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  • + HP unveils winners of HP Digital Print Excellence Awards 2020

    HP Inc. announced the winners of the HP Digital Print Excellence Awards 2020. Now in their 13th year, the awards celebra..

    27 April 2020

    HP Inc. announced the winners of the HP Digital Print Excellence Awards 2020. Now in their 13th year, the awards celebrate the invaluable contribution print service providers (PSPs) from Asia Pacific make to advancing the print industry through HP Indigo digital presses. With winners hailing from 14 countries across 25 categories, the judges were impressed by the outstanding imagination, expertise and talent of PSPs who delivered innovative and high-quality prints for brands across the region.

    “Each year we are astounded by the caliber of entries for the HP Digital Print Excellence Awards,” said Oran Sokol, director and general manager, HP Industrial business, Asia Pacific, HP Inc. “Our PSPs are doing inspiring work to elevate brands across Asia Pacific by creating bold, expressive and personalized experiences. Their customers are increasingly demanding on quality and speed of delivery, so we want to support PSPs by helping them to make their creative ideas reality while reaching new levels of profitability. New innovations such as our silver ink and HP SmartStream Collage allow PSPs to not only leverage the efficiency and quality of HP digital print, but also push the boundaries and develop new opportunities to impress their customers.”

    Entries showcase the future of print

    Judges for the awards included senior executives from HP, publishers, marketing consultancies and education institutes. This range of expertise was required as the print industry converges with adjacent industries such as fashion and product design, and trends such as sustainable materials rise in importance.

    This year’s awards included a new category – Environmental Responsibility. The winner, Thai Nam Poly Pack, used the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press to print die-cut bags, adhesive pouches and single-use aprons using a revolutionary new bioplastics material. Biologically based and combustible, Thai Nam Poly Pack printed three kilometers worth of goods which, when disposed of, will biodegrade and leave no trace on the environment.

    Entries were scored based on overall aesthetics, impact and marketing effectiveness, shelf appeal, design suitability, uniqueness and innovation, and best use of media and substrate. Judges awarded three Grand Winners and two Creative Winners in recognition of their outstanding print quality, finishing and innovative designs.

    Countries from around the region were well represented this year. China has eight winners, followed by Thailand with six. Australia and Indonesia both had four winners, while India and the Philippines have two. Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam have one winner each.

    The full list of winners is as follows:

    Commercial Press Categories

    Art Photo Book

    Jinan Yiyoumei Cultural Media Co. Ltd. - China
    Jinhua Maya Printing Co. Ltd. - China

    B2 Size Photobook
    Carbon8 - Australia
    Sri Sivarama Digital Press – Printonica - India

    Consumer Photobook
    Beijing Hengmei Culture Communication Co. Ltd. – China

    Premium Photobook
    Sri Sivarama Digital Press - Printonica - India
    PT Bintang Sempurna - Indonesia

    Commercial Printing

    GA Printing - Philippines

    Restaurant Menu
    Beijing Hengmei Culture Communication Co., Ltd. - China

    G.D. Propack Co., Ltd. - Thailand

    Hard Cover Book
    Carbon8 - Australia

    Soft Cover Book
    Cyberprint Group Co., Ltd. - Thailand

    Self-Publishing Book
    PT. Bintang Sempurna - Indonesia

    Limited Edition and Art Reproduction Book
    GA Printing - Philippines
    Tianjin Haishun Printing Co., Ltd. – China

    Technology Category

    Best Use of SPOT Colour
    PT Bintang Sempurna - Indonesia

    Best Use of Fluorescent Ink
    PT Bintang Sempurna - Indonesia

    Speciality Printing
    Jinhua Maya Printing Co., Ltd. - China

    Labels & Packaging Categories

    Health & Beauty Label
    Multi Color Corporation Australia - Australia

    Wine & Non-Alcoholic Label
    QLM Label Makers Pty. Ltd. - Australia

    Food Labels
    Million Polyseal Industry Co. Ltd. - Thailand

    In-Mold Labels
    Shanghai Haiying Print - China

    Self-Promotional Label
    QLM Labels Makers Vietnam – Vietnam

    Shrink Sleeves
    SHRINKflex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Thailand

    Flexible Packaging
    Taiwan Lamination - Taiwan
    TPBI Public Company Limited – Thailand

    Environmental Responsibility
    Thai Nam Poly Pack Co. Ltd. – Thailand

    Folding Cartons
    Shenzhen Yutong - China
    Teckwah Value Chain Pte Ltd. - Singapore

  • + AGFA Announces New Partnership With Graphic Art Mart

    Agfa’s Inkjet division is proud to announce a new partnership with Graphic Art Mart. This new agreement promises g..

    27 April 2020

    Agfa’s Inkjet division is proud to announce a new partnership with Graphic Art Mart. This new agreement promises greater support for the Australian market, leveraging Graphic Art Mart’s strength in distributing sign, digital and display materials, and Agfa’s in manufacturing award winning printing equipment.

    Graphic Art Mart is a national supplier of sign, digital and display solutions. Their commitment is to provide only the best sign, digital, graphic and equipment solutions to the visual industries by representing world leading industry brands. Graphic Art Mart prides themselves on the quality of products; excellent customer service and ability to ensure customers have access to the latest technologies available to the market.

    Michael Liveris, National Hardware Manager for Graphic Art Mart is excited about the partnership, “The Agfa range of equipment includes flatbed, roll-to-roll and hybrid printers which are exactly what our customers want to help grow their business.”

    Michael Culver, Agfa’s Inkjet Manager for the Oceania region commented, “Both businesses have a unique strength in the market. One has a vast knowledge of the roll media sector and the other, award winning printing equipment. This is a great combination for our customers. The Graphic Art Mart team will promote Agfa’s entire range of Anapurna and Jeti platforms across the Australian market.

    Agfa offers hybrid platforms with a printing width of 1650mm, 2050mm, 2500mm, and 3200mm and true flatbed solutions ranging from 2700mm x 1600mm up to 3200mm x 2700mm. The devices fit many market sectors like POS, Signage, Exhibition, and Commercial.

