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  • + MACTAC Signs With HVG Graphics Media

    Mactac, a leading brand of pressure sensitive graphic and decorative products from Europe, today announced the appoi..

    25 February 2018

    Mactac, a leading brand of pressure sensitive graphic and decorative products from Europe, today announced the appointment of HVG Graphics Media as its new distributor in Australia for screen, digital and architectural applications.

    “Since relaunching Mactac late last year, customers have been responding to our full range of quality and reasonably priced products for their needs in interior architecture and visual communication,” said Jordan Leach, business manager, Avery Dennison Graphic Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. “This agreement

    with HVG Graphics Media will give customers in Australia convenient access to Mactac’s products.”

    “We are very excited to be launching the Mactac range products nationally through our business,” said Richard Lucas, general manager, HVG Graphics Media. “This quality European product range compliments our current consumables range and helps provide many products in crucial growth areas of our portfolio, for instance like perforated window films and the tough area of wall films that provide real solutions. Our team are looking forward to using their experience and knowledge to help support our customers to provide more solutions and more value for the end customer.”

    With a reputation spanning over 50 years, Mactac products undergo strict quality control and are highly appreciated for their proven consistent product quality. Mactac has the strong backing of prestigious brands in areas ranging from architecture, interior design, signage and marking, transport to advertising. Its core development constitutes a constant drive to offer new market opportunities while ensuring strict compliance regulations and innovations in sustainability.

    For more information, please visit

    For the full range of Mactac product portfolio, please visit

    Richard Lucas of HVG Graphics Media (2nd from left) and Jordan Leach of Avery Dennison (2nd from right)announced the agreement.

  • + The Green Rush

    By Chelsea McDougall ( Some call it the ‘G..

    24 February 2018

    By Chelsea McDougall


    Some call it the ‘Green Rush.’ Others liken it to the Wild West. Experts say it’s growing faster than the dot-com era in the early 2000s. Call it what you will, the legal cannabis market is growing by an unprecedented rate and is presenting a tremendous opportunity for the label and packaging industry.

    In the US, eight states (Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Maine, Nevada and Washington) and Washington, DC have fully legalized cannabis to be sold and taxed in dispensaries for recreational use. Another 22 states and Washington, DC have active legal markets in the form of legalization for medical or scientific purposes.

    Elsewhere in North America, the Canadian government is expected to legalize recreational marijuana for the entire country by July 2018, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto recently signed a decree opening the door for medical cannabis legalization.

    All this points to an industry that is accelerating faster than any other in recent memory, and the payoff could be huge for label and packaging suppliers.

    Arcview Market Research has studied the legal marijuana market and its growth opportunities. According to its reports, the legal cannabis market reached $6.7bn USD in US, Canada, and Mexico as these countries have expanded their legal marijuana market.

    At a 34 percent growth rate, this industry is growing larger and faster than the dot-com era (see boxout), and the market will reach $22.6bn USD by 2021, according to the Arcview’s most recent ‘State of the Legal Marijuana Markets’ report.

    ‘Very few consumer industry categories reach $5 billion USD in annual spending and then post anything like 25 percent compound annual growth across the following five years,’ Arcview’s report states.

    A wide market 
    The products for this market are plentiful. There’s the flower – or the traditional marijuana ‘bud’ – but also cannabis-infused edibles and beverages, cannabis lotions, oils, topicals, capsules, tinctures, vape pens and pre-rolled cigarettes. Additionally, dispensaries sell all the accouterments to indulge – pipes, pre-rolled cigarettes, cigarette paper and more. Not to mention the products for medicinal marijuana. The list of legal cannabis and auxiliary products and services is practically endless: all products that require a label and need packaging guidance. Converters prepared to enter this developing market could be at the forefront of this so-called ‘Green Rush’.

    Packaging could play a key role in guiding an industry that looks to shed its stoner image as it moves toward wider adoption. As these companies evolve, they’re looking for their labels and packaging to represent a grown-up image. High-end dynamic packaging is in demand.

    ‘Now [marijuana companies] have a prime product that will reside on shelves,’ says Gary Paulin, Lightning Labels director of sales and client services. ‘Consumers are going to walk into a dispensary and expect the products to look high-end. Recreational legalization has been a real game changer, it puts the prime label front and center.’

    Lightning Labels, a label converter based in Denver, Colorado, has been at the front lines of this evolving market. Paulin continues: ‘You have an industry that’s grown out of the shadows. But it’s grown up, and now it deserves to be taken seriously. These companies are putting more thought into branding and realizing that the brand is so much more than a logo. A brand is who you are.’

    The industry, while profitable, has a unique set of challenges.

    In the US, branding is met with roadblocks. Even though there are active legal markets in 30 states, marijuana still remains a federally illegal substance. The office responsible for registering trademarks – US Patent and Trademark Office – is a federal office, and therefore will not trademark marijuana retailers or marijuana products. This means brands are effectively left open to counterfeiters and trademark infringement.

    And while the future of US cannabis legalization under the Trump administration is unclear, repeal of federal prohibition would ‘fuel explosive growth,’ Arcview notes in its report.

    Digital flexible packaging converter ePac, based in Middleton, Wisconsin, has seen greater interest in this arena since opening a second location in Boulder, Colorado. Carl Joachim, ePac’s chief marketer, has lovingly compared the emerging legal market to ‘the Wild Wild West’.

    ‘I’m referring to the level of maturity of the industry,’ says Joachim. ‘From the standpoint of the income opportunity the industry promises to deliver: there are many companies vying for market position, and a few larger entities beginning to emerge. While new entities are formed and licenses are obtained, in many states lawmakers are still defining the regulations that are needed to govern the industry, while enabling an infrastructure to support growth.’

