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  • + Durst UVC-R Air Disinfection System - Quality of Life for the New Normality

    Durst, leading manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, is responding to the COVID pandemi..

    12 October 2020

    Durst, leading manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, is responding to the COVID pandemic with another initiative. As early as April, during the lockdown, Durst had started the production of community masks as a first preventive measure, now Durst is stepping up its efforts and presenting an innovative solution for reducing the viral load in indoor environments, the Durst UVC-R Air Disinfection System.

    The new normality that shapes our private and professional life is determined by masks, distance rules and disinfectants. This situation will not change in the short or medium term. Even if there will be a vaccine against COVID-19, new types of viruses and mutations will most likely occur. Therefore, over the last few months, Durst has put its expertise in the laboratories, in production, in UV technology, in flow simulations and in the safety guidelines together, to bring a piece of quality of life back to the new normality, with the Durst UVC-R Air Disinfection System.

    In the Durst Labs, the main transmission paths and descent rates of droplets and aerosols that transport virus-containing liquid particles were analysed, as well as the effectiveness of countermeasures with continuous air exchange and UV irradiation. The solution: Durst UVC-R combines both air exchange and UV irradiation in one system, effectively reducing infectious aerosols, viruses and germs in indoor environments. Through an antiviral membrane, the room air is led into a closed system and irradiated with UV-C light. 

    The disinfected air is continuously released back into the room through an air outlet.

    Special features of the Durst UVC-R

    • Closed, radiation-protected chambers with high-performance UV-C modules in airflow-optimised and mirrored channels.

    • Generation of ozone-free UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 254 nanometers.

    • Suction nozzles over the entire surface on both sides of the system at the level of the aerosol origin

    • Antiviral coating of the membrane surface.

    • Whisper-quiet with a typical noise level of 25 dB (A).

    "We checked the efficiency of the UV-C sources in our laboratories and analysed the ideal exposure time and volumetric flow". says Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group. “An external laboratory for medical technology and disinfectants in Germany is currently in the process of verifying our results. At the same time, the efficiency of the Durst UVC-R is tested in real mode with "pseudo-viruses" or so-called bacteriophages.

    Efficiency Durst UVC-R

    The Durst UVC-R’s centre disinfection zone measures 4 x 4 x 2.5 meters. However, Durst points out that no specific statements about square meters or volume size can be given as a general answer in terms of efficiency, as the efficiency depends on many factors such as temperature, air flows in the room, ceiling height, number of people, etc.

    Therefore Durst gives the following example for the efficiency: 4 people sit at a table and are surrounded by a volume of 8 m³. Each person inhales and exhales about 0.5 m³ of air per hour, a total of 2 m³. Durst UVC-R disinfects 12.5 times this volume or 25 m³ in 15 minutes and 50 times the breathing volume of 4 people or 100 m³ in one hour.

    If the UVC-R is placed in a larger room, a constant mixing of the room air around the disinfection centre is taking place, which means that by the permanent release of purified air the viral load is reduced even outside the central zone.

    "We see in Durst UVC-R not only a preventive measure to reduce the viral loads," Christoph Gamper. “Together with the South Tyrolean industrial designer Christian Zanzotti we have developed portfolio, that can harmoniously be integrated into many interior concepts. Furthermore, the anti-viral coated membrane can be personalised with our digital printing systems."

    Durst offers the 1st series of the UVC-R as a Limited Edition for pre-order on Within the next weeks the entire UVC-R portfolio will be available in a web-shop. Start of delivery of the 1st series is planned for early December. The UVC-R systems can be viewed at the Durst headquarters in Brixen, South Tyrol/Italy. To make an appointment, please send an email to:

  • + Agfa extend high-end Jeti Tauro printer with upgradable model

    The latest member of the Jeti Tauro family – called Jeti Tauro H3300 LED S (S for ‘standard’) – ..