    The range also boasts a dedicated roll-to-roll machine that can produce at speeds up to 159m2 and high-end combination devices with a printing width of 2500mm and 3300mm complete the assortment.

    Agfa supplies the devices with the latest LED curing technology, which offers quick start up times, less power consumption, improved productivity, and in excess of 10,000 print hours prior to thinking about a lamp change. It says that, using Agfa’s new LED ink solution, adhesion to problematic substrates becomes a thing of the past and that thin ink layer technology helps reduce running costs dramatically.

    Culver concludes, “There are many potential clients in the Australian market that are unaware of Agfa’s portfolio, but this new partnership will alter that position. In a demanding environment support is key and Agfa have one of the largest dedicated technical support teams within this region.”

  • + UV Industry Associations Discourage Use of UV Light on Human Body to Disinfect COVID-19

    UV light under the conditions known to kill such viruses is also known to cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye ..

    27 April 2020

    UV light under the conditions known to kill such viruses is also known to cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye damage.

    The International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) and RadTech North America – educational and advocacy organisations consisting of UV equipment vendors, scientists, engineers, consultants, and members of the medical profession – would like to inform the public that there are no protocols to advise or to permit the safe use of UV light directly on the human body at the wavelengths and exposures proven to efficiently kill viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. 

    UV light under the conditions known to kill such viruses is also known to cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye damage. 

    The organisations strongly recommend that anyone using UV light to disinfect medical equipment, surfaces, or air in the context of COVID-19, applications that are supported by sound scientific evidence, follow all recommended health and safety precautions and to avoid direct exposure of the body to the UV light.

    Additional Information on UV Technology for Disinfection

    The ultraviolet spectrum is a band of electromagnetic radiation at higher energies than visible light, split into four major categories: UV-A (400 – 315 nm), UV-B (315 – 280 nm), UV-C (280 – 200 nm), and vacuum-UV (VUV, 100 – 200 nm). 

    UV-A and UV-B are present in sunlight at the earth’s surface; these parts of the ultraviolet spectrum are common causes of sunburn and, with longer-term exposure, melanoma. 
    The risks of human exposure to UV-A and UV-B are well known. Solar UV may be used for disinfection purposes; exposures in the order of several hours to days might be effective at treating surfaces and water. Artificial sources of UV-A and UV-B are not commonly used for disinfection.

    UV-C has been used for disinfection for over a century, with applications in water treatment, air systems, and surfaces. 

    The use of UV-C as a disinfectant is supported by decades of scientific research. UV-C radiation is absorbed by DNA and RNA (the genetic code for all lifeforms), changing its structure. This damage inhibits the ability of the affected cells to reproduce, meaning that they cannot infect and are no longer dangerous. 

    Whereas the UV exposure required to inactivate different microorganisms varies, though there are no known microorganisms that are immune to this treatment and it is regularly used against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

    In the same way that UV-C can inactivate bacteria and viruses, it can be damaging to human cells too, since our cells also contain DNA. This exposure can cause skin irritation, damage to the cornea, and cell mutations leading to cancer. 

    Exposure to UV-C radiation is regulated globally, with a common agreement on the risk to human health and safe exposure levels. These regulations and standards set limits on allowable exposure, though in all cases it is recommended to avoid UV exposure where possible.

    • In summary: UV-C irradiation of the skin, eyes, or any body part should be avoided wherever possible;
    • Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling un-shielded UV-C radiation sources (e.g. long-sleeved clothing, gloves, and a UV-opaque face shield);
    • Always use UV-C devices in accordance with the manufacturer’s operating instructions to ensure safe operation, and within appropriate enclosures where light leakage has been controlled, and where the risks have been properly managed.

  • + Memjet mourns loss of Len Lauer

    The Memjet CEO passed away on April 13 at the age of 62. Lauer was named the CEO of Memjet in 2010 and assumed the ..

    21 April 2020

    The Memjet CEO passed away on April 13 at the age of 62.

    Lauer was named the CEO of Memjet in 2010 and assumed the role of chairman in 2012.

    “On behalf of our Board of Directors and employees worldwide, we extend our deepest sympathies to Len’s family during this very difficult time,” says Tony Duddy, Memjet’s group president, R&D and operations and Board member. “An outstanding leader, visionary and champion for high-quality, innovative digital printing technology for all markets, Len was a tireless advocate for Memjet technology, our employees, and for delivering beautiful precision to the OEM partnership communities we serve as and their customers. Most importantly, Len was a devoted husband, father and friend. We all will miss his tremendous presence in our lives.”

    Lauer was born and raised in Springfield, MA, and received his Bachelor’s in Science degree in Managerial Economics from the University of California, San Diego in 1979.  For over 30 years, Lauer held leadership roles with global technology innovators, developers and providers, including Qualcomm, Sprint, Bell Atlantic and IBM, and for the past 10 years, Lauer held the role of Memjet CEO, overseeing the company’s growth to its current status in the inkjet printing technology market.

    During his tenure at Memjet, Lauer’s exceptional business acumen, combined with his competitive spirit and strong family values, drove his success in building teams, partnerships and industries. His passion, dedication and leadership will have an everlasting impact on Memjet’s business and employees, OEM partners and the print industry.

    “Our family has always been inspired by Len’s passion for Memjet and the work of the Memjet team,” says Beth Lauer, Mr. Lauer’s wife. “Len was proud of the strong culture at Memjet.”

    “Len’s clear and steady leadership at Memjet continually inspired confidence with employees, customers, suppliers and its board of directors. He will be missed, but he has positioned the company very well for a successful future,” states Don Millican, Memjet board member and chief financial officer, Kaiser-Francis Oil Company.

    Effective immediately, the Board of Directors has named seasoned print industry executive and Memjet board member Sunil Gupta as CEO of Memjet.

    Gupta joined Memjet’s Board of Directors in January of 2019. He has held leadership roles in major print industry businesses, including Fuji Xerox Australia, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific and Xerox International Partners, and Xerox Corporation. 

