased productivity
    RIP core incorporates Harlequin RIP® engine developed by Global Graphics, UK. Improves processing speed by approximately 25% on average and increases productivity.

    New feature -- Variable printing function
    Easier variable and inset printing of images and text. Offering high value-added printing for each individual, including personalized printed materials.

    Enhanced UI usability
    Simpler, easily understandable UI design for enhanced usability. Frequently used settings can be added to your favorites list for easy access through favorite icons.

  • + Unparalleled creative freedom for display and POS manufacturers as new Esko VariAngle delivers cuts at any angle from 0o to 60o

    Esko, the global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging and wide format sectors, has t..

    18 November 2020

    Esko, the global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging and wide format sectors, has today, November 17, 2020, announced the release of its innovative VariAngle tool for the Kongsberg C and XP range of digital finishing tables. VariAngle enables cutting at any angle from 0o and 60o at high speeds, delivering total freedom in the design of 3D creative displays while also resulting in faster setup times and an uplift in cutting speed.

    “Fitting the new VariAngle tool makes existing Kongsberg C and XP tables completely self-sufficient and capable of delivering most any creative design,” said Digital Finishing Product Manager, Knut Johansen. “Unlike with other brands of finishing table, using VariAngle removes the need to stop production when changing tools, drastically reducing setup time and increasing cutting speed.

    “Other finishing tables cut with a fixed angle blade, which means it’s necessary to change tools to cut at different angles,” explained Knut. “For some designs, three or even four different cutting tools can be required in the production process. But with VariAngle, Esko has developed a single tool which cuts straight lines at any angle selection in half-degree increments between 0o and 60o and at up to 100m/min; a breakthrough innovation for the industry.

    “In conjunction with the new 3D design features of Esko structural packaging design software ArtiosCAD, the intelligent, automatic VariAngle tool delivers a new level of creativity,” he said.

    “Importantly, as well as delivering excellent cut quality at the highest possible speeds, the tool behavior is defined from within the Esko ArtiosCAD structural design software, therefore no operator input is required at the cutting table itself so productivity is boosted by a further 25 per cent.

    “The unique combination of the new tool and the supporting functionality in ArtiosCAD delivers true design freedom. For the first time ever, converters can make 60 degree V-notch cuts enabling the making of triangular pillars, something which has been impossible until now as no machine on the market can cut at an angle greater than 45 degrees. It can also cut angled curves, dependent on radius size,” added Knut.

    “The obvious efficiency gains, when coupled with the huge level of creative freedom afforded to designers and the fact that it can be retro-fitted to existing Kongsberg C and XP machines, mean that VariAngle has the capacity to provide the cutting edge for sign and POS converters in an increasingly competitive sector.”

    Anyone wishing to learn more about VariAngle can do so by visiting the new Esko Innovation Hub ( which has been designed to provide users with a unique insight to the Esko portfolio of innovations in a virtual environment. Users can navigate around the latest integrated hardware and software solutions from Esko, in their own time, accessing insights and technical information, as well as learn new ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

    For more on new VariAngle from Esko, visit

  • + Computaleta Expand in Auckland

    Auckland: New Zealand Sign and Graphics distributor, Computaleta, have purchased a brand new high spec industrial build..

    10 November 2020

    Auckland:  New Zealand Sign and Graphics distributor, Computaleta, have purchased a brand new high spec industrial building in Onehunga, Auckland, that will more than double their warehousing capacity in the city.
    The company currently has two branches in Auckland, with their main warehouse in Albany and a small service hub in Newton, in the CBD.  It is this Newton branch that will relocate to the larger premises in January 2021.
    The move to Onehunga, 15 minutes to the South, is part of a longer-term plan to better support their customers across the upper North Island. 

    Director, Arlette Farland (pictured) says the new purchase executes their growth strategy for a region that is also set to grow.

    “Of the $129 billion flagged for infrastructure in the next ten years, $100 billion is earmarked for the Golden Triangle, that is the Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga regions.”

    She says this area, along with Northland, is going to represent almost 50% of the New Zealand economy by 2025. 

