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  • + Pozitive Running Introduction to Vinyl Application Course

    Pozitve Signs and Graphics Supplies, in conjunction with Ritrama and Auto Artisan Group, are hosting an 'Introduction to..

    12 February 2019

    Pozitve Signs and Graphics Supplies, in conjunction with Ritrama and Auto Artisan Group, are hosting an 'Introduction to Vinyl Application Course' on the 26th and 27th of February. 

    There are only limited places for each day, so you have to be quick to reserve your place. 

    The course costs $195, which includes lunch, drinks and tool kit.

    Check out the Pozitive Ute wrapped with Ritrama Slide and Tack film

    To register, visit:

  • + Konica Minolta’s Andrew Ward Helping Others Keep Their Head Above Water

    When he’s not helping customers or working with state-of-art printing technology, Andrew Ward, Konica Minolta&rsqu..

    12 February 2019

    When he’s not helping customers or working with state-of-art printing technology, Andrew Ward, Konica Minolta’s NSW Sales Manager for Production and Strategic Sales, dedicates his time to ‘Head Above Water’, a fundraising group formed to positively affect Mental Health on the Northern Beaches. 

    Shocked by the rate of suicide on the Northern Beaches and the negative effects of poor mental health, Andrew and a bunch of his mates got together and decided to take action. The name they chose, is a reflection of the need to implement exercise as a key strategy that contributes to positive mental health and a sense of wellbeing. It also takes into account that having good mental health is a daily proposition that needs attention. 

    (Andrew in the blue top)

    The people behind the charity are all volunteers giving up their time to try and make a difference.  

    “We are hoping to raise money via entry fees and donations to individual swimmers and swim teams,” says Andrew. “We’re also seeking lane sponsors and naming sponsors for the event. With your valuable support we know we can make a huge difference to mental health awareness, not just in the Northern Beaches, but across Australia.”

    Head Above Water is running a 24 hour swim-a-thon at the Collaroy Rock Pool, raising money for Gotcha4Life. Their event will be held on the 16th & 17th March. So far the swim has attracted a lot of interest and over 100 swimmers have registered, 5 of these will be from the NSW branch at Konica Minolta. Overall, the team is hoping to attract 300+ swimmers and raise $80-100K for this really worthwhile cause. 
    If you’d like to take part in the swim-a-thon, donate or look at sponsorship opportunities, the follow these links 
    Register to swim and raise money
    It’s a great opportunity to help a worthy cause. For more information, please visit

  • + Scodix Strengthens Digital Enhancement Offering with New Ultra Presses

    Scodix, a provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, announced the commercial launch of th..

    12 February 2019

    Scodix, a provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, announced the commercial launch of the Scodix Ultra 101 and the Scodix Ultra 202 Digital Enhancement Presses. The Scodix family of presses, including the Scodix Ultra 101 and the Scodix Ultra 202, was developed to meet the increased demand for business-generating digital enhancement and allow print service providers of all sizes to target new revenue opportunities.

    Designed as a stepping stone into the world of digital enhancement, the Scodix Ultra 101 is fully compatible with offset and HP Indigo presses. Seamless integration ensures print providers can maximize their uptime and crucially, expand their throughput. The Scodix Ultra 101 offers six Scodix enhancements including Scodix Sense, Scodix Foil, Scodix Metallic, Scodix VDE, Scodix Glitter and Scodix Cast&Cure, plus combinations of all of the above, offering users a competitive business differentiator. The Scodix Ultra 101 solution is making its worldwide debut at the HP Indigo Global VIP customer event on February 12th. The full capabilities of the Scodix Ultra 101 will be demonstrated with HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital press.

    “Delivering visually striking and tactile enhancements, Scodix adds great value to HP Indigo prints,” states Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager, HP Indigo Division, HP Inc. adding, “The introduction of the new Scodix Ultra 101 is further testament to the company’s innovation and will increase applications and business opportunities for HP Indigo customers.”

    The Scodix Ultra 202 ‘full feature’ Digital Enhancement Press provides customers with the largest array of enhancement capabilities in the industry today. This press produces unmatched quality – quickly and cost-effectively – enabling print providers to increase their throughput and creating business opportunities. Users have the freedom to print enhancements on paper, lamination, a variety of water-based coatings, PVC and carton, opening the door to a succession of new applications.

    All nine of the Scodix applications run efficiently on the Scodix Ultra 202 press, replacing the need for separate systems on the production floor and preserving a small footprint. By incorporating digital enhancement, print providers can expand their service offering with attention-grabbing applications. These include premium business/greeting cards, folders, head-turning book covers, audience-engaging brochures, stand-out labels and packaging.