    With the full confidence of the Memjet Board of Directors and its senior leadership team, Gupta will carry on Lauer’s legacy of courage, collaboration and commitment to all stakeholders.

  • + EskoWorld Goes Virtual for 2020

    Free registration now open as leading industry event heads online Esko, a global supplier of integrated hardware a..

    21 April 2020

    Free registration now open as leading industry event heads online 

    Esko, a global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions to brands and their packaging supply chain partners, is taking its annual premier technology-focused event EskoWorld online this year.

    EskoWorld Logo 2020Over the course of two weeks starting April 27, Virtual EskoWorld will give brands and their packaging and print supply chains the opportunity to discover the latest techniques and solutions in packaging and label artwork management, prepress workflow automation and digitisation.

    “We’re thrilled to be able to announce this first-of-its-kind conference for our customers and partners around the globe,’ said Melissa Plemen, Esko Sr. Director of Inside Sales and Marketing. “Over a period of ten days, we will bring you a selection of the same content you would have experienced in person at EskoWorld. Esko subject matter experts will be hosting a wide range of exciting educational workshops and interactive learning opportunities, offering insights to the latest best practice techniques and enabling our customers to pick up inspiration on what their future packaging production workflow could look like.

    “Delegates can register for as many sessions as they want, and even if they can’t attend the live sessions, they will still receive the recording to view in their own time,” said Melissa. “Best of all, Virtual EskoWorld is free to attend!”

    The first week of sessions will begin on Monday, April 27, 2020, and the second week will begin on Monday, May 4, with slots available on a first come, first served basis.

    “With our focus on digital transformation and the recent launch of our Digital Maturity Model for Packaging Suppliers, taking EskoWorld 2020 online is a great vehicle for us to ensure users experience how the entire Esko technology ecosystem operates, as well as gain deeper understanding of how to benefit from digitisation.”

    A total of 20 dedicated sessions will be covering everything from colour management, Crystal Screening for flexible packaging and the latest innovations in trapping, through to optimising corrugated production, proofing for digital presses and the latest in structural design tools.

    The event was originally scheduled to be held this month in Dallas, Texas, but following the global coronavirus crisis Esko made the decision to take the event online. The sessions will be held live at 11am and 2pm each day (Eastern Time).

    To discover more and register for any of the FREE Virtual EskoWorld sessions, please visit

  • + FUJIFILM Australia HQ moves to high-tech hub in Macquarie Park

    FUJIFILM Australia’s CEO Tyler Yanase, said, “The Macquarie Park building is our new flagship HQ and it is v..

    21 April 2020

    FUJIFILM Australia’s CEO Tyler Yanase, said, “The Macquarie Park building is our new flagship HQ and it is very much best in class. It offers a high-tech hub that’s closer to many of our customers, an improved working environment for staff with modern facilities and the very latest IT infrastructure.”
    FUJIFILM Australia’s new HQ offices’ environment both complement and provide added impetus to the company’s continued growth providing an excellent working environment.

    The new office has also allowed the company to employ a more efficient use of space through an improved and modern fit-out and office layout, which will positively impact the company’s overall efficiency.
    FUJIFILM’s new office is also a modern, green-rated building with good use of light and this bright and open work environment is a practical expression of the company’s “Open, Fair and Clear” company culture.

    Macquarie Park is the largest business hub outside Sydney CBD and with its proximity to the bulk of FUJIFILM’s customer base, provides ongoing benefits including convenience and efficiency for all of FUJIFILM’s customers.
    FUJIFILM Australia’s new physical address and PO Box details are:
    FUJIFILM Australia
    Level 2, 54 Waterloo Road 
    Macquarie Park 
    NSW 2113
    FUJIFILM Australia
    PO Box 63 
    North Ryde BC 1670
    Main telephone: 1800 226 355 
    All existing individual landline phone numbers remain the same.
    For all other enquiries go to

  • + Ricoh Unveils Ricoh Pro C5300 Sheetfed Colour Press in Europe and US

    Building on the success of its predecessor, the Ricoh Pro C5200, the Pro C5300 is ideal for small to medium size PSPs, p..

    14 April 2020

    Building on the success of its predecessor, the Ricoh Pro C5200, the Pro C5300 is ideal for small to medium size PSPs, print on demand environments, Corporate Reprographics Departments (CRDs) and print shops.
    Key benefits of the enhanced system include:

    • High image quality with Ricoh 2400 x 4800dpi VCSEL technology and new gloss control to address different image output demands;
    • Greater productivity with a speed of up to 80ppm and an increased monthly duty cycle of 450,000;
    • Vacuum feed Large Capacity Tray supporting a wide range of substrates;
    • Improved front to back registration due to a new paper pass control system;
    • Broad media handling of substrates up to 360gsm, non-carbon paper, textured media and envelopes;
    • A wider variety of post-press capabilities enabling responsive service delivery supported by peripherals, including an enhanced booklet finisher capable of 30-sheet booklet production at 80gsm. Versatile end to end production is further aided by its high capacity stacker and efficient fore-edge trimmer.
    • The Pro C5300 incorporates a 10-inch touch screen colour panel for fast and easy set-up and uptime is maximised with simple to change operator replaceable units (ORUs).
    “The Pro C5300 colour sheetfed press is an evolution of Ricoh’s tried and tested technology and has been developed to support responsive print production for small to medium volume demands,” said Eef de Ridder, VP Commercial and Industrial Printing Group, Ricoh Europe. “Encompassing all the successful operational elements of its predecessor while adding new capabilities has resulted in a system that offers great usability, flexibility, and productivity.”

  • + Fisher Textiles Adds Rebound Ultra Lite to Dye Sub Lineup

    Fisher Textiles, the leading supplier of fabrics for digital printing, has added GF1850 Rebound Ultra Lite, a lightweigh..