    “Because Auckland city is divided by the harbour bridge, it has been our strategy since 2003 to have a location on both sides.  This move more than doubles our space, and it positions us better to service South, East and West Auckland and support the Waikato and Tauranga regions.”
    Over the last two years, Arlette says they have outgrown their North Shore location, and their city branch was equally too small.  
    “The new warehouse is strategically positioned close to SH1 and SH20 and we will be able to stock every product in our portfolio south of the bridge.”

    She says this will also relieve the pressure on their Albany branch to better service their important customers on the North Shore and into Northland.

    “We always invest in our country, our company and our people.  What it comes down to is that our customers expect Amazon-like service, and with this new facility, we aim to give it to them,” Arlette says.
    The new building is in the new Woollen Mills commercial development, 273 Neilson Street, Onehunga. Computaleta’s City branch in Newton will be relocate in mid-December.  It will be fully operational from January 11, and customers are welcome to visit the new facility then.

    “We are a planning an open day and launch party in early 2021, and we’d love all our customers in Auckland to join us,” Arlette says.

    The company’s key Albany Branch north of the city will remain in place.

    About Computaleta:  We are the distributor to the sign and graphics industry and have been doing so for almost four decades. We introduced computer-cut technology to New Zealand in 1981, hence our name, Computa Leta. Today we are still innovating and are the only New Zealand owned distributor with a national reach. Through our five branches nationwide we support all regions around the country with a local presence /

  • + Get Hold of the Latest Roland DG Equipment and Pay Nothing Until 2021

    A Christmas Gift From Roland DG After a challenging 2020, we have a great offer, just in time for Christmas, to ..

    10 November 2020

    A Christmas Gift From Roland DG

    After a challenging 2020, we have a great offer, just in time for Christmas, to help your business move forward into the new year. 

    The First Month is On Us

    For a limited time, Roland Rental will pay the first month of any rental contract, for Roland DG equipment purchased between 1 November and 18 December 2020*. This offer is also extended to our Roland Rental Plus and Roland Rental Platinum offerings. This means that you can get hold of the latest Roland DG equipment and don’t pay anything until 2021. 

    Find Out More

    To find out more, including full terms and conditions, visit

    To contact our Sales Team directly, or to take advantage of this limited offer, email or call 1800 500 119.

  • + Next generation Esko WebCenter 20.0 delivers new speed and efficiency gains to entire packaging value chain

    All stakeholders in the packaging value chain can enjoy an enhanced user experience, with even greater speed and efficie..

    10 November 2020

    All stakeholders in the packaging value chain can enjoy an enhanced user experience, with even greater speed and efficiency, now Esko has unveiled its WebCenter 20.0. The latest feature-packed version of the company’s powerful and secure web-based packaging management and collaboration platform manages all aspects of packaging and label production for brands and their print suppliers.

    “With WebCenter 20.0, we set out with a goal of making prepress processes considerably faster while delivering a 25 per cent increase in performance,” said Roman Stepchuck, Product Manager. “I’m delighted to say we have succeeded.”

    WebCenter cemented its reputation as the go-to solution in the industry through its ability to streamline approval and project lifecycles, removing bottlenecks that are most commonly associated with the packaging development process.

    WebCenter 20.0 includes new and additional support for end-to-end colour workflow for brands and their suppliers – Color Trace. Brand owners can create colour specifications directly in WebCenter and communicate them to their printers, who use ColorCert software from X-Rite to report a scorecard of the final production.

    “We’ve also introduced an ‘Ad Hoc Approver’ function,” said Roman. “When users want to send a file for approval, but the recipient is not a user of WebCenter, that no longer matters. In WebCenter 20.0, files can be sent directly to an external email address – they can even be forwarded on to other parties for approval, depending on permissions – saving countless valuable lost hours in the approval process.”

    A crucial focal point for WebCenter product development is the overall user experience, including the ease of use for non-expert users. “We wanted to make the user experience even more intuitive and personalised,” said Paul Land, Product Manager. “We’ve essentially designed the latest version of WebCenter to make your workflow more intuitive than ever before.

    “With WebCenter 20.0, we have introduced a new dashboard where users can create a personalised view of their activities,” added Paul. “We’re making the complex simple! Having introduced a huge amount of functionality over the years, we’re now enabling users to switch on and off individual features. This will simplify and tailor the experience, ensuring they have easy access and navigation to all the information relevant to them in one place.”