    As states iron out the rules guiding this new industry, oft-changing regulations can lead to headaches for label and packaging converters, according to both Joachim and Paulin, as they require changes to the packaging. However, digital technology lends itself well to this industry, as there are many smaller, boutique brands, with short runs and frequent artwork changes.

    ‘Often there are new state regulations that deal with how the product needs to be marked,’ Joachim explained. ‘These are simple changes we can easily make, without the need for additional plate fees. Our customers often drive other changes once they understand how we can help them create great packaging with eye-popping graphics.’

    Shifting attitudes
    Although today acceptance for legal cannabis is hugely popular (polls show that 80 percent of Americans approve legal access to medical cannabis, Arcview says), for years it’s been an industry that’s operated in the black market, so it’s reasonable that some businesses would be apprehensive about jumping in.

    At Lightning Labels there were few misgivings. ‘To choose not to participate in it because you may not agree with it, that’s now seen as somewhat foolish,’ he continues. ‘Our attitude is: legal is legal. It’s a huge vertical that we don’t even know the potential of long term. We’re going to be active in it, and we’re going to be transparent. We’re not doing this is the shadows. It’s an exciting business to be a part of.’

  • + Agfa Graphics raises the bar with Fortuna 11, leading high-security design software

    Agfa Graphics released Fortuna 11 – the latest update of its design and assembly software for high-security pr..

    24 February 2018

    Agfa Graphics released Fortuna 11 – the latest update of its design and assembly software for high-security printing.

    Providing a way to skillfully safeguard counterfeit-sensitive documents, this version focuses on enhanced user-friendliness, productivity and creative freedom. “It’s the first step towards a completely revised user experience,” reveals Andy Grant, Global Head of Software at Agfa Graphics.

    Fortuna in a nutshell 

    Like all preceding versions of the software, Fortuna 11 takes a modular approach to high-security design and printing: users can choose from different modules and features to assemble their product to match their needs. In creating unique designs to protect their sensitive documents – checks, lottery tickets, driver’s licenses, ID cards, tax stamps, passports, birth certificates, diplomas, breeder documents, etc. – they can rely on a potent graphical base editor that reconciles aesthetics with security.

    A new interactive user experience

    Fortuna 11 comes with two new functionalities that enhance interactivity and productivity. One of them – Live Preview – enables users to view changes in their security designs in real time instead of checking it in a separate preview window. It works hand in hand with the new Smart Stepper functionality, which allows users to try out different settings and easily revert to previous ones.

    “Agfa Graphics is constantly exploring new paths to help customers stay a few steps ahead of counterfeiters,” Andy Grant comments. “Fortuna 11 focuses on an improved user experience by enabling security designers to create high-security design details in complete symbiosis with all surrounding security elements. And we’ll continue adapting the software to increase design productivity. Also, Agfa Graphics plans to launch new software to further facilitate and automate the production process of qualitative high-security documents.”

    Boasting over 20 years of experience

    Building on decades of experience in high-security design and confidentiality, Agfa Graphics also included fixes and other updates in Fortuna 11. The software will now run more smoothly with Wacom tablets and on computers with touch screens, for example.

    “This version is the first step toward an entirely revised user experience. And we will continue developing Fortuna’s user interface to meet ever-evolving needs,” Andy Grant concludes.

    Click on the image below for more details.

  • + Rowmark introduces the real Rose Gold in LaserMax, LaserMark and FlexiBrass

    Rowmark LLC continue to innovatively expand its product offering to meet the demands of the market with the first re..

    24 February 2018

    Rowmark LLC continue to innovatively expand its product offering to meet the demands of the market with the first real “Rose Gold” 2ply laserable Laminates.

    Rose gold is quickly becoming one of the sought after finishes in the awards and signage markets… and we are excited to now offer this colour option to you!

    Laser and rotary engravable, UV-LED printable, Rose Gold is ideal for interior signage, personal identification, trophies, awards, plaques and more. Now is stock, Rose gold is offered in a premium brushed metal finish and comes in a 610mm x 1225mm sheet sizes.

    Colour trends come and go, but Rose Gold continues to be as popular finish that won’t be fading anytime soon.

    For more information about Rose Gold, and to request your sample piece or place an order, contact or phone 1300 023 370.


    Avery Dennison today introduces four new pastel colours of Supreme Wrapping™ Films designed to personalise and..

    23 February 2018

    Avery Dennison today introduces four new pastel colours of Supreme Wrapping™ Films designed to personalise and refresh the car’s appearance with a cool new fashion look.

    Launched across Australia and New Zealand region, the distinctive pastel tones celebrate the vintage beauty of iconic American muscle cars – two-door high-

    performance vehicles – in the sixties. The new colours in gloss film are Light Pistachio, Cloudy Blue, Sea Breeze Blue and Smoky Blue.

    “These soft, pastel colours were inspired by the classic muscle cars – gleamingly cool yet powerful and tough,” said Jordan Leach, business manager for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in Australia and New Zealand. “These pastels are perfect for car installers and enthusiasts looking to achieve an arresting impact.”

    The Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio includes more than 100 colours and finishes. Best-in-class performance and easy installation are offered by Easy Apply RS™ air egress technology – Supreme Wrapping Films can be repositioned easily during application, for bubble-free results.

    For the full range of Supreme Wrapping Film available, please visit


    Innovia Films ( has added new down gauged grades to their Biaxially Oriented Polypropyle..

    22 February 2018

    Innovia Films has added new down gauged grades to their Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) squeezable Rayoface™ label facestock range.

    CZFA51 and WZFA51 are clear and white films respectively.  These films offer customers the opportunity to save time and money for every step of the value chain if they switch from using PE85 to Innovia’s BOPP films.  In addition, they gain a squeezable film with market leading clarity for ‘no-label’ look applications and perfect gloss for outstanding shelf appeal.