    14 April 2020

    Fisher Textiles, the leading supplier of fabrics for digital printing, has added GF1850 Rebound Ultra Lite, a lightweight version of its popular GF2000 Rebound printable carpet, to its Grand Format lineup for dye sublimation printing. GF1850 Rebound Ultra Lite is an anti-skid, rubber-backed printable carpet consisting of a non-woven face and a basket weave backing. It has been engineered for dye sublimation transfer printers, weighs 35 oz/yd2 and is available 126 inches wide. Rebound is resilient and does not hold a form when weight has been applied and released. This product is FR and meets 16 CFR Part 1630 and 16 CFR Part 1631, required by The Consumer Product Safety Commission for carpet materials. Uses include short-term carpet for events, trade show floor graphics, POP displays for retail advertising, bar mats and floor mats.

  • + Xeikon launches CX300 digital label press

    Xeikon has launched CX300, a new digital label press based on next-generation Cheetah 2.0 technology offering shorter le..

    14 April 2020

    Xeikon has launched CX300, a new digital label press based on next-generation Cheetah 2.0 technology offering shorter lead times and more product diversification to address current market needs for increased versatility, productivity and quality of production.

    ‘The Xeikon CX300 delivers exceptional application versatility, designed to achieve the highest possible OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and is even more productive than the very successful Xeikon CX3 first generation of Cheetah presses,’ said Filip Weymans, vice president of marketing at Xeikon. ‘Today’s investments need to deliver results. Printing speed is an important factor but combining that with a low OEE would not deliver the value printers and label converters are looking for. With Cheetah 2.0 technology, we have focused on combining high production speeds with a high OEE, ultimately resulting in maximum sellable output.’

    The CX300 is a 330mm (13”) label press that can offer production capacity of over 50.000 square meters per month in a single shift operation. It can reach printing speeds of up to 30m/min (98ft/min) and web width between 220mm (8.6”) and 512mm (20.3”) wide using a LED imaging head operating at 1200x3600 dpi delivering offset/gravure image quality. The full-colour press is equipped with five print stations, including CMYK and single-pass opaque white but can also support colour gamut expansion, custom or security colours.

    Based on next-generation Cheetah technology, it can operate in a three-shift operation and still deliver high value work. According to Xeikon it will fit specifically into strong growing end-use markets such as food and pharmaceuticals as its dry toner technology offers required food safety. The Cheetah toner also incorporates the recently announced QB technology, making it future-proofed against upcoming legislation and regulatory requirements. 

    The new machine also targets converters using challenging substrates such as natural structured papers in wine and spirits, craft beer, luxury food, health and beauty who will benefit from high-quality full-colour printing and single-pass opaque white toner. The Xeikon CX300 can also be used to produce heat transfer labels, in-mold labelling, wet glue, wraparound labels, and cartons. 

    Xeikon’s fleXflow process enables the new press to produce flexible pouches, combining dry toner printing with thermal lamination to deliver a laminated construction with quick turnaround times and increased sustainability driven by the fact that there is no solvent used during either printing or laminating. Xeikon fleXflow is driven by the X-800 digital front end and includes an innovative inline thermal lamination process.

    ‘The Xeikon CX300 can be the cornerstone of digitising label manufacturing,’ added Weymans. ‘Its built-in technologies enable label converters to address current and future industry demands: connectivity, responsiveness, flexibility and scalability. We believe the Xeikon CX300 can be a valuable addition to any label shop floor and the spark that ignites a digitisation process that is unmatched in the industry.’

    The new press is going to be commercially available from the beginning of April 2020.

  • + Epson establishes Epson X Investment to accelerate innovation

    Epson has established Epson X Investment Corporation (EXI), a new corporate venture capital (CVC)1 subsidiary. The aim o..

    14 April 2020

    Epson has established Epson X Investment Corporation (EXI), a new corporate venture capital (CVC)1 subsidiary. The aim of the subsidiary is to accelerate collaboration and open innovation, grow existing businesses, and create new ones. A multi-million dollar fund will be set up for venture investment.
    One of the basic policies of Epson's Phase 2 Mid-Range Business Plan is to accelerate growth by taking maximum advantage of assets and through collaboration and open innovation. In the past ten years, Epson has invested millions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions and in collaborative projects and capital tie-ups with venture businesses.
    Epson have primarily pursued opportunities in which they could take advantage of synergies with their core devices, especially their core inkjet devices. This has helped the company break ground in new businesses and develop new markets that expand the scope of applications.

    M&As are the most common way for enterprises to enter other industry sectors. In recent years, however, CVC has gained attention as an effective way to form collaborative relationships and capital tie-ups with venture companies in a wide and diverse range of fields and sectors. It is also seen as a way to prepare for major environmental changes and disruption.2 

    This situation prompted Epson to found EXI as a CVC subsidiary capable of rapidly making decisions and investments. This will help the company further accelerate their open innovation strategy

    Epson's general partner3 in EXI will be Global Brain Corporation (GB), an independent venture capital company with considerable expertise in CVC management. The Epson Group will have a 99% interest in a new corporate venture fund with many millions of dollars available for investment. Fund management will target investments in venture companies worldwide.

    Epson will help to achieve a sustainable society by creating a variety of partnerships and synergies based on its proprietary technologies, products, and services.

    For more information on Global Brain Corporation go to:
    1 Corporate venture capital (CVC): An investing scheme in which an operating company sets up a fund by contributing its own corporate funds and works with a GP as a limited partner (LP) to invest in and support mainly unlisted venture businesses. The objective is to develop synergy with the investing company's core business by investing in businesses that are relevant in some way to the investing company's business operations.
    2 Disruption: Disruptive innovation using digital technology to radically shake up or break down existing industries.
    3 General partner (GP): An unlimited liability partner. It forms an association with its joint investor and takes 100% of liability for administration. The liability of the limited partner (LP) is limited to the amount of investment.

  • + Roland DG Announces New Online Resources to Support its Customers During COVID-19

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, has launched a dedicated webp..

    07 April 2020

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, has launched a dedicated webpage with a range of online resources to support its customers during the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

    As the situation surrounding the outbreak continues to evolve, Roland DG Australia is committed to providing the best support and service for its customers. A new section on the company’s website has been developed to give customers regular company updates relating to the pandemic, as well as a variety of support information, tips and other useful resources.