    Avatars, similar to those used on social media platforms, have also been included making the experience even more personal. For the first time, users can access and edit all their files from the new single dashboard page. The new Task Assignment function gives users an overview of how busy colleagues are when allocating tasks, helping improve efficiency and manage workload of employees.

    “From a user experience perspective, integration with the interactive tools packaging professionals use on a daily basis is also important,” said Paul. “That’s why we have also introduced an impressive extra optional module, the new ‘WebCenter Tasks Plugin’.

    “WebCenter was already compatible with Adobe Illustrator,” he explained, “but with the new ‘WebCenter Tasks Plugin’, WebCenter 20.0 is also compatible with InDesign and Photoshop too. In just a few clicks, users can open, edit and upload changes, significantly streamlining the entire process.”

    Other additional new modules include ‘Cloud Archiving’, providing almost limitless storage and freeing up valuable space for businesses, and ‘Interactive Text Compare’, a new software tool which checks copy against core data ensuring no issues arise when copying files across.

    Available now, WebCenter 20.0 is free to Esko Software Care Plan customers. Anyone wishing to learn more about WebCenter 20.0 can do so by visiting the new Esko Innovation Hub ( which has been designed to provide users with a unique insight to the Esko Software 20 portfolio of innovations in a virtual environment. Users can navigate around the latest integrated hardware and software solutions from Esko, in their own time, accessing insights and technical information, as well as learn new ways to boost business productivity, efficiency and profitability.

    For more on new WebCenter 20.0 from Esko, visit

  • + Meet the imagePRESS C10010VP series – setting new standards in digital cut-sheet colour production

    Canon Australia today introduces the imagePRESS C10010VP series, comprising two new digital colour press printer models ..

    04 November 2020

    Canon Australia today introduces the imagePRESS C10010VP series, comprising two new digital colour press printer models – imagePRESS C10010VP and imagePRESS C9010VP – designed to drive versatility, high-quality imaging, and productivity for high-volume print environments that strive to achieve more. Built on Canon’s proven and reliable imagePRESS technology platform and featuring enhanced automation and extensive media handling capabilities, the imagePRESS C10010VP sets new standards in workflow efficiencies and application diversity.
    Experience a new standard of productivity
    Commercial print businesses and in-house print rooms looking to boost productivity while delivering a diverse mix of high-quality printed output can now count on the flagship imagePRESS C10010VP toner-based colour digital press to get the job done.
    The imagePRESS C10010VP delivers reliable high-performance, deadline-driven printing via consistent high-speeds and high-quality outputs that provide brilliant outcomes with minimal effort. The imagePRESS C9010VP digital press is capable of high productivity print speeds of up to 92ppm, while the imagePRESS C10010VP is capable of 102ppm on A4 sized sheets.
    This high-performance cut-sheet digital print solution offers automated printing on-demand at a new level, resulting in far less manual intervention and far greater production efficiency. Advanced features include Ultrasonic Multi-Sheet Feed Detection, active front-to-back registration and Inline Spectrometric Sensor (ILS) for simple colour pre-adjustment on every page.
    Canon’s Dual Fixing Unit maintains productivity even when different media of mixed weights and textures are used for the same job. Taking it one step further, the optional High Capacity Stacker can be unloaded and loaded during print runs for continuous operation.
    By adding the optional long-sheet paper input module, high volume print users can now introduce auto-duplex printing on media up to 762mm, feeding 1,000 sheets through Canon POD Deck XL.
    Turn customer challenges into profitable opportunities
    Thanks to synthetic media support, users can expand their offering to cater for their customers that require more durable and water-resistant applications. Users can print on long-sheet media up to 1300mm for a wider range of marketing collateral, in addition to offering different media weights, between 60 and 400gsm, and supporting embossed paper. The Consistently Vivid (CV) Toner paired with more media versatility and finishing options produces highly creative applications that add value to the end users. With higher value leading to higher margins, the imagePRESS C10010VP series is an ideal tool for commercial print businesses or in-house print functions looking to boost profits.
    The imagePRESS C10010VP and imagePRESS C9010VP achieve the same high-image quality customers expect from the heritage Canon imagePRESS series. Thanks to its innovative R-VCSEL technology, Multi-D.A.T. colour adjustment and versatile screen patterns for ultimate image quality, users will have the confidence to deliver a diverse range of high-quality applications, from menus to mailers and from books to long-sheet banners. The unique structure of CV Toner offers superior durability and higher transfer performance, so users can benefit from even higher precision for text and images on every page of every run.
    For maximum flexibility business users can create their own configuration that suits the needs of their business and customers. Choose from a wide range of Canon and third party finishing solutions with Document Feeding Device (DFD) Bridge connectivity to create a product ready for immediate delivery.
    Ted Matsumoto, General Manager – B2B Product Marketing, Canon Australia says, “The imagePRESS C10010VP series is a new milestone in the evolution of the digital colour production press, setting new standards in productivity, application diversity and quality. With over 300 installed imagePRESS devices in Australia in the last five years[i], we’re building on a proven and reliable technology platform, with enhanced automation capabilities to help businesses achieve their future business ambitions. In times of business uncertainty, Canon is proud to give customers confidence that they can reliably deliver high-volume, high-quality print time and time again to maximise uptime. In helping our customers achieve more volume, more applications, more quality and more profit; we’re pleased that businesses can help their clients and end-customers turn their challenges into profitable opportunities.”
    For more information on the Canon imagePRESS C10010VP, please visit:
    For more information on the Canon imagePRESS C9010VP, please visit:
    Pricing for the imagePRESS C10010VP / C9010VP will be available through Canon and authorised dealers from November.  Product demonstrations will be available on request from late November via Canon Australia.