    05 October 2020

    The latest member of the Jeti Tauro family – called Jeti Tauro H3300 LED S (S for ‘standard’) – is a favourably priced entry model that will enable an even wider range of printing companies to benefit from one of Agfa’s flagship large-format printers.

    This new hybrid six-colour printer, with optional white and primer, boasts award-winning quality at a top speed of 302 m² per hour, which can be upgraded to the even higher speed of its bigger brother. It also shares the latter’s short start-up times and quick and easy maintenance, while also featuring the same automation options. That means it will be available in six possible configurations. Four of these are dedicated to board printing, ranging from manual to fully automatic. The 3/4 automated version makes use of an automatic board feeder, which is particularly convenient for shorter runs and a fast, efficient changeover between various media sizes or types. The two remaining configurations focus on roll printing, with a master roll-to-roll and a light roll-to-roll model.

    As is the case with all Jeti Tauro models, the Jeti Tauro H3300 S LED is powered by Agfa’s Asanti workflow software, which controls and automates the entire printing process from prepress to finishing, while guaranteeing colour consistency and optimising ink consumption. The smart Asanti Production Dashboard displays ink and media consumption and printing time for each job and printer.

    The new Jeti Tauro H3300 S LED is ready for installation as of this moment.

    “We are committed to inkjet printing and we aim to support our customers by offering them complete and perfectly matched solutions that make their operations more efficient and productive,” says Reinhilde Alaert, Product Manager Sign & Display. “The new Jeti Tauro H3300 S LED is built on the same platform as its bigger brother and marks another step in the expansion of our high-end large-format inkjet printer family. It covers a wide range of media sizes and types – for boards and sheets as well as rolls – and supports all print jobs with fitting automation options that ultimately enable operators to tend to multiple jobs and printing engines simultaneously. The printer’s upgradability – to the speed of the existing Jeti Tauro H3300 model – makes it an ideal starting point for print service providers’ further growth in sign & display printing.”

  • + New Antimicrobial Film from Drytac Helps Keep Surfaces Hygienic 24/7

    Drytac has announced the global launch of Protac AMP Film with Microban antimicrobial technology, a new product designed..

    05 October 2020

    Drytac has announced the global launch of Protac AMP Film with Microban antimicrobial technology, a new product designed to help protect surfaces from microbes that can cause premature product degradation.

    When bacteria contaminate a surface such as a door or touchpad - as a result of human contact, environmental conditions or simply lack of cleaning - they can multiply very quickly. Similarly, fungi and mould can proliferate on a surface. Regular cleaning with an effective detergent will remove these microorganisms, Drytac's Protac AMP Film can help maintain cleanliness in between cleaning. It offers reliable protection from the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria and mould.

    This 150μ (6 mil) self-adhesive polyester surface protection film incorporates Microban technology at the manufacturing stage so it becomes part of the material's intrinsic physical structure at a molecular level - it will not wash off or wear away. Microban reservoirs in the film disrupt the microbes' cell walls, inhibiting their growth. The film provides protection 24 hours a day for up to 15 years, and is durable to withstand regular cleaning.

    Protac AMP Film is ideal for protecting doors, keypads, counters, tables and any other flat surfaces. It is transparent with a hard top coat and provides scratch and chemical resistance for up to 15 years. Every batch of Protac AMP is tested for antimicrobial performance providing the utmost confidence and peace of mind for any application.

    "Our new Protac AMP antimicrobial Film with Microban technology delivers protection in one easy-to-use product," says Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager, Drytac. "It is prepared with Drytac's innovative adhesive, so users can simply apply the film to the surface and leave it to do its job: helping reduce growth of microbes on the surface for many years."

    "Protac AMP Film has already been used on drinks machines, tray tables on aircraft, and in healthcare facilities and schools, with literally hundreds of other potential applications. This product can help maintain the highest standards of cleanliness."

    For further information, please visit 

  • + Launching the Xeikon FEU - Fusion Embellishment Unit

    Xeikon is delighted to announce the launch of its new Fusion Embellishment Unit – Xeikon FEU. This latest addition..