    Scodix brings numerous benefits to a range of industries, including commercial print, direct mail, folding cartons, point of display, web2print, security markings and many more with a focus on fine details.

    Adina Shorr, CEO at Scodix, concludes, “By adding these new systems to our portfolio, we are increasing the number of customers that can employ Scodix and ‘turn print into an experience’.

    “The Scodix Ultra 202 promises to be our flagship product, with the widest range of applications and substrate compatibility in the market, while the brand-new Scodix Ultra 101 provides a taste of that, allowing smaller printers to add luxurious embellishments and personalisation that sells brands, whilst protecting profitability.”

  • + Roland DG Announces New TrueVIS VG Series $5000 Cash Back Trade-In Offer

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, today announced the launch of..

    11 February 2019

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, today announced the launch of a new $5,000 cash back Trade-In program for the TrueVIS VG Series Printer Cutters.

    Recently, the TrueVIS VG Series was awarded the BLI Buyers Lab top choice for image quality and productivity through its unparalleled colour output, reliability and integrated print and cut versatility. To celebrate this honour Roland DG are offering customers the opportunity to upgrade to the latest TrueVIS VG Series Printer Cutter, and receive $5,000 cash back when trading in their old wide format printer.

    To qualify for the $5,000 cash back offer, purchase a TrueVIS VG-540 or VG-640 wide format printer cutter before March 8th 2019, then register the old printer for trade-in, it’s that easy. Roland DG will verify and arrange for the collection of the old printer and provide the cash back*.

    For more details and to register your trade-in, visit, or contact Roland DG on 1800 500 119. 

  • + Transforming Stores Into Experiences: The Future of POP Displays

    The future of the retail industry is beginning to look much different than many predicted. While it seemed for a while t..

    11 February 2019

    The future of the retail industry is beginning to look much different than many predicted. While it seemed for a while that online shopping would dominate the retail scene, millennials and Generation Z have surprisingly begun to show a preference for shopping in brick-and-mortar locations. 

    Around 40% of consumers make purchases inside of physical stores at least once a week, with over half citing reasons such as not wanting to wait for delivery or wanting to see a product in-store before buying. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays have long been an essential marketing tool for brick and mortar stores. Customers want fresh, new experiences and the right POP display will help provide that.

    POP Displays Provide Desired In-Store Experience

    POP displays are meant to present consumers with something fresh, new, and exciting as they approach checkout. These displays enhance consumers' retail experiences while showcasing unique products. Marketers utilising POP displays have the option to issue calls-to-action and do a little bit of storytelling to get consumers familiar with and interested in their brands.

    Aiming to get the best consumer reactions from your POP display should be item number one on a marketer or retailer's agenda. Fresh and enticing features, such as digital displays, should work effectively to capture consumer attention and allow retailers to make changes to displayed information quickly. When designing POP displays, consider incorporating the following:


    Interactive displays that give consumers an experience in-store are fantastic ways to catch the attention of the consumer and nudge them toward the sales cycle. Examples include secure video game console displays or makeup testing options, which give consumers hands-on opportunities to interact with the product.

    The option to touch, feel, or test products when applicable is paramount to purchasing decisions. Consumers are turning back to brick-and-mortar because they want to see the products they are considering in person.

    Brand Identity

    POP displays should give consumers a taste of the brand the product represents. Consumers in younger generations, especially, are looking to feel a connection with the products they buy—they want to feel good about the purchases they make.

    By customising POP displays to showcase innovative design and marketing techniques, marketers can project the things they value, such as minimalism, eco-friendly practices, or social sustainability.

    Personal Connections

    Consumers seek out brands that they feel good about. They want to have a medium to connect with the world around them and the causes they care about when they make purchasing decisions. Through showcasing aspects of a business that highlight these things, a retailer or marketer can anticipate a positive consumer response.

    Every Retailer Has Its Place

    Retail marketing has seen a turbulent decade. Forecasts have shifted dramatically as retailers try to pin down trends in a volatile and disrupted market. With the rising popularity and efficiency of the internet, brick-and-mortar retailers feared what the future would bring. Luckily, older and younger generations alike seem to be heading in-store once again for many of their purchases, suggesting that brick-and-mortar and online retail can co-exist after all.

    Interactive, fresh POP displays will remain a relevant and effective way to drive interest and sales from customers who come looking to get a taste of what they're buying before they part with their funds.


    Working in partnership with cross-media marketing specialist TagG Informatique, SCREEN Europe announces today the commer..

    11 February 2019

    Working in partnership with cross-media marketing specialist TagG Informatique, SCREEN Europe announces today the commercial availability of a fully-integrated native IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) controller. Thus, enabling compatibility with the latest IS/3 and MO standard: DCA GA (Graphic Arts) accredited by the AFP consortium, for use with its range of high-speed, continuous feed printers in the Truepress Jet520 series.