  • + Introducing the Sonic 4K and Sonic Mini 4K by Phrozen

    Comprising the new Sonic 4K and Sonic Mini 4K, Phrozen’s latest resin 3D printers offer excellent value and yield ..

    03 November 2020

    Comprising the new Sonic 4K and Sonic Mini 4K, Phrozen’s latest resin 3D printers offer excellent value and yield fast, professional-grade results. The affordable Sonic Mini 4K version will perfectly suit makers and tech enthusiasts, while the Sonic 4K’s high resolution and speed are a match for dental applications.

    Both models use LCD masking, a resin 3D printing technology also known as MSLA (Masked Stereolithography), or simply LCD 3D printing, with a proprietary UV ParaLED system that ensures optimal light intensity and distribution.

    Phrozen offers a three-month warranty on the LCD screen and states that the printer can work for over 2,000 hours of 3D printing. The two printers each feature a touchscreen interface– of 2.8 inches or 5 inches depending on the chosen model– that’s available in English (more languages coming soon).

    Resolution at its finest
    As indicated in the series’ name, the Sonic 4K and Sonic Mini 4K benefit from an ultra-high resolution LCD masking screen for extremely precise and detailed prints.
    They also offer a very high point density of 722 PPI; the highest mono-LCD 3D printer PPI ever.

    Phrozen prints faster than ever
    Whereas most budget resin 3D printers require at least 5 seconds of exposure time per layer, the Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K only takes 2 seconds per layer.
    The Phrozen Sonic 4K, which is mainly targeted at professional users in the dental industry, goes even faster at 1 second per layer.

    Of course, print speed varies according to the type of resin being used, but Phrozen has significantly improved theirs compared to past and present models.

    Sonic 4K vs Sonic Mini 4K: technical specifications
    The Sonic 4K does offer a taller build volume (+70mm), but the difference between both versions is not just a matter of size.
    Phrozen added a dual rail system to the Sonic 4K version, versus a single rail system on the Sonic Mini 4K, providing long-term print stability and zero wobbling.

    The Sonic 4K also benefits from higher light intensity and a 50% faster print speed of 1 second per layer, where the mini model prints at a speed of 2 seconds per layer. In addition, the Sonic 4K is entirely made of steel and is quieter during operation.

    Furthermore, the Sonic 4K is equipped with advanced built-in slicing software that helps designers process more complex 3D files, and it is compatible with a larger variety of materials, namely professional dental resins.

    These upgrades are necessary for professional applications (dentistry, jewellery, …), but hobbyists on a budget will be more than satisfied with the affordable Sonic Mini 4K’s performance.

    Other differences include Ethernet connectivity and a larger touchscreen on the Sonic 4K, for a more intuitive experience, easy access to print settings, and the possibility to control the printer remotely.