    - News and Updates – the most current company updates on the COVID-19 situation
    - Support – detail and links to service and support information, product maintenance and tips
    - RolandClinic – online, one-on-one training sessions
    - Roland Rental Advice – updates regarding Roland Rental contracts
    - Business Resources – links to relevant information for small businesses

    "It is certainly a challenging time during the COVID-19 outbreak; a period that most people have not experienced before in their lives," said John Wall, Managing Director of Roland DG Australia. "It is difficult to know the best way to proceed, with the ever-changing stream of information we are faced with every day. Roland DG want all our customers to know that we are here to help. By providing a dedicated website that includes the most current advice, resources and support, we hope that we can give them some clarity and assist them to navigate through this difficult time." 

    Roland DG Australia would like to wish its customers good health and safety in the coming weeks ahead.   

    To access the website, and to contact us directly, please go to:

  • + Trotec Australia's Stimulus Package

    Trotec Australia has partnered with our global parent company, the Trodat-Trotec Group, to launch a stimulus package dir..

    07 April 2020

    Trotec Australia has partnered with our global parent company, the Trodat-Trotec Group, to launch a stimulus package directed towards Australian businesses.

     As a family owned business with family values, our parent company is supporting Trotec Australia to offer laser machine packages at subsidised values. 

    The Trotec stimulus package offers businesses of all sizes flexible entry and upgrade paths through the largest range of laser machines in the world along with 
    laser machine trade-ins and any brand buybacks. 

    Trade in your existing Trotec, or other brand and benefit from our stimulus package today.

    Until 30 June, Trotec will accessorise your laser:

    • Purchase a Rayjet 50 or 300 and receive accessories to the value of $7,710*
    • Purchase any Speedy CO2 laser and receive accessories up to $11,895*
    • Upgrade your new Speedy to the power of a Flexx from only $15,000*
    Over 100 new lasers in stock.

    Trotec has its full range available to take advantage of now.

    Accessories include extraction systems, lenses, tables and rotary attachments. 
    (* Signed order and deposit must be received by 30 June 2020 to take advantage of these special offers. For new sales only. Speak to your Trotec Sales Consultant for more info).

    Combined with the Federal Government’s business boosting initiatives of increased instant asset write-off up to $150,000, accelerated depreciation deductions and small business bailout packages, there has never been a better opportunity to secure your future with laser equipment from Trotec.

    Deal direct with the manufacturer and enjoy other benefits such as tailored finance packages and payment options. Trotec has six showrooms and demonstration centres across Australia. We can offer you in person or online demonstrations.

    We are Trotec and our mission is to make you, our customers, more profitable.

    Contact us to find out more


    Meteor Inkjet Ltd takes digital printing of labels, packaging and books to a new level with the launch of eLab Pro, a sc..

    07 April 2020

    Meteor Inkjet Ltd takes digital printing of labels, packaging and books to a new level with the launch of eLab Pro, a scalable industrial inkjet RIP solution in a complete, plug and play package.  
    Powered by Harlequin®, the world’s fastest RIP, eLab Pro builds upon the success of Meteor’s eLab, an essential RIP configuration tool.  Designed for developers of industrial inkjet systems, eLab Pro works seamlessly with Meteor’s inkjet printhead drive electronics and software offering an attractive, intuitive graphical user interface with the ability to command the RIP directly from the print controller or printer Digital Front End (DFE).  Including an out-of-the box DFE and a comprehensive set of ready-made configurations such as QR code generation with variable data imposition, print system builders can be up and running in minutes. 
    eLab Pro delivers all the benefits people have come to expect from Meteor including integrated, ultra-fast access to ScreenPro™, a multi-level screening engine developed by sister company Global Graphics Software that corrects inkjet print imperfections, and MetCal, wizard-driven software that automates printer calibration and runs Meteor’s exclusive nozzle-out compensation technologies.  eLab Pro also works alongside popular VDP PDF products including Harlequin VariData™, STEPZ by Hybrid Software and Variegator by Xitron®.
    Operating efficiently on the same PC as MetPrint or any DFE running Meteor’s PrintEngine, eLab Pro can significantly reduce the cost of computing power and switches for industrial print applications.  Used together with a spectrophotometer (not included) and ICC profile creation software such as that provided by ColorLogic or X-Rite, colour management and precision spot colour matching capabilities are available.  For the ultimate in high-speed book printing or adding variable data to labels and packaging, eLab Pro is available with Meteor’s Scalable RIP Farm where multiple RIPS run in parallel.
    Clive Ayling, Meteor’s managing director comments, “After an enormously successful beta test period, we’re excited to launch eLab Pro which is available immediately.  This is the perfect tool for industrial inkjet customers, with a great GUI and a seamless interface to any Meteor-based workflow.”
    Jonathan “JW” Wilson, Meteor’s head of business development adds, “Existing eLab customers will be pleased to know that we’ve made it extremely easy to upgrade to eLab Pro with complete access to all previously developed configuration files.  Customers can contact me or their local account manager for upgrade details.”


    Leading supplier Canon Production Printing Australia announces the new varioPRINT iX-series, an advanced sheetfed inkjet..

    07 April 2020

    Leading supplier Canon Production Printing Australia announces the new varioPRINT iX-series, an advanced sheetfed inkjet press featuring iQuariusiX technology. Built for those with production volumes of 1-to-10 million A4 images per month, this revolutionary new full spectrum press combines the image quality and media range of offset or liquid toner systems, with the productivity and cost efficiency of inkjet.

    This latest addition to the Canon Production Printing Australia portfolio promises over 9,000 SRA3 images per hour, or 320 A4 images per minute, on a wide range of media including offset coated paper from 90 to 350gsm. This significant advancement to the sheetfed world enables high-volume and full spectrum production of commercial print applications, from marketing collateral and premium direct mail to catalogues, magazines and books. 