    Recognising that an IPDS interface is essential for printers needing to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data, Screen partnered with TagG and its subsidiary, R&D Tech Research, because of the company’s excellent track record integrating IPDS controllers with OEM equipment.

    “TagG’s expertise in this area combined with the strength of our relationship made them the obvious partner, and we’re delighted with the outcome of this joint venture. TagG has developed an efficient solution that is extremely reliable,” states Takanori Kakita, President at Screen Europe.

    As a cross-media marketing company, TagG has an annual production of over 300 million printed A4 pages per year and 50 million folds posted per year. The company is a pioneer of VDP in France and through the development of new software and adaptation of new technologies, its R&D department revolutionizes personalization and offers new perspectives to creative and marketing departments. TagG has been using the Truepress Jet520HD with IPDS controller at its production site in Entrelacs, Savoie.

    Stuart Tootill, Systems Engineer at Screen Europe, adds, “Not only are we delivering IPDS functionality, but users can also use Equios workflow on the same press. This provides access to functionality such as advanced colour management, automated pre-flighting and PDF fixing for jobs that don’t require the security of IPDS. We are seeing more printers that typically use IPDS getting more PDF work, so this flexibility is a huge plus point for printers who want to serve different markets or run different kinds of jobs on the same press.”

    With the introduction of IPDS, transactional and security printers have more freedom to use Screen’s Truepress Jet520 series, with confidence that data is transient and secure, whilst closed-loop technology ensures 100 percent delivery. This includes the highly productive flagship Truepress Jet520HD+ press, offering exceptional offset quality for commercial printing and supporting a wide range of paper stocks including standard offset coated papers, without the need for pre-treatment. The IPDS controller can also feed the Truepress Jet520NX press, supporting not only transactional printing, but also direct mail, transpromo, and book printing, which allows customers to extend their markets. Both presses will be showcased at HID 2019 in Lucerne, Switzerland, from February 25-28th.

    TagG Informatique Founder Hervé Lesseur adds, “We enjoy our close relationship Screen and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate on this project. Screen has a fantastic reputation in the market for reliability and productivity, with the addition of the TagG IPDS controller we’re delighted that more printers will have access to that across the globe.”

  • + NZSDA Conference 13-15 June Tauranga

    ( )..

    11 February 2019

  • + Industry Mourns Passing of Jeff Gittus

    Vale – Jeff Gittus 1959 – 2019 The Active family, and much of the Australian print and manufacturing in..

    06 February 2019

    Vale – Jeff Gittus 1959 – 2019

    The Active family, and much of the Australian print and manufacturing industry is mourning the loss of Jeff Gittus, founder of Active Display Group.

    Jeff passed away peacefully on Friday after undergoing his second lung transplant a little over 2 weeks earlier.

    Jeff founded Active Sites Alive in 1985 after establishing his own signage business from home only 5 years earlier.

    Through Jeff’s vision, personality and nature, Active has provided employment for thousands of people for over 30 years.

    It’s an extremely sad time for the people at Active, their clients and the retail marketing industry at large.

    Jeff was part of many industry organisations, including a pioneering founder of POPAI (now Shop!) in Australia. 

    Jeff considered everyone at Active to be his family, and family was at the heart of what he valued most.

    On behalf of all the industry, we pass on our condolences to Jeff's family and the team at Active. 

  • + Colordyne introduces entry-level 1800 Series C

    Colordyne Technologies, a manufacturer of full colour digital inkjet label and tag printers, has released an enhanced en..

    06 February 2019

    Colordyne Technologies, a manufacturer of full colour digital inkjet label and tag printers, has released an enhanced entry-level label printer, the 1800 Series C. The addition to Colordyne's suite of products provides brand owners and private label manufacturers with affordable and versatile in-house label and tag printing capabilities.

    The 1800 Series C is a continuous printer for on-demand short run label and tag production. The press features a flat, unobstructed printing path and redesigned printhead maintenance station. These press enhancements eliminate the need to break the web to clean the printhead during runs, increasing run lengths and improving print quality.

    "Colordyne's newest system provides additional features that customers have been looking for in our entry-level benchtop solutions," says Taylor Buckthorpe, director of sales at Colordyne Technologies. "This includes an on-press job library that allows brands to better manage their label inventory on-demand, eliminating the need to manage a stock of pre-printed labels and reducing waste from unused label inventory."

    The job library can be accessed through the 1800 Series C's on-press touch screen user interface. The touch screen improves the user experience by providing quicker access to frequently used printer functions, such as: printhead maintenance, job setup, media settings and more. Additionally, the user interface was designed to be easy to use, so operators of any skill level can run and maintain the printer.