    Check out the machine in action at

  • + Massivit 3D and Biesse Group Sign Milestone Technology Partnership as Part of Italian Foreign Minister’s Visit to Israel

    Agreement facilitates new, advanced hybrid manufacturing technologies for the automotive, marine, composite materials, f..

    03 November 2020

    Agreement facilitates new, advanced hybrid manufacturing technologies for the automotive, marine, composite materials, furniture, construction and aerospace arenas

    Massivit 3D Printing Technologies, the leading provider of large-volume 3D printing solutions, today signed a technological and commercial partnership with multinational manufacturer, Biesse Group, as part of a visit to Israel by Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio.

    Biesse Group ‒ lead by CEO, Roberto Selci, is a global manufacturer of technology for wood, glass, stone, plastic and metal processing ‒ sought a new technology partner to diversify its manufacturing solutions. The two companies aim to co-develop a new product line of hybrid manufacturing technologies that leverage Massivit 3D’s advanced, large-volume additive manufacturing technologies and Biesse’s broadly adopted subtractive manufacturing technologies.

    By leveraging Biesse Group’s established commercial networks across multiple verticals, this mega distribution deal will enable Massivit 3D to markedly expand its market reach. Biesse Group operates through 39 branches with a thriving customer installed base in 120 countries. It is publicly listed on the Italian Stock Exchange with a turnover of €706 million in 2019.

    The collaboration will also empower Biesse Group to partake in the 3D printing revolution that is escalating across a range of manufacturing industries.

    The agreement between Biesse Group and Massivit 3D emerged as part of Biesse Group's Open-I project – a dynamic Innovation Lab established to cultivate connections with other companies, universities, research centers, accelerators, and venture capital firms in order to leverage digital transformation and Industry 4.0 advancements.

    The partnership was initiated by AdlerInlight’s CEO, Roberta Anati, who identified technological and commercial synergies between the two leading technology providers. Biesse Group and Massivit 3D have a combined IP portfolio of 257 registered patents.

    Massivit 3D’s CEO, Erez Zimerman, commented about the partnership, “Massivit 3D collaborates with leading Italy-based vendors. Biesse Group has a strong foothold in Massivit 3D’s existing markets, serving some of the most prestigious Italian and international brands. This partnership will enable us to deepen our penetration into new strategic markets owing to Biesse’s strong position in these arenas. It heralds in a new era for manufacturing by combining the best of additive and subtractive technologies to provide cost-effective, high-speed solutions for large-volume production.”

    Roberto Selci, CEO of Biesse Group, stated: “Today is the first step towards a new, profitable path towards innovation. Fundamentally, we aim to broaden our company’s boundaries and also our mental horizons. This opportunity has been brought to fruition by our internal expertise but also by our ability to look outwards and enable opportunities and solutions to flow freely via a two-way principle which forms the foundation of our Group Innovation Lab, Open-I.”

    Roberta Anati, CEO of AdlerInlight, stated “This agreement, between two key players in the manufacturing arena, marks another milestone for AdlerInlight in fostering valuable cross-continental partnerships towards technological innovation and commercial growth. At the core of our projects is our vision to bridge between existing industry demand and new innovations. We identified a crucial market gap here and are delighted to have sparked fresh global economic opportunities.”

  • + RICOH Delivers ‘Productivity Powerhouse Experience’ with Launch of IM C8000 A3 Colour Multifunction Printer

    RICOH, a leading provider of workplace technology, has launched the high-end IM C8000 A3 colour multifunction printer (M..

    03 November 2020

    RICOH, a leading provider of workplace technology, has launched the high-end IM C8000 A3 colour multifunction printer (MFP) featuring a range of smart applications, enhancements and software which enable businesses to deliver a great customer experience while achieving workplace efficiency.
    The RICOH IM C8000 MFP offers impressive speeds of up to 80 ppm (pages per minute) in colour or black and white, resulting in high quality colour prints and performance, helping users to increase productivity and efficiency.  Colour functionality can be made more impactful by being able to produce clear text and brilliant colour images of up to 2,400 x 4,800dpi resolution. 