    05 October 2020

    Xeikon is delighted to announce the launch of its new Fusion Embellishment Unit – Xeikon FEU. This latest addition to its already broad portfolio of digital equipment for labels, builds on the company’s ambition to provide and equip label printers and converters with the most comprehensive portfolio of innovative digital equipment for the broad scope of label print manufacturing. The Xeikon FEU offers label printers and converters maximum flexibility to meet the demands of brand owners and designers striving to achieve high end, eye catching, unique, entertaining and creative labels. With complete digital finishing and embellishment capabilities, Xeikon’s FEU is based on MGI technology and provides UV spot varnish, tactile varnish, foiling, 3D textures and holograms across a wide range of substrates including clear on clear, common BOPP and paper facestock up to natural structured papers. The Xeikon FEU will be commercially available in Europe and North America as from October 2020.

    Filip Weymans, Xeikon’s VP marketing says: “In a world of ever-evolving consumerism, we are seeing significant and ongoing changes in behavioural patterns. Consumers are more discerning and brand owners are demanding more from their designers and printers. In packaging and retail, there is increasing pressure for creative innovation and higher levels of productivity. To that end, Xeikon is first and foremost addressing the needs of its customers. We continue to adapt to current trends and with the launch of the Xeikon FEU we are offering our customers maximum opportunities. The workflow integration built around our X-800 Vectorizer will ultimately provide our customers with all they need to effectively move towards total digital label print manufacturing.”

    Using Xeikon’s Fusion Embellishment Unit, label printers with an existing portfolio of wine, premium beer, gourmet food, spirits and health & beauty labels will be able to achieve easy and fast proofing of new designs and faster times to market. With no need for tooling and reduced setup times, this economical solution offers superior levels of creative quality finishing on smaller volumes of labels. Using inkjet technology, any defined label area can automatically receive spot UV varnish with or without raised 3D texture effects. Similarly, for foiling applications the digital label area can receive digitally controlled foil with or without raised 3D effects with limited complexity compared to analogue.

    Xeikon’s FEU is a stand-alone solution. This enables it to embellish printed materials originating from different technologies. It is also able to pre-print foil onto substrates, thus meeting the many new brand-owner needs for today’s label designs. Optionally Xeikon’s FEU can be equipped with a semi rotational die cut unit so that it will deliver fully embellished and finished labels. Whilst Xeikon’s focus at present is on label applications, the new FEU has the potential to address other applications over time.

    Weymans concludes: “Xeikon’s long term goal is to offer its customers the broadest range of products which address the digital transformation of print manufacturing Well established industry partners, like in this case MGI digital technologies, very often haven proven products that integrate very well in this digitisation process. With this latest addition to our portfolio, one of the most important benefits for our customers is the availability of integrated digital technologies – all provided and supported by supplier - which ensure maximum productivity throughout the manufacturing process. The combined provision of digital printing and digital embellishment will enable label printers to run high-end, short to medium sized jobs at substantially reduced costs with a shorter time to market. Xeikon continues to lead the way as a trusted advisor and supplier of innovative digital systems for the global label community.”

  • + Yohei Konaka takes the reigns of Konica Minolta Australia

    Yohei Konaka has now officially taken on the role of managing director of Konica Minolta Australia effective immediately..

    01 October 2020

    Yohei Konaka has now officially taken on the role of managing director of Konica Minolta Australia effective immediately, following a delay in his official appointment due to COVID-19. 

    Over the past six months, Yohei Konaka has been working remotely with outgoing managing director Dr David Cooke and the executive team. He has been using this time to understand the Australian market, which has given him a valuable head start on creating a vision for the next 12 months, and beyond. 

    In his 20 years with the company, Yohei Konaka has held appointments in the United States and Canada in sales and strategic planning. Most recently he held a senior role in the Digital Workplace Business at Konica Minolta Inc. in Japan, working on the development of key initiatives to contribute to the company’s digital transformation strategy. 