    Richard Southward, Global Product Manager, Labels at Innovia Films states “We have researched the benefits that can be gained by switching from PE85 and they are substantial.  As our films are thinner, the printer will get more square meters per reel, which means more printed labels per reel and increased up-time on press.  It reduces the number of reels required by up to 60%, effectively decreasing the number of pallets and the storage space required by half.  This results in less packaging and reel handling costs. The reduction in label material weight means that transport and logistics carbon footprint can be reduced by up to 45%.  We believe this is an excellent opportunity to save time and money.”

    Squeezable films are popular with Brand Managers, especially in the Home & Personal Care sector.  Labels produced from these films maintain their consistency and quality throughout the life of the container on which they are applied, whatever format they are.

    Southward adds “The added bonus is that they are also food contact compliant under FDA and EU regulations and offer game-changing branding impact with their unprecedented clarity.”

  • + HP Indigo 6900 digital press is launched

    HP Inc. has expanded its labels and packaging portfolio with what the company say are solutions to drive printing an..

    21 February 2018

    HP Inc. has expanded its labels and packaging portfolio with what the company say are solutions to drive printing and converting toward more flexible, productive and profitable digital printing of any application. Among its new solutions include the HP Indigo 6900 digital press for labels and packaging and HP PageWide C500 Press for mainstream corrugated production.

    “The expansion follows the largest packaging deal ever for HP Indigo with ePac. Our customers are growing fast across all segments and are experiencing massive success. They are leveraging HP technology to innovate and deliver on brands’ evolving needs,” comments Santi Morera, global head of graphics solutions business, HP Inc. “These new technologies we are launching are needed now more than ever and will allow our customers to be more productive.”

    The new HP Indigo 6900 digital press increases the addressable label market while offering higher revenue per meter, including:

    • Pack Ready for Labels for the production of high-resistance labels for food, household, chemical, and pharma labels. Four beta sites are producing commercial jobs.
    • New HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver, now commercially available, delivers metallic effects across a wide color gamut, similar to Pantone 877.
    • HP Indigo ElectroInk Invisible Blue and Yellow visible under UV light for brand protection and promotional labels
    • Integration with the HP Indigo GEM embellishment unit, the first fully digital, one-pass label printing and embellishment solution for spot, tactile, foil, holograms, mini textures and lamination.

    Additionally, the high-performance HP Production Pro for Indigo Labels and Packaging is now included in the HP Indigo 6900 and rolling out this year to HP Indigo’s entire Labels and Packaging portfolio. Featuring five times faster RIP power and the Esko Color Engine, the powerful Digital Front End provides extensive productivity and scalability for continuous digital production, to allow converters to scale and manage their digital production across multiple presses and multiple sites, increase the number of jobs per day, and shorten delivery cycles.

    Pack Ready Laminator commercially available
    For the HP Indigo 20000 flexible packaging press, the HP Indigo Pack Ready Laminator is now commercially available. A pioneering technology, Pack Ready Lamination allows for immediate time-to-market of HP Indigo digitally printed flexible packaging by eliminating the use of adhesives. The Pack Ready Laminator is manufactured and supplied by Karlville.

    Extended capabilities for the HP Indigo 30000
    The HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press offers converters an opportunity to build new profitable businesses that leverage cost-effective short runs and added value long-run production. The new capabilities and improved performance include:

    • Increased productivity to enable dozens of folding carton jobs per day and up to 1 million B2 sheets per month.
    • The widest folding carton application span on one press, leveraging wide media range from paperboards to metalized, synthetic, and transparent media, new security features like micro-text and micro QR-codes, and new automatic mass customization and personalization capabilities.
    • The Tresu iCoat 30000, sold and serviced by HP Indigo, for one robust folding carton production line.

    Digilinck, a folding carton converter based in Deinze, Belgium, is adding a second HP Indigo 30000 digital press. “The Folding cartons market is changing and our customers expect speedy delivery and lower inventory levels. The HP Indigo 30000’s high flexibility and offset matching quality allow us to seize this opportunity and build a new profitable digital business, offering short turnaround-time and economic production of short-run healthcare packages,” says Vincent Oosterlinck, Owner, Digilinck. “Since installing the press, our business grew by 66% in the last three years.”

    Addressing the corrugated packaging market
    HP also announced that Kiwiplan, a leading MIS/MES software solutions provider for corrugated and rigid packaging, will be fully integrated, keeping the HP PageWide C500 presses running at optimum capacity, while helping customers to save time and costs through production and supply chain efficiency.

    Five customers in Europe and the US have already purchased the groundbreaking PageWide C500 Press for direct-to-board post-print corrugated production. The first unit will ship next month.

    Utilizing HP’s high-performance single-pass Thermal Inkjet technology, the HP PageWide C500 provides a cost-effective digital alternative for offset lamination and flexo production. The press delivers offset quality direct-to-board with mainstream productivity on both coated and uncoated papers, delivering packaging with vibrant graphics that preserves even the finest details.

    The HP PageWide C500 utilises HP CV150 Water-Based Inks, which contain no UV-reactive chemistries. These true water-based inks allow corrugated converters to print primary and secondary food-related packaging without an additional barrier.2 This robust and trusted solution enables compliance with the most stringent global food safety regulations and industry guidelines.

  • + Avery Products launches Surface Safe sign labels

    Avery Products Corporation, ( has introduced Surface Safe sign labels. This customisable signa..

    20 February 2018

    Avery Products Corporation, has introduced Surface Safe sign labels. This customisable signage leaves no damage or residue on walls, windows, stainless steel and more.