    "Companies are looking for a solution to affordably print smaller label quantities in a just-in-time business model," says Buckthorpe. "The 1800 Series C gives brand owners and private label manufacturers the opportunity to bring high-quality label printing in-house. These companies are increasing their productivity, expanding marketing capabilities and improving customer satisfaction."

    The 1800 Series C can run in multiple modes, including: print-to-cut, fanfold and roll-to-roll, when used with optional unwind and rewind attachments. The 1800 Series C prints in full colour (CMYKK) using a single Memjet water-based dye printhead and ink set. The press can print at a premium resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi and run at speeds up to 60 fpm.

  • + AstroNova launches 5colour, toner-based tabletop label printer

    AstroNova, Inc. has announced that its Product Identification group has launched the QuickLabel QL-300, a new product th..

    06 February 2019

    AstroNova, Inc. has announced that its Product Identification group has launched the QuickLabel QL-300, a new product the company says is world’s first 5-colour, toner-based tabletop printer designed specifically for production label printing.

    The QL-300 goes beyond the traditional 4-colour (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) printing process by adding white toner, giving customers the ability to print white and CMYK in 1200 dpi (dots per inch) high resolution in a single pass. The benefit of toner EP (electrophotographic) technology includes label print that is durable, water-fast and UV resistant.

    The QL-300 expands printing labels from traditional white or light-coloured materials to also include transparent/clear, black, Kraft paper, metallic silver and gold coloured label materials. The AstroNova Materials Research Lab has tested and approved a wide variety of label materials, from economical to premium, that are compatible with this printer.

    The addition of white toner expands the creative labelling opportunities for industries such as personal care, cosmetics, food and beverage, beer and wine, chemical, e-liquids and many others.

    QuickLabel’s newest printing solution is being unveiled at WestPack, which takes place today through Thursday at the Anaheim Convention Centre. Visitors to the AstroNova booth (#5439) will be able to view live demos of the QL-300 along with the expansive product lineup from both the QuickLabel and TrojanLabel AstroNova business units.

    “In 1994, we introduced the world’s first tabletop digital colour label printer.  Now 25 years later we’ve achieved another major industry breakthrough with the QL-300 that can print full colour plus white,” said AstroNova President and CEO Greg Woods. “Unlike office machines, the QL-300 was developed from the ground up as a full-production label printer in a compact tabletop footprint that easily adapts into the print workflow of any business.”

    The QL-300 prints label widths ranging from 1.0” to 5.0” and features roll-to-cut or roll-to-roll operation. With a built-in automatic cutter that allows for single-pass printing, label waste is eliminated. The QL-300 also includes a free license to CQL Pro, QuickLabel’s advanced labelling software that allows users to effortlessly design, manage and print their own labels.

    “Because AstroNova is the only full solution provider in this industry, we are also releasing today an updated version of CQL Pro, our industry-leading design software, to support the QL-300 and a broad range of new label media types,” Woods said. “By tightly integrating the operation of our hardware, software and supplies, customers are assured of optimal results and outstanding labels.”

  • + Océ Arizona® 1300 series: Do more. Do it smarter. Do it now.

    Canon is pleased to announce the launch of the new Océ Arizona 1300 series of high-productivity mid-volume UV tru..

    05 February 2019

    Canon is pleased to announce the launch of the new Océ Arizona 1300 series of high-productivity mid-volume UV true flatbed printers. With its innovations in print speed, ease-of-use and curing technology, the Océ Arizona 1300 series is extremely versatile allowing print providers to do more, do it smarter, and do it now.

    The latest in the line of Canon's award-winning Océ Arizona printers, the new Océ Arizona 1300 series is a great choice for printers in the sign and graphics industry, for whom print quality and productivity are essential. The Océ Arizona 1300 series has productive print modes, optional light and white ink support, optically clear varnish and enhanced screening to deliver outstanding print quality, print after print. It allows print providers with photographic or fine-art applications to print on a wide range of media, including odd-shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut media and unusual objects such as canvas, glass or wood. Customers can choose from three GT models (Océ Arizona 1340 GT, 1360 GT, 1380 GT) with a flatbed print area of 49.2 inches x 98.4 inches, or three larger 121.3 inches x 98.4 inchesXT models (Océ Arizona 1340 XT, 1360 XT, 1380 XT).

    The impressive innovations in the new Océ Arizona 1300 series are the extensive application range, integrated Océ Arizona Xpert self-learning technology and instant-on capability.  And for the customer who also purchases the Océ Touchstone software, users easily create textured prints, both transparent and opaque, that will even further help expand their applications capabilities and delight their customers.