    Yohei Konaka said, “I look forward to taking on this role and continuing to drive the legacy that Dr David Cooke has left, as well as looking at ways to drive Konica Minolta Australia into the future. There is no doubt that the global pandemic has resulted in a challenging and changing business environment, and it is important for Konica Minolta Australia, and its customers, to consider the way forward from here to ensure success.” 

    Dr David Cooke will stay on for two months in a consultancy role, where he will continue to help Yohei Konaka onboard and meet with employees, customers and partners—where possible face-to-face, and where not possible, virtually—to ensure a smooth transition. 

    Konica Minolta Australia has developed a reputation as a company that cares about its employees, customers and the community, and one that’s deeply committed to ethical leadership and creating societal value. 

    Yohei Konaka said, “Undeniably, an important part of my role will be to continue this ethos in Australia in line with the global position of creating value for customers and society, and the communities in which we operate.” 

  • + New Scodix Ultra Series engineered to deliver fast growth opportunities for businesses of all sizes and markets

    Scodix, leading provider of pioneering digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announces the ..

    01 October 2020

    Scodix, leading provider of pioneering digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, today announces the commercial launch of the next generation of its Ultra Digital Enhancement Press Series, consisting of six presses, each targeted to a specific market segment.

    Having demonstrated its expertise in equipment for the commercial, packaging and W2P markets, Scodix has developed the Ultra Press Series to fully address the needs of each sector. Scodix CEO, Eli Grinberg, elaborates:

    “As the world’s most innovative and experienced company in digital print enhancement, with over 400 presses installed around the world, we’re now launching one expanded product line that’s been designed to meet the needs of all of our customers across all of these industry sectors. Whatever the application, enhancement, or budget requirement, we have a solution within this series. Print service providers can choose the press that will best support the future growth of their business.”


    Aimed at the W2P market, the Scodix Ultra 3000 and Ultra 4000 presses both incorporate Scodix Studio W2P software. Developed with the success of companies such as Shutterfly and District Photo in mind, the Ultra 3000 focusses on Web2Print, whilst the Ultra 4000, allowing larger format substrates and pallet feeders and stackers, is aimed at Web2Pack printers.

    Commercial & Speciality

    Offering the same print areas and range of substrates, the Scodix Ultra 1000 and 2000 presses are distinguished by the number of applications available – and consequently are offered to the market at different price points. The Ultra 1000 delivers accessible digital enhancement whilst the Ultra 2000 offers all Scodix applications on one platform, including automatic polymer switching for superior productivity.


    The Scodix Ultra 5000 and 6000 both allow the thicker substrates required for packaging applications – up to 2mm – and incorporate industrial pallet feeders and stackers. Whilst the Ultra 6000 offers a larger format, it comes with a simplified range of enhancements.

    The six new presses in the series succeed the Ultra 101 and 202, whilst the Scodix E106 press is still available for B1 folding carton applications.

    Grinberg adds, “By incorporating digital enhancement, print providers can expand their service offerings with attention-grabbing applications, improving customer retention rates in these notoriously fickle times, whilst boosting margins and ultimately profitability. Whether the products are purchased traditional or through Web2Pack or Print channels, Scodix enhances products from premium business and greeting cards, folders, head-turning book covers, audience-engaging brochures to stand-out labels and packaging, folding cartons, rigid boxes, point-of-display and security markings always with a focus on fine detail and high quality results.

    “By launching this segmented product portfolio, we are increasing the number of customers that can employ Scodix, and we are offering Scodix value to more brands, print buyers and consumers of print. This is truly the next era for the Scodix business.”

    Scodix Ultra 2000, aimed at the Commercial & Specialty

    For more information, visit or email

  • + Rotoflex launches two new digital finishers

    Rotoflex, the finishing company under the Mark Andy Inc. corporate umbrella, has announced the launch of two digital fin..