    The sign labels, available at Fastenal, Amazon, and select distributors, are made of a durable polyester material that’s water, chemical, abrasion and tear resistant. They’re suitable for creating caution, hazard, compliance, warning and confined space signs, as well as signs for offices, schools, special events and home. They’re easy to customize and users can either print them from a standard desktop printer or have them custom printed by Avery WePrint, the company’s professional printing service.

    Product features include:

    • Removable Surface Safe adhesive sticks and stays put yet removes cleanly without damage or residue, for up to three years when used as recommended.
    • Recommended for indoor use on drywall, doors, glass, stainless steel and more
    • Ability to easily create custom signs using the free Avery Design and Print software at or order custom signs from Avery WePrint at
    • Choose from hundreds of complimentary stock or customizable OSHA/ANSI compliant templates

    “These new sign labels offer a simple solution for businesses and facilities to create custom signage that won’t damage surfaces and holds up to wear and tear in warehouses, the manufacturing floor and offices,” says Tina Huff, group product manager. “The adhesive used in our Surface Safe technology offers users a unique performance, and even better, with the easy-to-use design software, they can design and print new signage in minutes from their desktop printer or let Avery WePrint professionally print them. And when they need a change, they can easily take the sign down, leaving no damage or residue.”

    The labels are compatible with both laser and inkjet printers—no specialized printer is required. For the best inkjet printer performance, use pigment-based inks like those used in HP OfficeJet Pro and Epson WorkForce Pro printers.

    Tips and Tricks : Wall Film Preparation and Application

    – Written by Jessica Tailby. Graphic Art Mart

    Wall films come in a range of textures, with durability and adhesive features to match many applications including:

    • walls, doors, ceilings
    • reception areas, offices
    • retail stores, gyms, restaurants
    • home décor, furniture
    • showrooms, exhibitions
    • hallways, walkways

    Beyond meeting concept and design objectives, the key points to consider for wall graphics are:

    • Choosing the right wall graphic product
    • Careful surface preparation

    Surface Preparation:

    Preparing the surface properly is the foundation to a successful application. To prevent your wall graphic from bubbling, peeling or sliding off, the surface has to be free of dust and damage. Success can be guaranteed with patience and attention to detail. By hastily installing wall graphics, you are inviting failure.

    Pristine Walls:
    Irrespective of wall type – plaster, brick, concrete or rendered walls; loose joints, flaky material, chipped or peeling paint, holes and cracks – anything that might affect the quality of the wall graphic must be attended to.
    Repairs will avoid two issues:

    • The wall graphic film will adhere to the surface better and maintain quality and longevity.
    • Imperfections are more evident when graphics are applied, and may be even more obvious if a protective overlaminate is used.

    Painted Surfaces:
    To be certain of the surface quality, repaint with a high quality semi-gloss or gloss paint. A textured surface will limit the adhesion of the graphic, i.e. the film sticks to the high points only. A smooth flat surface will give the best opportunity for a quality application and thorough adhesion.

    A newly painted wall, after curing still needs to be cleaned with a lint free cloth to remove any dust particles. Existing walls, if in good condition, are to be washed with Isopropyl Alcohol and dried thoroughly.

    Time is Your Friend:
    Allow time for paint to cure not merely dry. Curing gives maximum hardness, time for outgassing, and covers other factors such as the thickness and colour of your paint and the surface type. For water based paints curing can take as long as 30 days whereas oil-based paints can take 7 days. Your paint manufacturer should provide clear guidelines. Applying a graphic before complete curing may cause lifting, or bubbles that result in failure.

    Sometimes speed is necessary, particularly for business advertising and workplaces. Vipond’s Self Adhesive Prep Coat can be used to enhance the adhesion of self-adhesive digital prints onto internal and external surfaces.

    Choosing the Right Product:
    Get it right first time! Understanding objectives, the look and feel of the wall graphic and the surface type are the first considerations. Knowing the traffic flow and if the graphic will be touched, brushed or scratched may mean adding protection through laminating.
    To be confident of success, test the compatibility of the graphic film in an inconspicuous surface area.

    The following examples show some of the many vinyls, wallpaper fabrics and high tack films available:

    Vinyl Indoor Wall Film
    Vinyl wall film is a common solution for wall murals, POP and tradeshow applications in high traffic areas such as shopping centres, businesses or conventions. Being a tough and scuff resistant film, it is perfect to ensure
    longevity and maintain a fresh appearance.

    The Avery MPI 2611 Wall Film suits these applications perfectly. Being a 152 micron satin white vinyl film with a thick face construction it provides extra stability to eliminate curling and bubbling. Its adhesive qualities work well with many kinds of walls and painted surfaces, while at the same time it can be removed if necessary. This film is often laminated for added protection as well as making it easier to install.

    Printable Wallpaper Film
    Changing old wallpaper perceptions, with digital print technology and modern wallpaper graphic media you can have a unique design to achieve a WOW factor.

    The Sihl 3258 Satin Wallpaper is a market leader. Being a printable wallpaper film coated with a satin finish it provides outstanding scratch and water resistant qualities. Easy to apply it comes pre-coated with a wateractivated adhesive that is quick drying.

    Fabric Textile Film
    Fabric materials are proving very popular for a soft, textured feel. One advantage of these films are that they are removable, repositionable and reusable.

    Phototex Blockout is a tinted removable/reuseable textile film that is seen in retail outlets, shopping centres, commercial buildings and homes. Its tinted adhesive ensures a solid colour finish and can be installed on any
    surface except non-painted brick. In addition it can be used over and over again.

    High Tensile Wall Film
    Where the quality of the surface is unknown a high tack adhesive film is recommended to ensure that the wall graphic is effective. This is particularly true when applying to highly textured surfaces such as brick and concrete. The Arlon DPF 8000 Series Outdoor Wall Film is equally suitable to indoor applications. This product is a 90 micron satin white poly vinyl chloride film with high tensile properties designed to last.