    The device also supports jobs being completed on time and within budget with a range of optional multiple finisher options with near production like finishing for folding, stapling, punching and sorting.  As well as meeting everyday imaging needs, the IM C8000 can produce high quality customer-facing collateral, such as brochures and mailing pieces.  Smaller sized documents can also be scanned easily with the new small sized paper scan units.

    The intuitive, new generation, user-friendly 10.1-inch Smart Operation Panel allows users to navigate with simple touch and swipe gestures similar to a smartphone.  The device can also easily scan documents directly to email and folders to reduce paper consumption at a speed of 240ipm (images per minute) through the single pass document feeder (SPDF). Users can improve fast scanning accuracy by simply adding an extra double feed detection unit.

    A variety of mobile connectivity options, including the RICOH Smart Device Connector App enables remote printing as well as scanning to the office network or cloud from any smart device with built-in support for NFC, Apple AirPrint or Mopria. All this is underpinned by a unique suite of support apps from RICOH Smart Integration.
    In addition, users no longer need to purchase new equipment to meet changing document needs as their business grows. RICOH Always Current Technology allows new features to be installed on the existing RICOH IM C8000 on demand.  Users simply select from a range of smart applications, enhancements and software to manage document needs as they change.
    Mobile workers can interact seamlessly with the intelligent technology. To make their lives easier, the IM C8000 wakes up on approach utilising its built-in motion sensor, and to save time, double sided originals are scanned in a single pass and can be uploaded directly to a variety of cloud-based services, including Dropbox, Google Drive and Office 365.

    Security is also enhanced with an optional card reader which can be installed giving users the ability to restrict access to certain features, such as set print quotas.  Locked Print functionality keeps unattended documents from being left in output trays

    Energy efficiency is also highly regarded with the IM C8000 featuring a Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC) value that is three time less than that of its predecessor model (MP C8003SP).

    Peter Georghiou, Senior Product Marketing Manager of RICOH Australia, said, “We are excited to bring the IM C8000 to market here in Australia.  Customers will benefit from a winning combination of being able to produce high quality brochures and mailing pieces in-house while having the opportunity to digitise and upload critical direct to the cloud.  
    “At the same time, the rich feature functionality in speed, simplicity, flexibility, scalability will help our customers deliver a great customer experience in the post-pandemic period by embracing the latest digital technology while supporting their own focus on business operation productivity.”

  • + Rojo Pacific to join the Spicers Group

    From David Martin, CEO, Spicers Limited We’re all excited to announce that Rojo Pacific Pty Ltd, will be join..

    03 November 2020

    From David Martin, CEO, Spicers Limited

    We’re all excited to announce that Rojo Pacific Pty Ltd, will be joining Spicers’ Australian operations, with completion occurring on October 30th, 2020. We welcome John Wright, owner, and his team to Spicers’ Sign & Display business and we all look forward to delivering even greater value to our collective customers.

    Rojo Pacific operates as a supplier of large format materials and textile products, from their site in Melbourne. The amalgamation of our two companies will provide opportunities for growth, and we are excited about our prospects as a combined Spicers and Rojo Pacific business. For Rojo, this is a great opportunity to expand the reach for their products and for Spicers, John and his team will add technical knowledge and strength to our portfolio.

    From 2nd November, both the Spicers and Rojo Pacific businesses will operate individually, with minimal change and impact for our customers. Our drive is to deliver only a positive experience as we build our collective offering and bring our complete portfolio together, now as the industry’s most diverse range.
    “We’ve been holding discussions with John for some time now, as we respect his approach to the market, along with his product and supply knowledge. We’re very pleased he has agreed to become a key member of our diverse and talented team”, said David Martin.
    “There are tremendous synergies between us so the decision to join our forces made perfect sense. Our joining allows the business to take the next steps much more effectively and for me to focus more on what I enjoy most being product development and on our customer needs”, said John Wright, owner of Rojo Pacific.

    “I am truly excited to work alongside John and his Rojo Team in supporting his strong and growing business. This along with our already solid Spicers Sign and Display Business allows for continued success for our Suppliers, Staff and Customers alike.”, said David Rowland, GM Sign & Display.

    Our business continues to evolve, with the talented people in our business keeping us on track with our plans. We’ll continue to work hard for our customers and find new ways to add value and innovative ways for them to grow their business.