    Imagine … print … learn … repeat
    The integrated Océ Arizona Xpert technology allows the printer to learn from what the operator does. This makes it easy and extremely productive to help reproduce complex, multi-layered projects. Just design them once with the intuitive user interface and print them. The printer will learn the recipe for the project, including transparencies and multi-sided printing, which can then be used over and over again.

    Ready when you are
    With instant-on printing, the Océ Arizona 1300 series printer is ready when the end-user is. The Océ Arizona 1300 series exemplifies speed and productivity, delivering sharp, high-key prints up to 568 square feet per hour and high-density prints up to 380 square feet per hour. The new LED UV curing system offers instant-on capability, allowing operators to start valuable rush jobs without waiting for the printer to warm up.

    With the built in Automated Maintenance System (AMS) for hands-free printhead maintenance, nozzle function for all colours can be selectively restored in seconds.

    Ready for the future
    For customers with an evolving business or application range, the Océ Arizona 1300 series can be upgraded at any time such as by adding additional ink channels up to a maximum of eight, the Roll Media Option, or a Static Suppression Upgrade Kit that provides active suppression of static electricity when printing on hard plastic materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate and styrene. Also, the option to add light cyan and light magenta inks, plus our brightest white ink ever, or optically clear varnish to the ink channels helps enable even higher quality photo and fine-art and high margin applications than before.

    Quick, reliable and low-maintenance
    The Océ Arizona 1300 series printers are designed for the easy, reliable operation a busy print environment needs. Operators can easily make last-minute adjustments at the printer, such as nesting, batching of complex jobs, step and repeat, mirroring and re-assignment of print modes. Switching between rigid media jobs and roll to roll jobs can be done instantly at the push of a button with no extra tables to deal with. Media handling too is simple and efficient with the built in pin registration system to easily align media on the flatbed table. The new IJC357 UV inks are Greenguard Gold certified, so the prints may be used in sensitive environments such as in schools and hospitals.

  • + HP introduces personalization framework to accelerate business growth and increase consumer engagement

    HP Graphics Solutions Business has launched a personalisation framework, The Personalisation Pinwheel, intended to help ..

    05 February 2019

    HP Graphics Solutions Business has launched a personalisation framework, The Personalisation Pinwheel, intended to help brands to accelerate business growth and increase consumer engagement.

    Informed by insights from more than 45 million online conversations in four markets across the globe, the framework hones in on what motivates consumers to personalise – from photo books to magazine covers to consumer packaged goods – and how brands can capitalise on those motivations. 

    An accompanying infographic outlines the value of the personalised gift market as $31 billion USD by 2021, up 55 percent from 2016 according to statistics from Technavio. Some 70 percent of shoppers are said to be willing to pay at least 10 percent more for personalised products. Figures from Deloitte identify more than 50 percent of Millenials and Gen Z expressing a desire for personalised products. 

    Nancy Janes, global head of brand innovation at HP, explained: ‘Personalisation is a powerful tool to create meaningful experiences with consumers. It increases brand loyalty and engagement and at the same time accelerates business growth and speed to market. HP’s digital printing capabilities are transforming how consumers connect to brands through personalised packaging and products.’

    Charles Ohiaeri, chief fulfilment officer at Zazzle, added: ‘In our eyes, personalisation encompasses far more than just customised or stylised products; it’s about how we can intelligently curate and contour the whole experience for those in our community – makers, designers and consumers alike. HP’s digital printing solutions allow us to serve our customers in ways we would not have considered previously.’

    The six spokes of The Personalisation Pinwheel cover:

    • Fingerprinting: driving market share through collectability of unique items;
    • Flying Your Flag: driving engagement by personalising products according to heritage/codes;
    • Letting It All Hang Out: increasing connection with Millennials and Gen Z by celebrating consumer stories individually;
    • Permission to Indulgence: allowing consumers to tailor their experience of the world to their own unique preferences;
    • Bringing Bonds to Life: growing penetration by expanding into gifting and e-commerce through fully customised products; and
    • Mindful Materialism: building value and differentiating through purpose by enabling consumers to express their own voice in solving social or environmental issues.

  • + Epson one of Top 100 Global Innovators for Eighth Consecutive Year

    Epson has again been recognised this year as one of the 2018-19 Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators. They are also amongst..

    05 February 2019

    Epson has again been recognised this year as one of the 2018-19 Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators. They are also amongst the best of the best being one of only 35 organisations to have been recognised for the eighth year in a row since the inception of the program in 2011. These innovators exhibit consistently strong performance in successfully obtaining rights to their innovation, seeking wide protection and global markets for potential products and services based on that innovation and are recognised by their peers as creating leading innovation for others to build on.

    Clarivate Analytics cited reasons for Epson’s inclusion in the top innovators list including the fact that Epson regularly files high volumes of patent applications and had good success this year in converting these to granted patent rights. 