    With more than 90% average uptime and no need for daily calibration and maintenance, the varioPRINT iX-series enables substantial productivity gains and measurable improvements in overall running costs, compared with other cutsheet production print technologies.

    The company has drawn upon the significant expertise within its ranks to create a result that, according to Managing Director, Craig Nethercott, will provide significant advantages for commercial printers interested in improving profits across Australia and New Zealand.
    “The appeal of inkjet is its excellent productivity in the face of ever tighter deadlines and higher volumes of short-run jobs needing quick changeovers. With the varioPRINT iX-series, there’s no longer a need to compromise between quality and media range, or between productivity and cost efficiency,” said Mr Nethercott.

    “Commercial printers can now say “yes” to virtually any order, with confidence that print quality is flawless, media options are vast, and quick turnarounds are no problem. Customers wanting to offer the broadest portfolio of high-quality applications now have a sheetfed inkjet press that helps them to grow their volumes, as well as manage smaller, more diverse jobs flexibly and profitably.” 

    The revolutionary new press builds on the success of the varioPRINT i-series platform introduced in 2015. With over 250 installations to date worldwide, the varioPRINT i-series has established Canon Production Printing as a leader in sheetfed inkjet production printing for transactional applications, books and high-quality direct mail. 

    The latest iQuariusiX technology at the heart of the new iX-series combines three key innovations: 

    A breakthrough drying system combines air and heat with humidification to protect the paper. This ensures robust prints on a wide media range, perfectly flat and ready for immediate finishing.
    New proprietary polymer pigment water-based inks and ColorGrip for outstanding, vibrant and robust colour on a variety of media, including coated stock up to 350gsm. 
    iQuarius quality control technologies for high-end image quality, thanks to true 1200 dpi image processing and 1200 dpi co-developed Kyocera print heads for printing razor-sharp text and line details, smooth gradients and perfect skin tones. Advanced nozzle uniformity control technology uses an inline scanner to automatically check and align single nozzles during the production run to eliminate streakiness. Nozzle activity control offers the capability of detection and auto-compensation of the nozzles during the job and thus reduces downtime and waste, and ensures high image quality. 

    Media handling is improved with auto-detection, discard of flawed sheets before printing and precision paper transport further optimising quality and productivity. Together, these innovations deliver a balance of excellent image quality, media and application versatility, reliable productivity and cost efficiency - all in a single inkjet press. Handle short runs profitably, switch jobs quickly, and confidently produce finished documents with mixed media, while meeting demanding customer deadlines with ease.

    Powered by a high-performance, media-driven workflow, the PRISMAsync print server optimises productivity by automatically setting the appropriate printing parameters for the media selected as well as enables advance scheduling of up to eight hours of production. Combined with PRISMA software, a completely automated and highly intuitive solution can be integrated into any existing workflow, covering every stage of production, from creation and print management through to finishing and delivery tracking. 

    Christian Unterberger, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President from Canon Production Printing adds “The introduction of the varioPRINT iX-series is a significant enhancement of our product portfolio for the graphic arts market. With the varioPRINT iX-series sitting alongside Canon’s Colorado UVgel technology and ProStream continuous feed printer, commercial printers now have a broader range of Canon solutions to choose from to meet their specific business needs.” 

  • + Contra Vision launches its NEW inspirational website for printers and creatives

    Contra Vision has launched a brand-new website making it the most comprehensive site in the world for product informatio..

    07 April 2020

    Contra Vision has launched a brand-new website making it the most comprehensive site in the world for product information, technical know-how and inspirational ideas for the world of one-way vision graphics.

    The site ( has always been a popular destination for printers and specifiers, but the new site has included over 200 new pages filled with fantastic ideas of how Contra Vision® one-way graphics can be used. To date Contra Vision has identified over 100 ways that their perforated film has been applied by marketing agencies and specifiers across the world for branding, advertising, information, privacy and glass enhancement purposes.
    The new website is divided into several sub-sites which are all easy to navigate and helps each customer group find relevant products and information.
    These five sub-sites include Print Substrates, Privacy Window Film, Architectural Glass, Inspiration and Digital.
    Some of the key sections include:

    - Print Home is a dedicated homepage for Printers with links to all the information they will ever need
    - Perforated Image Previewer (PIP) is another Contra Vision first. A great tool for customers to see what their graphics will look like when printed on different transparencies
    - Technical Hub is a specifiers, installers and machine operators dream. Datasheets, how to print, how to apply and much, much more
    - Inspiration is a whole website in itself, aimed at OOH agencies, marketers, visual merchandisers, graphic designers and anyone looking for their next BIG idea. 100+ applications, case studies and images galore!
    - Show us your Vision is where people are invited to upload their photos and projects so that their work can be promoted on the site and via Contra Vision’s social media channels
    - Projects we Like is where any project that catches Contra Vision’s eye has been captured to act as inspiration for future projects
    - 100 Applications is where we have identified over 100 ways where one-way vision graphics have been used in a creative way
    - Privacy at Home is for DIY customers looking for a simple to apply Privacy Window Film in their own homes or businesses
    - B2B Privacy is an area targeted specifically to Trade customers looking for Privacy Window Film
    - Meet the Team is where customers will find the Contra Vision key customer facing teams from around the world, along with their contact details and photos
    - Find a Distributor has up to date details of all global distributors so that printers can find where to buy Contra Vision products

  • + Dr. David Cooke announces resignation from Konica Minolta after almost 15 years, including seven years as chairman and managing director

    Konica Minolta Australia has announced that Dr. David Cooke has resigned from his position as chairman and managing dire..

    07 April 2020

    Konica Minolta Australia has announced that Dr. David Cooke has resigned from his position as chairman and managing director, and that he will remain until mid-July to see out the Japanese financial year and facilitate a smooth transition. 

    Under Dr Cooke’s leadership, Konica Minolta has developed a reputation as a company that cares about its employees, customers and the community, and one that’s deeply committed to ethical leadership and creating societal value. 

    In 2018 Konica Minolta was awarded the Human Rights Award for Business by the Australian Human Rights Commission for the work the company has done to promote and support human rights within its business and supply chain. 