  • + Successful launch of drupa preview will reinforce the digital network

    The digital platform drupa preview was opened on 27 October. Over 1.900 interested visitors took part in panel discussio..

    03 November 2020

    The digital platform drupa preview was opened on 27 October. Over 1.900 interested visitors took part in panel discussions and live web sessions as spectators, received valuable input on current issues via video keynote speeches and virtually connected with exhibitors and industry players. The three areas ‘Exhibition Space’, ‘Conference Area’ and ‘Networking Plaza’ reflect drupa’s cornerstones digitally, bridging communication needs between now and the next live event.
    The global pandemic has been a major challenge for the printing industry for months. This makes drupa preview a key tool, offering a platform in these difficult times for companies to showcase their innovative products and reach their target audiences. For exhibitors and visitors alike, this clearly marks a new beginning.
    “The drupa preview also has a special significance for Messe Düsseldorf: it shows that even in times of crisis we can offer solutions to keep the industries interacting and networking. We are working intensively on strengthening global communication not only through our local events, but also by expanding new, virtual formats”, explains Erhard Wienkamp, COO Messe Düsseldorf.

    “The response from exhibitors and visitors following the first preview was very positive”, says Sabine Geldermann, Project Director Print Technologies. “drupa preview offers a valuable basis for regular customer contacts, enabling ongoing interaction within our community during this pandemic. Its digital format helps enhance our customer communications, focusing on the industry’s future topics. From now on, it is our goal to create a hybrid concept, perfectly combining the best of both worlds in order to ensure the April event can take place under optimal conditions.”

    Around 1.900 experts took advantage of drupa preview. The proportion of international visitors was at 70% (Top 5 countries: Japan, India, UK, the Netherlands and Germany). More than 14.000 pageviews also highlight the print community’s high level of interest in the content on offer. Around 1.400 exhibitors from 50 countries presented their products, solutions and applications within the Exhibition Space.

    All speeches and videos will shortly be available on demand at, providing an opportunity for everyone to benefit from the content presented, even after preview day. The next drupa preview day with further live web sessions will take place on 17 November.

  • + Esko brings innovation and added value to customers with Software 20.1 update and hardware releases

    Esko has today (29 October) unveiled a host of new and award-winning innovations for its integrated Esko Software 20.1 p..

    03 November 2020

    Esko has today (29 October) unveiled a host of new and award-winning innovations for its integrated Esko Software 20.1 platform, together with new hardware solutions, developed to deliver even more functionality as well as outstanding value to packaging, label and wide format customers.

    “As a technology company, we are relentlessly developing solutions to serve our markets and customers better,” said Jan de Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations & Strategy. “We build long-term relationships with our customers and strive to ensure our solutions remain relevant and innovative, enabling anyone using them in the packaging value chain to benefit from operational efficiency improvements.”

    Speaking at a launch event streamed live from the Esko Innovation Hub – the always-on virtual environment that gives users the opportunity to explore the portfolio of latest Esko innovations – Jan navigated to innovation hotspots where he detailed the newest functions and features in the Esko Software 20.1 release, as well as the latest hardware developments from the company.

    Updates and new features in Esko Software 20.1 include: 

    • WebCenter 20.0 – the latest feature-packed version of the web-based packaging management solution, now incorporates an improved user experience and WebCenter Tasks Plugin. Digital transformation can only be successful if the solution is fully adapted to the user’s requirements, and with the addition of a social-media style dashboard and new connectors for Adobe Creative Suite applications, WebCenter does just that.

    • ArtiosCAD 20.0.1 – the leading packaging structural design tool simplifies designing of multi-part and multi-material packages using Resizable Canvas Design templates

    • ArtPro+ 20.1 Plate Cut – a new automated feature that finds the optimal individual cutting path for each separation, reducing preparation time for flexo plate mounting by up to 30 minutes

    • ArtPro+ 20.1 Trapping – a new, InterTech Award-winning aesthetic trapping algorithm which closes misregister gaps and accommodates individual exceptions, making trapping jobs up to 70 per cent faster

    • Print Control Wizard for Corrugated – a version of the award-winning software specifically designed for the corrugated market, delivering quicker plate production, improved graphic performance and reduced costs