    They also showed improved performance in global filing of inventions filing more within the Quadrilateral authorities (US, Japan, China and Europe) than last year. 

    Epson holds many patents globally and is working with patent agencies in 20 countries or more at any given time. 
    “It is an honour to be selected as one of the Top 100 Global Innovators for the eighth consecutive year,” said Toshiya Takahata, executive officer and general administrative manager at Epson. As stated in its Management Philosophy, Epson seeks to become an indispensable company, an ambition that Epson considers to be consistent with the realisation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. We will continue to conduct our business and pursue intellectual property activities with the aim of creating a sustainable society.”

    For more details about Epson's intellectual property activities go to: 

  • + Vianord launches Wave 3P

    Vianord Engineering has introduced Wave 3P, a new plate processing system for water-based flexographic plates that does ..

    05 February 2019

    Vianord Engineering has introduced Wave 3P, a new plate processing system for water-based flexographic plates that does not require water replacement.

    Wave 3P can handle a maximum plate size of 92 x 120cm (36 x 48in. It can process almost all plate types in the market from 1.14mm up to 2.84mm thickness, both digital and analog.

    It has been engineered to enhance the sustainability advantages offered by water washable flexo plates while safeguarding quality washout and superior screenings. As such, an integrated water reclaim system does not require frequent water replacement and only needs to be topped up due to evaporation caused by its working temperature.

    Vianord noted that Wave 3P also has a small footprint compared to conventional processing equipment, and fast high-quality washout, perfected by unique LAM residual cleaning and pre-drying features.

    Massimiliano Merlo, global marketing and sales director at Vianord Engineering, explained: ‘The innovative Wave product family is answering the flexo industry’s demand of solvent free and fully automated plate making systems.’

    Wave 3P will begin to be delivered to the clients from April.

  • + Gallus has added a 5-color model of its Labelfire hybrid press

    The Gallus Labelfire E 340 features CMYK plus digital white, and is intended to provide a different entry point to those..

    05 February 2019

    The Gallus Labelfire E 340 features CMYK plus digital white, and is intended to provide a different entry point to those looking to produce lowest cost, digital, finished labels in a single pass on an industrial platform.

    Launched in 2016, the Gallus Labelfire 340 is an 8-colour digital production system combining UV inkjet printing with in-line embellishment and converting. The inkjet system, co-developed with Heidelberg, features state-of-the-art, 1200 dpi inkjet heads from Fujifilm. Gallus Labelfire E 340 features the same 1200 x 1200 dpi image quality, without orange, violet and green inks.

    Gallus stated that the new model can be configured based on the current needs of the customer to provide the lowest cost of entry when it comes to getting started with digital hybrid label printing. The whole system is integrated into Heidelberg’s Prinect print media workflow. Those customers who purchase the five-colour Labelfire will have the ability to upgrade to eight colours and add further embellishing options including screen, cold foil, additional flexo, as the need arises or their business grows.

    Michael Ring, head of digital solutions at Gallus, said: ‘We have many customers who want to get into digital hybrid printing, but do not need the complete high-end, fully featured configuration that an 8-colour Labelfire provides. This new 5-colour version allows them to get started in the digital arena but still provides the flexibility for expansion in the future while protecting their initial investment.’

    Gallus Labelfire E 340 is available worldwide immediately. Deliveries are expected to start in April.

  • + Charti Provides New Options for Brisbane Océ Users

    In a move which expands the sales and supply options available to i ts customers in Queensland, Océ Australia has..

    30 January 2019

    In a move which expands the sales and supply options available to i ts customers in Queensland, Océ Australia has announced the appointment of Charti as an Océ Partner for Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

    Charti, large format printing specialists and long-term supplier of printers, media, ink, display systems and supplies, will now be a reseller for Océ’s Technical Document System (TDS) printers in these key Queensland markets, supplying not only the ColorWave and PlotWave series, but also associated toner and consumables.

    According to Dale Hawkins, Senior Manager – Indirect & Marketing for Océ Australia, the move will enhance our local supply options for ColorWave and PlotWave customers in these areas, “Charti is a Melbourne-based supplier which offers an extensive range of large format printing equipment, media, ink, display systems and supplies,” Hawkins says. “More importantly for our Queensland customers, the company has support offices throughout Australia which include an extensive warehousing facility in Capalaba, Brisbane.”

    Charti will provide the market leading Océ ColorWave and PlotWave series of printers to the Brisbane and Gold Coast markets. While customers are still ‘most welcome’ to order supplies for these printers direct through Océ Australia, which delivers overnight from its extensive warehouse in Sydney, Hawkins says the appointment of Charti means TDS printers in these key Queensland markets have a second source of supply, providing greater convenience, and the option of local supply for even faster turnaround and delivery times.