    Dr Cooke has been instrumental in leading the company’s transformation and expanding on its core strengths of office and production printing to become an IT and technology business partner, providing innovative products such as 3D printing and robotics, as well as software and services solutions to a growing number of customers. 

    Dr. David Cooke, managing director – Australia, Konica Minolta, said, “As I am sure you can imagine I have very mixed feelings about leaving, with the greatest challenge being leaving behind the friends I have made during my nearly fifteen years at Konica Minolta. The choice of replacement however, gives me considerable confidence with regards to the future success of the company.” 

    Konica Minolta has appointed a new managing director from Japan, Yohei Konaka who is planning to commence on April 1, 2020. Yohei is currently in the office business planning division of Konica Minolta headquarters. He has extensive experience in the business holding roles in both the US and Canada in his 19 year career with the company. 

    David Cooke said, “I’m confident that Yohei will continue to build on the reputation Konica Minolta Australia has as a leader in areas such as human rights and ethical sourcing in line with the company strategy aimed at creating value for business, customers and society and meeting our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and delivering that into the future.” 

  • + Wagner Prestige Labels ramps up capacity with Durst

    Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has solved waste and digital capacity issu..

    31 March 2020

    Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has solved waste and digital capacity issues for family business Wagner Prestige Labels with the installation of a Tau 330 RSC E inkjet label production press.

    Wagner’s choice of Durst’s RSC technology was driven by speed, quality and environmental considerations. “We decided to ramp up digital color capacity to the highest we could, and the Durst Tau 330 RSC E came up trumps,” said John Galea, Managing Director of Wagner Prestige Labels, of Wetherill Park, Sydney, Australia. “In only six months it has really proved itself, to the point that digital is now between 30 and 35% of our business. The quality of the labels is right up there with flexo and letterpress.

    “Another important benefit is that waste is greatly reduced, with the threaded meterage on the Durst Tau 330 RSC E even being able to be drawn back and printed. Waste is a big issue for label printers, especially with multiple versions, so anything we can do to reduce it is good for the environment.”

    The Durst Tau 330 RSC E is the beating heart of Wagner Prestige Labels’ one-stop solutions business, which has diversified into new areas and is also part of the JV Group that brings together label, printing and embroidery companies to provide customers with a complete promotional service. Web inspection devices and processes including flexo, letterpress, screen, thermal paper, hot and cold foiling, die-cutting, laminating and, elsewhere within JV Group, dye-sublimation and embroidery for textiles plus general commercial printing.

    “We do everything in-house, and, if a customer wants a fully-embellished label with embossing, foiling, spot varnishing, fancy die-cutting, we have the equipment to do it,” said Mr. Galea. “You have to keep up with changes – change enables growth and diversity, but you also have to make sure the right job goes on the right machine. Before the investment in Durst’s RSC technology we were falling short on digital capacity. Our customers – trade, print brokers and end-user – are tending to order shorter runs, more frequently, so we carefully researched all the available options. The Durst has proved to be the ideal choice.”

    Helmuth Munter, Durst’s Segment Manager, Labels and Package Printing, said: “The Durst Tau 330 RSC E was originally launched to bring affordable digital production to increasing numbers of small converters and sets the base for the future of industrial digital inkjet printing in the label industry. In line with our ‘We Keep You Printing’ strategy, it’s also proving to be a real attractive prospect for forward-thinking companies like Wagner Prestige Labels that need variable, versatile, adjustable and configurable digital printing systems to expand their business reach while enjoying other benefits such as waste reduction and a significant jump in production capacity.”


    An exceptionally-high calibre of candidates combined with the desire to recognise the broadening shape of the New Zealan..

    31 March 2020

    An exceptionally-high calibre of candidates combined with the desire to recognise the broadening shape of the New Zealand print industry, has resulted in PrintNZ naming an unprecedented Top 12 Apprentices of the Year finalists for 2020.

    Expanded from a traditional Top 10, this year’s Top 12 (in alphabetical order) entails:

    • Parth Bhatt of McHargs, Christchurch (Binding and Finishing)
    • Thomas Bloxham of Southern Colour Print, Dunedin (Binding and Finishing)
    • Aleshia Edens of James Print, Greymouth (Digital Printing)
    • Vanessa Hooton of Tainui Press, Matamata (Digital Printing)
    • Ryan Scott-Fellows of Hally Labels, Christchurch (Reelfed Printing)
    • Emma Maxwell of EIL, Christchurch (Screen Printing)
    • David O’Brien of Sign Network, Christchurch (Signmaking)
    • Nurudin Pelenda of Ovato, Auckland (Sheetfed Printing)
    • Bonny Seymour of the Gisborne Herald, Gisborne (Reelfed Printing)
    • Matthew Stockford of Gravure Packaging, Wellington (Reelfed Printing)
    • Koshy Thomas of Oji Fibre Solutions Paper Bag Auckland (Reelfed Printing)
    • Kadin Woods of Mirage Visual, Palmerston North (Signmaking)
    • PrintNZ general manager Ruth Cobb laments that given this year marked both the debut of signmakers/specialty graphics and the difficulty judges had narrowing down the quality candidates, they could not be given due peer recognition at the traditional Graduation Ceremonies.

    “Even prior to the Prime Minister’s Level 1 COVID-19 announcement on March 14, PrintNZ had taken the decision, with much regret, that we would cancel the upcoming ceremonies,” says Ms Cobb.

    “For the safety of our industry and communities, we needed to show leadership and make that decision – and, subsequently, that call has of course been validated by the rapid escalation to Level 4.

    “However, an unavoidable and unfortunate consequence is we haven’t been able to announce the Top 12 in deserved fashion in front of their families, friends and colleagues.

    “We very much want to ensure the Top 12 receive the full prestige that their dedicated and outstanding efforts warrant. Their Competenz training advisors and employers/managers alike have praised them in the highest terms, and we encourage the industry and our media stakeholders to afford due recognition to these very worthy finalists.”