  • + Make a Career at MetalPlaque

    MetalPlaque are looking for professionals to fill a number of roles, these include: Signage Print Production &nd..

    19 February 2018

    MetalPlaque are looking for professionals to fill a number of roles, these include:

    Signage Print Production – 

    We have a position available in our large format printing and vinyl production areas.   The position will roll into other signage manufacturing areas.   Experience with large format printers and other computerised systems would be beneficial.

    If you like working independently and have sound computer skills across design and general IT we would like to hear from you.   We are located at Chatswood, near arterial roads and public transport.

    Parking also available. Full time permanent position. Salary negotiable.

    Sales Wiz / Design / Digital Printing – 

    Combine your sales talent with creative design skills at an established signage company located in Chatswood. This is a very busy multi hat position, running a project from start to finish. Liaising with customers, estimating, quoting, design, manufacture and production. A hands on approach will see you assisting with production where possible. Your IT knowledge will assist in resolving simple everyday computer and email challenges.

    Previous experience in a similar role preferred. Position is full time and salary is negotiable.

    Computer Engraver – 

    We are looking for an experienced person to run several of our computerised engraving routing machines at our Chatswood workshop. We manufacture all types of signage using various materials especially metals and plastics. This is a busy position with an opportunity to show your skills.

    Full time permanent position. Salary negotiable.

    If you are interested in any of these roles, then please email your particulars to or call 02 98826300 for more information.

  • + Konica Minolta achieves 30 worldwide installations for AccurioJet KM-1

    Konica Minolta has today revealed important market updates for its AccurioJet KM-1 inkjet digital press, which was c..

    18 February 2018

    Konica Minolta has today revealed important market updates for its AccurioJet KM-1 inkjet digital press, which was commercially launched at drupa in 2016. More than 30 worldwide installations have been achieved, including new ones in Europe for January and February this year.

    The first installation in Poland has gone live this month [January] and an announcement on a significant agreement in France is due to be made in early February. New business partnerships and branding for patented technology have also been announced as Konica Minolta continues to expand and grow market share in industrial and commercial print markets.

    Dot Freeze Technology is the new name for a special process for Konica Minolta’s AccurioJet KM-1 B2 press where the ability to “freeze” the inkjet dot enables perfect registration of colours and image stability. Customers confirm a delta E colour shift of no more than 1.5, which happens to be a major advantage for new customers to invest in this platform.

    Other major plans for the Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1 include a fully automated inline finishing solution in partnership with Rollem International. The UK based company will be providing the bridge that enables customers wanting to automate their print processes and connect with other third-party finishing devices.

    These include US-based Harris and Bruno International, provider of high performance printing and coating equipment, which has become a chosen approved partner to overcoat KM-1 prints.

    Five other companies have also been unveiled as official partners working with Konica Minolta on the development of its AccurioJet KM-1 system. They are:

    • UK-based MIS provider Tharstern, which also has major operations in the USA and Australia
    • ITOTEC Ltd, a cutting machine manufacturer in Japan
    • France-based Alwan Color Expertise, the global specialist in colour management, standardisation and process control software
    • Scissor Hands, from Las Vegas, with its artificial intelligence technology has brought evolution to cutting work on the AccurioJet KM-1, while DaVinciDesigner, USA, an online print 3D proofer, provides special embossed finishes and textures. Both are part of Opensoft Inc
    • Ultimate TechnoGraphics Inc. This US company develops and distributes cutting-edge technology to automate and facilitate imposition and finishing for the graphic arts industry.

    We are progressing significantly and meeting our sales objectives with having reached more than 30 installations worldwide. Feedback from customers using our technology has not only proved that the Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1 can sustain high quality and reliability, but is also providing customers with a unique platform to grow their business.”

    This B2 digital press is becoming the Swiss Army knife of the printing world because it has so many uses. It is providing our customers with the tool helping to unlock new applications, some of which probably required many different techniques to produce in the past.

    Our customers never cease to amaze us with the innovative applications they develop with our technology driven by imagination to deliver more.”

    Mark Hinder, Head of Market Development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe

  • + Sales Executive

    Ball & Doggett Sydney is seeking a Sales Executive – Wide Format Media Specialist. You’ll predominantly ..

    16 February 2018

    Ball & Doggett Sydney is seeking a Sales Executive – Wide Format Media Specialist. You’ll predominantly be responsible for sales and business development, including implementing a sales strategy to achieve market penetration and growth for the wide format portfolio and developing relationships across a variety of organisations and decision makers. You’ll possess excellent negotiation skills and ideally, a background within the wide format digital print market. To succeed you need to be energetic, highly motivated, thrive on challenges, customer focused, results oriented and eager to make a difference. Contact Paul Bartolo 0419 881 711 or

  • + Ball & Doggett’s Display & Visual team expands

    Ball & Doggett today announced the expansion of their Display & Visual team, reflecting their month-on-month..

    16 February 2018

    Ball & Doggett today announced the expansion of their Display & Visual team, reflecting their month-on-month growth post-merger.

    The Display & Visual division at Ball & Doggett also has an expanded portfolio, which now includes world class brands such as Avery Dennison, Yupo and Catalina among others. They now stock media for the signage, fabrication, architectural and interior décor markets.

    Ball & Doggett has a dedicated team of sales executives, customer service staff and a marketing officer that provide technical assistance, support and a tailored delivery model to the wide format market. Due to strong sales and growth in this sector, Ball & Doggett have employed three new sales staff in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

    “Our Display & Visual team has three very experienced and talented additions in Shaun, David and Christel. They complement our growing team of specialists, enhancing our reach and ability to provide a high level of service to our customers, whether this is via consultation, offering a diverse and quality range of media and substrates, or ensuring a well presented and prompt delivery service. We’re investing in our Display & Visual unit in 2018 to maintain our commitment to creating a team of experts who offer our customers stand-out product knowledge and service,” said Leigh Hooper, National Manager Display & Visual.