    “Charti has an excellent reputation for both expertise and product quality and we are delighted to partner with them to provide our customers in Queensland with expanded sales and support options,” he says.

    “We have a strong and long-standing relationship with the company as a supplier of products from Océ parent company, Canon, and are confident they will be a responsive and reliable business partner for our customers in Queensland, providing the high level of support they need to build their business success.”

    Charti’s Managing Director David Cheng has also welcomed the new agreement with Océ with open arms saying, “It’s a perfect strategic fit having two quality brands working side by side to serve our industry.

    “The Océ brand and product line-up perfectly complements the Charti offer, making Charti a ‘one stop shop’ for the large format printing industry,” Cheng says. Businesses in Brisbane or the Gold Coast can contact the local Charti team on 07 3914 9900 to start ordering toner and consumables. 

  • + DGSHAPE Releases Latest Generation Engraver to Expand its Decorating Line of Products

    DGSHAPE Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation and a leading provider of digital fabrication to..

    30 January 2019

    DGSHAPE Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roland DG Corporation and a leading provider of digital fabrication tools, including 3D milling machines, 3D printers, and engraving machines, announced today the launch of its latest decorating solution, the DE-3. DGSHAPE continues the legacy of Roland engraving with a new model that features laser-pointing technology, ethernet connectivity, automatic depth regulation, and other intelligent enhancements.
    According to Hisashi Bito, President of DGSHAPE Corporation, “The DE-3 builds on the legacy of Roland engraving solutions that is advanced today by DGSHAPE Corporation and affirms DGSHAPE’s commitment to providing reliable desktop solutions for the entrepreneur to build their business.”
    The DE-3 can produce a variety of engraving applications including industrial nameplates, signage, awards, and gift personalisation. This next generation engraver incorporates many new improvements including: Ethernet connectivity, updated nosecone technology for higher quality engraving on uneven material, data buffer for offline engraving, laser pointer for precise material alignment, and new bundled software: Dr. Engrave Plus. This new software has advanced features such as AI and EPS file support, leveling and drilling functions, and Variable Data Printing.
    A cornerstone of all DGSHAPE machines, Bito said, is their ease of use. Operation is as simple as pressing a button. DGSHAPE prides itself on the concept of the “Open System.” This open architecture offers the flexibility of using design software and tooling that engraving professionals are already familiar with. The DE-3 can be connected via USB or LAN which allows for increased flexibility in any environment. Dr. Engraving Plus is a design software that can create new artwork or take existing files from popular design software packages to output to the DE-3 for a true out-of-the-box solution.  

     The DE-3 easily produces popular engraving applications in a variety of materials. The DE-3 can be installed via USB or Ethernet. An optional centre vice increases the available materials that can be engraved

  • + Sawgrass Offers Sublimation Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

    The new year is finally here, and with it, lots of chances to capitalise on trends to grow your sublimation business. Am..

    29 January 2019

    The new year is finally here, and with it, lots of chances to capitalise on trends to grow your sublimation business. Among them are a stable of trending products and designs that sublimation product decorators can leverage for increased sales throughout the year.
    “In 2018, we saw a range of trending substrates and applications that have generated enormous buzz and excitement among product decorators,” said Jimmy Lamb, manager of education for Sawgrass. “Among them are sublimation transfer papers for cotton fabrics and dark colours, substrates that can stand up to outdoor environments, all kinds of creative new drinkware and a renewed focus on home décor.”
    Here is a look at some of the trending products Lamb recommends for product decorating businesses to explore in 2019.