    29 September 2020

    Rotoflex, the finishing company under the Mark Andy Inc. corporate umbrella, has announced the launch of two digital finishers, DF1 and VTI Series. While both machines offer high-speed operation at low costs, they were developed to serve different converter needs.

    The DF1 is a semi-rotary offline finishing and converting machine designed to meet the rising demand for unique short run labels in a simple, fast, precise, and affordable way, allowing converters to accelerate production and profits. 

    Built on a platform with finishing speed up to 750 fpm (228.6 mpm) for full-rotary and 250 fpm (76.2 mpm) for semi-rotary, with accurate semi-rotary die-cutting functionality, the Rotoflex DF1 is an ideal addition for upwards of 80% of label converters worldwide. The quick set-up and dynamic operation allow converters to decorate, die-cut, slit, and strip labels in a single step, getting final product out the door faster and more efficiently than using multiple means of finishing. 

    “The thought process behind the DF1 came from customer needs to quickly enhance labels and ensure high-quality, inspected output in the process," says Manohar Dhugga, VP of operations, Rotoflex. 

    Relative to the established Rotoflex DF3 model launched at Labelexpo Americas 2018, the DF1 operates similarly, offering high production level speed and 50% faster changeovers than conventional converting systems. The primary differentiators between the DF3 and DF1 platforms are in terms of configurability and price point. The DF3 supports rail mounted converting options and additional print stations, while the DF1 has a single hybrid station that brings finishing and converting to a level of financial accessibility that is unprecedented in the market space.

    The VTI Series is an advanced tabletop finishing machine created to ensure conformity with stringent regulations of the pharmaceutical and high-security packaging industries. 

    With an operator control system for inspection and finishing, the VTI Series detects and corrects missing labels, remaining matrix, splices, flags, spots, fading and missing colour, and defects in text and registrations. This allow converters to effortlessly inspect, rework, and re-inspect labels, which is especially necessary if the application involves 100% accuracy, variable data, or braille inspection. 

    “The exclusive URC 2.0 control system offers multilane counting and is the most advanced defect management system available in the market. , The URC 2.0 increases operator efficiency by reducing set-up time and waste  through its automated functionality The optional biometric login security feature and online dashboard for data analysis provides for a complete finishing solution,” emphasises Dhugga. “Another important feature of the VTI series is the eDrive 2.0, a system that increases production effectiveness through optimisation of acceleration and deceleration while preserving roll quality and characteristics,” he adds, noting that the maximum speed – which varies according to the application – is 750 fpm (228 mpm). 

    “Customer demand has led us to create a more efficient and compact tabletop rewinder to replace the older, outdated models while delivering the high standard of performance known by the Rotoflex brand. The VTI can be integrated with 100% vision inspection systems and with reverse fault placement functionality allows for pharmaceutical grade inspection,” explains Dhugga. 

    The price, starting at $25,000 for the base configuration, enables converters to immediately incorporate the new unit in their pressroom, and even provides an opportunity to develop new revenue streams by venturing into highly segmented markets.

    In addition to all features, Rotoflex designed the VTI Series with a user-friendly interface and ergonomic design for sit down operation, making it comfortable for converters to smoothly manage operation.

    Rotoflex DF1 and VTI machines are available for immediate order, with the first DF1 machine shipping to a US customer this month. 

  • + Innovative new Esko Trapper scoops 2020 InterTechTM Technology Award

    Esko has scooped a 2020 InterTechTM Technology Award from PRINTING United Alliance, after developing a new prepress tool..

    29 September 2020

    Esko has scooped a 2020 InterTechTM Technology Award from PRINTING United Alliance, after developing a new prepress tool to make trapping jobs up to 70 per cent faster and unerringly accurate.

    As a leading developer of integrated software solutions, Esko has been investing in not just R&D but also customer research to further innovate trapping technology, looking to deliver to the industry better tools to achieve the goal of 100 per cent right first time trapping.