    In late 2017, the company employed Shaun Dowling, Area Manager Western Australia and South Australia. Based in the company’s Perth office, Shaun previously worked with Shann DPM and retains more than 10 years of experience in the signage industry.

    David Walsh, Sales Executive, New South Wales started in January 2018. He joins the team with 12 years of experience, previously working at AGS and Orafol. David works alongside Joel Salmon and Paul Bartolo to service the local market. 2

    In February 2018, Ball & Doggett welcomed Christel Pavlides, Sales Executive, Queensland. Christel has vast experience in the display and visual market, most recently working at Avery Dennison.

    Further to their extensive range of products and dedicated team, the Ball & Doggett Display & Visual division offers services such as same day delivery, technical support and converting facilities. This year, they will continue to focus further on rolling out their i_CONSIGNMENT offering, a vendor managed inventory system that means customers have the right products, in the right place, at the right time.

    In August 2017, BJ Ball and K.W.Doggett Fine Paper joined forces to form Ball & Doggett, now Australia’s largest distributor of paper, packaging, plastics, inks, wide format media and more.

  • + Durst and OMET unveil XJET hybrid printing solution at Durst Digital Days

    Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies, together with OMET, manufacturer of printing and co..

    15 February 2018

    Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies, together with OMET, manufacturer of printing and converting machines, have strengthened their collaboration with the introduction of the new OMET XJet.

    Powered by Durst, the integrated hybrid solution for a wide range of high-performance labels and packaging printing guarantees flexibility and cost savings.

    The jewel in the crown of the Durst and OMET partnership, the new OMET XJet, is being officially presented to more than a 100 customers from across the globe at Durst’s Digital Days at its Italian headquarters in Brixen, northern Italy. The three-day event is dedicated to the best digital label and packaging printing solutions.

    The OMET XJET is the new hybrid printing platform integrating Durst’s Tau 330 digital inkjet system with OMET X6 flexo stations and converting units. It can offer an unlimited flexibility and a wide range of final applications with a consistent cost reduction thanks to the in-line multi-process configuration. Durst inkjet technology together with OMET X6’s finishing and converting units like cold foil, hot foil, lamination, varnishing, die-cutting and slitting assure reliability and excellent results at every run, with the advantage of obtaining the final product in one single passage.

    The OMET XJet is powered by Durst Tau RSC, the high-performance UV inkjet printing press featuring 330 mm (13”) print width with maximum print speed of 78 linear meters/min (245 ft./min) at 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. Thanks to its eight color stations (CMYK+W+OVG) with new designed high pigmented inks it delivers outstanding print quality with 98% pantone color gamut coverage.

    The hybrid solution broadens the opportunities for label printers thanks to its flexible configuration. It can be seen as three presses in one as it can be used as hybrid solution, flexo stand-alone or digital stand-alone according to the length of the run or the level of personalization required. This concept can help optimize production time and costs, getting faster ROI and open new market opportunities.

    Helmuth Munter, Segment Manager Labels & Package Printing at Durst comments: “We are very pleased to partner OMET in the launch of this highly professional hybrid printing solution. It combines the best technologies of both, the digital inkjet printing and conventional pre- and post press printing and finishing world, offering our common future customers a highly cost effective and complete “all-in-one” printing process.”

    Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales and Marketing Director, added: “We managed to create a complete Made-in-Italy printing solution that meets the market trends of personalization, just-in-time deliveries and final product variation, but also maintaining all the capabilities of a conventional press. I believe that Durst is the right partner for such a challenging project because they have deep knowledge and the best digital inkjet technology acknowledged by the international market.”

    For more information, click here

  • + Durst launches P5 next-generation technology platform

    Durst, a manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has launched a new printing platform..

    15 February 2018

    Durst, a manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has launched a new printing platform – the P5 series. The first member of the family is the large format printing flagship, P5 250 HS, with shipping starting from April.

    The P5 250 HS is targeted towards high volume industrial production, as well as one-offs in offset quality. P5 relates to five core features at the heart of this technology: productivity, reliability, workflow, versatility and print quality.

    The P5 technology consists of a series of new generation printers along with newly, in-house developed software and workflow solutions. The family also has state of the art, touch operation based userinterfaces and leading-edge remote service capabilities. Everything is aimed and streamlined to maximize performance and uptime of the printing family, along with unparalleled flexibility in media and job handling.

    Durst’s iconic industrial design, which was originally developed by the famous Ottl Eicher, has gone a further step with the P5. A design studio from Munich canvassed opinions from many customers and operators with a view to integrating their wishes into a new concept. This has been achieved for the P5 – and feedback will be incorporated into many Durst product lines in the future.

    When compared to the industry benchmark – Durst P10 250 HS – the new P5 is 70% more productive. Featuring latest MEMS nozzle plates powered by Durst proprietary data-path and electronics, the result is a high-speed printing system with ultra precise drop placement and industrial level reliability.

    Durst P5 technology features:
    • Print volume capability in two-pass mode up to 240 sqm/h and high resolution modes of 1200 dpi
    • Offset printing quality with a drop-size of 5 pcl
    • Durst Analytics information platform for pre-emptive maintenance and detailed machine and consumption data to guarantee maximum uptime
    • Durst Workflow, which provides an in-house developed suite of applications custom tailored for Durst printers and with unique features – beyond ripping.