    • AVT AutoSet – an integration between Esko Automation Engine and AVT’s press inspection system, reducing setup time of the inspection system to almost zero

    Alongside updating Esko Software 20, Esko revealed hardware innovations including:

    • Kongsberg VariAngle tool - an innovative new tool for the Kongsberg range of digital finishing equipment that enables cutting at any angle from 0o and 60o at high speed, delivering total freedom in the design of 3D creative displays

    • Crystal XPS 4260 – the newest member of the family of Crystal UV LED exposure units for digital flexo plate making, available for the first time in this plate size

    “Digitizing the process by which packaging is made is already key to delivering long-term business success,” said Jan. “But as we now move into whatever ‘new normal’ emerges from the global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the importance of improving operational processes, lowering costs and delivering client loyalty are more vital than ever.

    “In the wake of the pandemic, we wanted to double down on enabling businesses to continue their journey of digital transformation to meet head-on the challenges we face today. With the November release, we are delivering a greater range of functions that streamline processes and improve productivity for customers.”

    “Our innovations serve to illustrate our commitment to customers, ensuring they enjoy a greater user experience and improved efficiency,” said Jan. “For example, ArtPro+ 20.1 now features the innovative Esko trapper, which recently received the InterTechTM Award for Innovation. It ensures prepress operators achieve a consistent, aesthetic trapping result with the correct distance, direction or color. Similarly, with the latest version of our packaging management solution, WebCenter 20.0, we are making prepress processes considerably faster while delivering a 25 per cent increase in performance.

    “As we continue to navigate the fallout from the global pandemic, the ability to digitize, automate and connect will be crucial to businesses,” said Jan. “The latest software updates not only deliver greater accuracy, efficiency and consistency across a design and print workflow, but are integral tools for converters taking the next steps along their own digital transformation journey.”

    For more information about Esko software solutions, please visit the Esko Innovation Hub at

  • + Canon and Ilford produce worlds longest digitally printed photo

    Ilford sets a world record - in adverse weather conditions with rain, snow and temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius (32..

    27 October 2020

    Ilford sets a world record - in adverse weather conditions with rain, snow and temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).

    "The longest digitally printed photograph was produced on September 26th 2020 by Canon, Oberstdorf Tourism, Oberstdorfer Fotogipfel and Ilford in Oberstdorf, Germany," says Tom Albrecht of Guinness World Records.

    Jochen Kohl of K2 and responsible for the technical implementation of the world record: "To defy this weather, the choice of paper played a decisive role. Ilford had already made the right choice of material in advance: "ILFOJET Synthetic Paper". This paper is characterised by a low paper thickness, an important factor in making the way from the roll to the Canon Pro-6100 over a length of almost 110 meters. Its special coating, in combination with the Canon inks, resisted the adverse weather and difficult printing conditions. It is also extremely robust, so that it could be easily bent and pulled. Many viewers of the live stream were amazed at how durable the photorealistic material is. Rain showers and gusts of wind at the top of the ski jump put the material under extreme conditions".

    Uwe Janke, Sales Manager Germany at Ilford: “During this world record, the team around Jochen Kohl reached their physical limits in almost 18 hours of continuous work in rain and snow. In the last third it was actively supported by the house technicians of the Oberstdorf House. Countless stairs had to be run up and down. Jochen Kohl used all his strength to pull the print sticking to the ski jump table due to the rain down the 110 meters".

    Background Information: Perfect Teamwork between Canon, Fotogipfel Oberstdorf, K2-Studio and Ilford

    After calculating the maximum roll length of the Canon "imagePROGRAF PRO-6100" several rolls of "ILFOJET Synthetic Paper" were produced with a special length. Two test runs were carried out by Jochen Kohl from K2-Studio in advance at Ilford. Then it was off to the ski jump in Oberstdorf, with a stopover at Thomas Weissmann from Holz-Weissmann, a specialist in the construction of freight and sea crates. In just a few hours, he built a solid wooden crate for helicopter transport, which was the only way to transport the printer up the ski jump. Once at the top, the box was opened, the printer was filled with ink, the special roll was inserted and the printer was protected from rain and snow with a protective cover. Due to the protection, the printer was not visible during the 16 hours in which it continuously printed the 109.04 meter long synthetic paper from Ilford.