    • Sublimation on Cotton and Darks
    Sublimation for cotton fabrics has long been a missing piece of the puzzle for product decorators. However, last year, several transfer paper products hit the market that enables those with a sublimation system to print and transfer their digital images to cotton. New transfer media offerings from PrintLAT and FOREVER, along with new Virtuoso Print Manager settings for each, deliver impressive results.  
    In addition to these new papers that enable sublimation to cotton, there are also new twill and flock media options from Chemica and Poli-Tape that enable customers to create transfers for use on dark and cotton fabrics. This media enables you to print directly onto the flock or twill with your Virtuoso printer and Virtuoso Print Manager, use a plotter to cut around the design and then heat set the transfer to the fabric. Within this process, your designs sublimate for permanent coloration and the final transfer adheres to the surface of the fabric.
    All of these transfer media options open up new worlds of products that you can offer your customers – and on their favourite fabric. These are a must-try and a massive opportunity for increasing sales in 2019.
    • Outdoor Applications
    The effects of UV light have inhibited recommended use for sublimated signage or other products for use outdoors. Unisub and ChromaLuxe, really moved sublimation applications forward in 2018 with their lines of outdoor products.
    All year, we saw an upswing in the number of products that sublimation businesses offered – everything from outdoor business and event signage to garden stakes, yard signs and decorations, outdoor art installations and home placards.
    These will be especially popular come spring and summer for yard decoration, in addition to year-round applications for art installations, exhibits, business and organisational signage, and advertising.
    • Drinkware
    The entire drinkware segment is incredibly popular right now. One reason for this is the demand for double-wall vacuum-insulated tumblers, which keep beverages piping hot and frosty cold for hours on end. We are also seeing many of new types of drinkware, such as clear and frosted mugs, steins and shot glasses, metallic coatings and even coated stemless wine glasses and growlers (holds up to 64 oz of draft beer).
    This growing diversity of drinkware offers many opportunities to creatively bundle products for your customer base or break into the craft brewery/restaurant market. Either way, these are great substrates to try out, build samples of and use to drive new sales.
    • Sublimated Décor
    There are a number of opportunities to offer sublimated products meant for turning a house into a home. You can use your system to decorate baby and throw blankets, sequin pillows and faux-textured pillowcases, welcome mats, hand towels, key and jacket hangers, and many other items people will love to have in their homes – or give as gifts! Even if you have a smaller printer – SG400 or SG800 – you can use multiple transfers and presses to imprint larger products, such as blankets and doormats.
    What’s even better with items for home décor is that there is often demand for personalisation, which gives you the opportunity to set premium prices. It costs little to add a name or photo to a product, but customers pay more for the value delivered.

  • + ATO Offers Free Workshops and Webinars For Small Business

    The ATO is running a series of free workshops and webinars for small businesses that will cover tax essentials, good rec..

    29 January 2019

    The ATO is running a series of free workshops and webinars for small businesses that will cover tax essentials, good record-keeping and employer essentials – all to support your business.

    Small business owners and professionals will learn to free up valuable time to spend on their business and not on their books!

    Click on the State links below to view our current offers:

    Australian Capital Territory 
    New South Wales 
    Northern Territory 
    South Australia 
    Western Australia 

    You'll benefit by:
    •    finding out where to go when you need help and more information
    •    learning how to use the ATO’s online tools and resources to make things easier and free up your valuable time. 

    For enquiries, email us at

  • + Digimarc, HP collaborate on serialised package printing

    Digimarc has introduced a new serialised packaging offering combining Digimarc Barcode and HP Link, which can provide ev..

    29 January 2019

    Digimarc has introduced a new serialised packaging offering combining Digimarc Barcode and HP Link, which can provide every printed object with a unique identity and offers a cost-effective option for tackle supply chain problems.

    HP and Digimarc offer consumer brands and their digital print providers the ability to apply a serialised global trade item number (SGTIN) on packaging to track and protect a package through the supply chain and at point-of-sale (POS) in retail environments.

    It is claimed this new capability will help to combat product counterfeiting and piracy, currently estimated by Frontier Economics and the International Chamber of Commerce to reach $4.2 trillion USD by 2022.

    Assigning SGTINs to individual items means that two otherwise identical units of the same product are uniquely identifiable, making it possible to track and trace for brand protection and product origination.

    Digimarc Barcode is an advanced visually imperceptible code that can be serialised during printing on HP digital presses of product packaging, retail labels, point-of-purchase (POP) displays and other print output. It is reliably and efficiently scanned by enabled consumer phones, associated mobile devices, retail barcode scanners and computer vision systems.

    With HP Link, Digimarc Barcode can carry an SGTIN, the combination of a GS1 GTIN and a unique serial number of up to 12 digits. This provides each package with a unique identity and the ability for consumer brands to track and trace a package or product at the item level through the supply chain all the way to point-of-sale. HP Link offers a security serialisation option including Digimarc Barcode and a toolset that integrates with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing, scanning, distribution and digital printing systems.

    By monitoring scanning behaviour and tracking data, the HP Link platform automatically identifies suspicious behaviour, including diverted packages. Cloud-based product and tracking information can be applied throughout the supply chain through to the end consumer.

    Heidi Dethloff, vice president of marketing at Digimarc, said: ‘Traceability initiatives are being fuelled by product fraud, recalls, regulatory compliance and the need for greater transparency across the supply chain. This new digital capability from HP allows brands to free-up their package design real estate, while also leveraging the full benefits of variable data printing for connected, customised, personalised and serialised packages.’

    Marvin Gross, head of emerging solutions, HP Graphics Solutions Business, said: ‘With HP Link and Digimarc Barcode, consumer brands can protect their brand, track products from origin-to-destination, provide personalised content and coupons, and other benefits. Our solution can integrate with enterprise systems to manage inventory at the unique item level as well as enable faster and easier forms of checkout, including traditional, mobile and self-checkout.’