    Durst Phototechnik AG 2
    Christoph Gamper, Chief Executive of Durst Group, said: “The new P5 platform, including workflow software and advanced service tools, represents our key strategy to further invest into large format printing technology and further afield. We believe that there is a lot to explore in this market space and the P5 250 HS is our first statement. In an integrated world, printers need to change as well. With the P5 family we provide tools for change and profit – and our firm commitment to continue to lead the innovation in the large format market.”

  • + EFI launches new VUTEk HS Presses for high-volume signage and graphics

    Electronics For Imaging, Inc. announced the addition of the EFI VUTEk HS125 F4 and HS100 F4 inkjet presses for &ldqu..

    14 February 2018

    Electronics For Imaging, Inc. announced the addition of the EFI VUTEk HS125 F4 and HS100 F4 inkjet presses for “Fast Graphics” out-of-home applications to its industry leading lineup of hybrid flatbed/roll superwide-format products.

    The two new printers reconfigure the eight ink channels of the VUTEk HS series platform in a CMYK x 2 setup, efficiently addressing the need for cost-effective production on banners, billboards, building wraps and similar applications.

    The new press models offer a significant speed increase, printing up to 225 boards per hour on the HS125 F4 and up to 190 boards per hour on the HS100 F4. The presses also include the proven, standard HS features and options customers have come to expect such as pin and cure, variable-drop grayscale imaging, and full- and semi-automated materials handling.

    “Our CMYK x 2 configuration, which is available in several other EFI VUTEk superwide format printers, is an ideal offering for out-of-home applications where total cost per square foot is key,” said Ken Hanulec, vice president of marketing, EFI Inkjet. “These two new printers run more than 50% faster, and a speed boost like this gives our customers an important new opportunity to increase their margins.”

    EFI’s new VUTEk HS presses for Fast Graphics out-of-home production will be available this quarter from EFI. Also beginning this quarter, customers who purchase VUTEk HS125 Pro and HS100 Pro presses can convert them to the new F4 models through a modification completed in the field.

  • + Canon launches new imagePROGRAF devices

    Canon Australia launches a new line-up of large format printers, with the imagePROGRAF TX Series and imagePROGRAF PR..

    13 February 2018

    Canon Australia launches a new line-up of large format printers, with the imagePROGRAF TX Series and imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 hitting Australian shores in February 2018. With the launch of these new devices, Canon expands its capabilities in large format printing and brings the latest technologies to its Australian business customers.

    “With the world of print, customers’ needs are changing. Canon is pioneering in the industry to ensure we can deliver against these requirements,” said Michael Mashman, Manager – Large Format Print, Canon Business Services. “We’ve expanded our range of large format printers to meet the growing demands of our broad customer base, which spans from photographers and graphic artists, design and construction companies. The ability to print high quality large format images in-house means these customers have the capability to quickly create, scan and share large documents, whenever they need them.”

    imagePROGRAF TX Series

    Canon’s new imagePROGRAF TX Series includes the imagePROGRAF TX-2000, TX-3000 and TX-4000. They are available in 24-inch, 36-inch and 44-inch widths respectively. The new devices offer a number of enhanced features that were only available in higher-end toner devices therefore making them ideal replacements for the high-end CAD market.

    The entire TX Series is also available as a multifunction print (MFP) solution when combined with the new T-Series scanner and All-In-One 15.6” touch-screen PC. The imagePROGRAF TX-2000MFP T24, the TX-3000MFP T36 and the TX-4000MFP T36, complete the new TX-Series allowing customers to buy a machine that is suitable for their environment based on their needs, budget and available space.  When you combine the MFP capabilities with the newly developed LUCIA TD pigment ink, print service providers are able to offer a print, scan, copy solution to their technical clients, as well as durable, light-fast posters to their graphics customers. All from the one footprint.

    All models in the Series are available with the optional Mulitfunctional Roll Unit. This system allows two rolls of media to be loaded at the same time. Whether you want to use different types or sizes of paper, the machines are able to automatically switch to help you reduce waste and misprints. Alternatively, you may wish to use the same size and type of media on both rolls, in which case, you can now have up to a total of 400m (80gsm Bond) paper loaded, reducing the number of times you need to change the roll. The lower roll unit also works as a take-up reel, making it a truly versatile solution. However, if you still want cut-sheet output, the new 100-sheet stacker allows your print jobs to be collated in order, reducing the amount of time you spend compiling large sets of documents.

    SmartWorks MFP version 5 is equipped with customisable menus and buttons. The new copy and archive mode improves productivity and makes it ideal for supporting office workflows, whatever the printing environment. The intuitive user interface, straightforward roll loading and direct printing from USB flash drives offer users optimum usability.

    Anjana Maikap, Product Marketing Manager, Canon Business Services, says: “Where previously CAD drawings were printed in centres using LED plotters, today many businesses want their own inkjet printers so they can produce drawings when they need them. Our new imagePROGRAF TX Series provides a high performance, high-speed inkjet.”

    imagePROGRAF PRO-6000

    The imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 completes Canon’s PRO-Series range of 12 colour printers and helps to ensure the same high print quality across the range from 17” to 60” wide. This ensures print consistency for multiple machine users as all devices use the same print head, ink type and processors. Designed to meet the needs of photo professionals and graphic artists who want sharp, brilliant and beautiful prints to share with the world.

    Fine art professionals and graphic artists will welcome the versatility that the imagePROGRAF PRO-6000 offers, including the ability to print on various media types, such as a full range of photo papers, fine art papers and specialist materials, such as fabric and canvas.

    Like previous models, the PRO-6000’s sleek design emphasises its link with Canon’s EOS digital cameras and red-line L-Series lenses.

    “With the introduction of our largest model the imagePROGRAF PRO-6000, we round out our full line of high quality PRO Series printers. Our PRO Series now offers an expansive line-up of large-format inkjet solutions and sizes for a broad range of applications in the photo, fine art, proofing and Graphic Art market segments. The consistency in technology from 17” to 60” allows customers to have print consistency when printing from different machines,” added Maikap.