    At the forefront of developments

    Expanding on this year’s decision to encompass signmakers/speciality graphics in the Top 12, Ms Cobb says PrintNZ strives to provide leadership as appropriate and keep at the forefront of evolutions within the sector.

    “There are many overlapping areas within sign and print – in many cases the work is produced on the same machinery, with printers making signs and signmakers doing printing.

    “As our industry continues to evolve, so too should our celebrations of people and products and so we are thrilled this year for the first time to have two signmaking graduates included in our Top 12.”

    In similar vein, Ms Cobb says given the Top 5 Apprentices of the Year will likely miss out on the exhilaration of appearing on stage at the Pride In Print Awards Evening, given its postponement, her team has a new initiative in mind to bring extra focus on those finalists.

    “Watch this space!”

    For further information please E-mail PrintNZ general manager Ruth Cobb at or phone 027 248 9404.

  • + Prytec Solutions Bring Out The Big Gun at Open House

    Prytec opened their doors to the public for the first ever viewing of the amazing 1kw PLS-F1515 Fibre Laser, and their c..

    31 March 2020

    Prytec opened their doors to the public for the first ever viewing of the amazing 1kw PLS-F1515 Fibre Laser, and their comprehensive range of cutting, engraving and milling solutions. 

    The star of the show was easily the PLS-F1515 Fiber laser. A fully enclosed device, this industrial laser is a metal specialist designed for high speed, precision cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass and copper. It can be customised to a client’s needs, which includes the option of going for a larger 2kw power source or a bigger bed size for increased capacity and production. 

    The team from Prytec was on hand to answer questions and run demonstrations on the machine. 

    Raymond Mikhail, Managing Director, Prytec Solutions, said the new laser system had already done very well, with two larger 1.5 and 2kw models sold and running in Victoria. 

    “We are really pleased with the interest that has been shown in the new range of industrial lasers from Prytec,” said Raymond. “We have models to suit clients that are moving into industrial scale work, right through to those already involved in industrial scale work and looking to expand or upgrade their existing laser systems.”

    “Given the capability, price and options for this laser system, we see it being the perfect choice for busy sign companies and businesses who are looking for more efficient, accurate methods to cut materials or want to retain more work in-house,” said Emanuel Baldacchino, National Sales Manager, Prytec Solutions. “We also believe this laser range will be very attractive to schools, TAFEs and Universities that have a strong Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) focus. And of course, engineering, manufacturing and fabricating businesses will also benefit from the capabilities the PLS-F1515 and larger variants possess.”

    Attendees to the open house got to see the 1kw PLS-F1515 Fibre Laser put through its paces cutting intricate patterns through steel sheets in what can only be described as a blistering pace. The cutting capability is excellent. No rough edges remain even after even the most detailed of patterns has been cut. This is thanks to the system’s exacting beam placement operated by a high precision, state of the art rack & pinion drive technology and gearbox, direct laser control with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and operating system that is very user friendly. 

    The open house was also a chance to look at the range of additional milling, cutting and engraving systems that Prytec Solutions supply. This included the 60-watt PLS-7050 laser designed to cut and etch all sorts of materials including acrylics, leaving a beautiful polished finished edge, it will also etch text and graphics in high detail. Prytec also featured the PLS-4030 Advanced Laser System that is designed for businesses in need of a laser with a small footprint. Using a 30W Metal CO2 Laser source, the PLS-4030 is compact but still packs a punch. Prytec also supplies a number of the Roland DG systems including the SRM20 desktop milling machine and Metaza MPX-95 photo impact printer and the VersaUV LEF-2series- UV printer. 

    For more information about the technologies, materials and business solutions that Prytec Solutions deliver, you can visit

  • + swissQprint Greentech

    Customer benefit and environmental compatibility are equally high priorities in developing the large format printers, a ..

    31 March 2020

    Customer benefit and environmental compatibility are equally high priorities in developing the large format printers, a principle that takes its firm place in the Swiss company's mission statement.

    swissQprint large format printers, like the country they hail from, are noted for high tech. "swissQprint Greentech" summarises the Swiss manufacturer's strategic harnessing of technologies and processes in the cause of environmental protection.

    Customer benefit and environmental compatibility are equally high priorities in developing the large format printers, a principle that takes its firm place in the Swiss company's mission statement. "swissQprint Greentech" shows how this works in practice. The result is that swissQprint users attain high added value with the lowest possible environmental impact.

    Small ecological footprint
    Four main factors contribute to swissQprint large format printers leaving a small ecological footprint: short shipping distances, outstanding durability, low maintenance requirements and UV LED printing technology.

    The printers are developed and manufactured from start to finish at the headquarters in Switzerland, with the involvement of mostly local suppliers. The machines' outstanding durability saves on resources – some of these printers are still operating after twelve years. Their reliability minimises service calls and consumable parts that need replacing, hence CO2 emissions and costs as well. UV LED technology requires neither heating for drying processes nor ventilation for extracting volatile pollutants (VOC). Furthermore, the LED UV lamps that cure the ink are economical on electricity. This minimises the system's overall energy requirement.

    Maximum energy efficiency

    A fully equipped swissQprint large format printer with a 2×3.2 metre flatbed draws the same amount of electricity as two ordinary electric kettles – just 3 kWh. The printer makes extraordinarily efficient use of this electricity, as evidenced by measurements and ISO 20690 certification.

    The Tesla comparison
    swissQprint draws an interesting comparison: Nyala, the largest and highest-performing model in the swissQprint range, prints an area about the same size as a tennis court within one hour when running at top speed. It consumes 3 kWh of electricity to cover this surface of around 200 square metres. A Tesla, the prime example of "green mobility", can only travel about 16 km with the same amount of energy.

    The current UV standard inks from swissQprint are Greenguard Gold certified. This means that printed products can be brought confidently into critical places like hospitals and schools as the inks comply with strict upper limits for chemical emissions. Furthermore, UV printing does not emit ozone. And with LED systems having replaced the mercury vapour lamps used in the past, toxic waste has been eliminated.