    These highly anticipated printers are now available for sale in the Australian market.

  • + Commercial Sales Manager – Graphics Solutions – Avery Dennison

    We now have an opportunity for a proactive and self-driven individual to join our team as Graphic Solutions Commerci..

    13 February 2018

    We now have an opportunity for a proactive and self-driven individual to join our team as Graphic Solutions Commercial Sales Manager based out of our Sydney office. We are a world leader in graphics that identify, promote and inform. We use our extensive experience and creativity to help companies across the world bring brand visions to life in powerful and exciting ways. Our Graphics Solutions provide high-performance, pressure-sensitive materials designed for use on vehicle and building graphics, and are regularly converted for digital inkjet print, sign-cut and screen print technologies across vehicle and architectural branding.

    We are constantly innovating to make graphics more exciting, noticeable and easy to install. Decades of know-how and the latest technologies – like Easy Apply Technology and our Supreme Wrapping Films – allow us to help our end users transform ideas into impactful messages.

    The role

    The Graphic Solutions Commercial Manager position has oversight and accountability for the management, growth and profitability of Distributor Accounts and responsibility for the execution of key commercial strategies and tactics to impact the effectiveness of our Graphics Sales Team.

    As a strong communicator and natural leader, you will spend a significant proportion of your time actively in the field addressing customer enquiries and drive key strategies aligned with their key accountabilities, responsibilities in this role will include:

    • Coach, drive and manage your direct report/s within their territory to meet commercial objectives aligned with their key accountabilities
    • Drive increased customer satisfaction and service, including product sample support, ICS Warranty support, facilitating technical field calls and the prompt support of technical information.
    • Responsible for executing growth strategies to enable Master Distributors and Direct Accounts to meet growth and profitability targets.
    • Ownership of Sales Excellence and Sales Enablement processes to ensure alignment and execution across your commercial organisation
    • Management of pricing guidance and profitability in line with business expectations
    What we’re looking for

    Our ideal candidate will have:

    • Minimum 5 years experience managing National Distribution channels with company headquarter and field sales relationship management experience
    • Ability to travel interstate monthly with the potential for overseas travel as required
    • Preferred tertiary qualifications (Bachelor’s Degree) in Business, Marketing or Commerce
    • Minimum 7 years’ experience in Sales and Marketing related roles, preferably within a B2B Business Environment involving a regional Supply Chain, and Team leadership experience with ambition to progress your career to Business Management into the future.
    • Demonstrated Financial Management capabilities with a strong understanding of Throughput, Gross Profit, Forecast Accuracy and Sales Growth Metrics
    • Previous experience in roles where cross-functional influence and working relationships is essential.

    The successful candidate will be proactive, resourceful, self-driven and comfortable to hold themselves and others to account.  Strong communication skills and the ability to build relationships with stakeholders at all levels is essential.

    There is an attractive remuneration package on offer including motor vehicle allowance and bonus, as well as company provided training and career development opportunities for the successful candidate both locally and abroad.

    Head to for more details.

  • + Industry Movers and Shakers: HVG Graphics Media welcomes Industry Stalwart, Adrian Morris, to help lead future strategy.

    HVG Graphics Media proudly welcomes the return of Adrian Morris, a longstanding graphics industry leader, to the Tur..

    12 February 2018

    HVG Graphics Media proudly welcomes the return of Adrian Morris, a longstanding graphics industry leader, to the Turrella based Graphics team.

    With extensive experience in the visual communications field gained through leadership roles at both Océ and Canon Australia, Adrian joins the HVG Graphics Media team in a national Strategic Growth role.

    Adrian’s depth of knowledge, experience and skillset will help to both support and create growth pathways with new, and existing customers alike.

    “I was attracted to my new role within HVG because I identify strongly with their vision and growth aspirations, and ultimately, the unique and trusted opportunity I have to lead the company on this path.

    HVG is a progressive company with a strong market reputation and national footprint – we will leverage this now more than ever.

    As we kick off 2018, I am really looking forward to contributing to this successful 40 plus year-old business as it continues to evolve and prosper,’’ said Morris.

    HVG Graphics Media General Manager, Richard Lucas states,

    “We are excited to have Adrian re-join our team after having worked in our Melbourne office over 12 years ago.

    Adrian returns to HVG with an abundance of both knowledge and experience, to help us build growth across the board. We look forward to his entrepreneurial vision enabling and innovating growth in our business.”

    Based in the HVG head office in Turrella, Sydney, Adrian will work with the HVG Graphics Media team across their core consumables markets in digital print, sign and reflective, banner and substrates.

    Core brands represented include 3M, Dibond, Dilite, DISPA, Forex, Foamalite, FomeCor, Gatorfoam, KAPA, Reboard, REVolution, SMART-X, and VIEWseries.

  • + Mutoh Australia appoints Russell Cavenagh as GM

    Print industry wide format specialist Russell Cavenagh has joined Mutoh Australia in the role of General Manager. Respon..

    12 February 2018

    Print industry wide format specialist Russell Cavenagh has joined Mutoh Australia in the role of General Manager. Responsible for the Australian and New Zealand business Cavenagh had this to say about his new role. “Mutoh have a very exciting product range and I greatly admire their dedication to developing printers that can deliver high margin business for the users of our products. With Mutoh’s quality production solutions in Eco-Sol, Dye-Sub, Textile and UV printing, I believe, we are well positioned for good growth as these markets are further expanded by our customers. In turn they will be supported by our growing team and dealer network across ANZ.” With his broad background in colour critical print and management Cavenagh brings a wealth of market experience to Mutoh that should position the company well for the future.