    “We are deeply honored to receive this recognition for the Esko Trapper, which has been received so well by our customers and the industry,” said Frank Woltering, Product Manager Graphic Editing. “PRINTING United Alliance is committed to advancing the graphic arts industry so to be recognised for our efforts in improving trapping to boost accuracy, productivity and efficiency, makes our job worthwhile.

    “Achieving a consistent, aesthetic trapping result with the correct distance, direction or colour you give to a trap, and to make it as least visible as possible, is difficult even for expert prepress operators,” said Frank. “If a job is trapped by 10 different people, then there will be 10 different results. The Esko Trapper is a new trapping product that will help get the job done not only in less time but more importantly also in a much safer way, closing misregister gaps and accommodating individual exceptions to ensure all colleagues in a team can and do achieve exactly the same trap result, delivering a right first time trap file to press.”

    Frank explained that trapping carried out manually can be a very complex. With few global settings consuming task requiring skilled operators, with around 15% of prepress time going into trapping. “While existing instant trapper tools can work on strokes, images and anything within the design, it is still a manual process,” he said. “Not only does this mean the process can take some time, but it also involves risk of operator error, nor can it be used in a workflow, making it difficult to change a global trap setting,” he said. “While currently available trappers can apply standards - rules that can be configured to achieve the same trapping result using a workflow - they are not very flexible on the aesthetic, meaning operators still have to go in and make exceptions.

    “This is why Esko has developed its brand-new trapper - using an object-based approach combined with a colour-based approach. Esko created a new algorithm that can not only judge a trap based on the colour situation, but also based on objects,” said Frank. “Often, modern packaging designs are covered in image data that is masked out by using an alpha channel. These images need to be individually prepared by the prepress professional to accomplish a good trap. But the Esko trapper is taking over this task by artificially adding image data to fill traps into the background. Combining these two improvements gives us a much better first time right when trapping the job automatically.”

    James Workman, vice president of technology and research for PRINTING United Alliance, the largest printing and graphic arts association in the United States, commented that InterTechTM Technology Award judges were impressed with the uniqueness of being able to set exceptions for trapping objects and have that stay with the object even if the design is altered. Some of the judges were surprised, he said, that this level of automation was possible given the complexities of trapping designs.

    “This is not just an improved process of aesthetic trapping, it is designed specifically to design changes maintain exceptions across files,” added Frank Woltering. “This is the very first time this unique functionality has been achieved and is protected across numerous patents.”

    Following an initial phase of pre-release beta testing, the new Esko Trapper was first made available commercially to customers in 2020, within Esko Automation Engine, DeskPack and ArtPro+ 20.0. Supporting the Esko submission, one of the company’s largest customers detailed how the new innovation led to a 70% reduction in the time spent on trapping. “This is the average time saving reported across users, leading to increased productivity, greater throughput and increased efficiency,” said Frank. “The improved accuracy also minimises wastage through errors, in terms of both materials and time.”

    James Workman commended Esko for the award. “The tech-savvy judges have plenty of industry experience and aren’t easily convinced a technology is award-worthy, but were impressed by the innovativeness of Esko Trapper.”

    The InterTech Technology Awards program has been operating since 1978 and honours the development of innovative technologies predicated to have a major impact on the graphic communications and related industries.

    To find out more about the Esko Trapper, please visit:

  • + Konica Minolta Australia expands smart, connected bizhub i-Series line to include new colour A3 multifunction printers

    Konica Minolta Australia has expanded its bizhub i-Series range with the launch of two new colour A3 multifunction print..

    29 September 2020

    Konica Minolta Australia has expanded its bizhub i-Series range with the launch of two new colour A3 multifunction printers (MFPs). The new bizhub C450i and bizhub C650i are next-generation multifunctional devices designed to empower digital workflows. 

    Shane Blandford, chief marketing and innovation officer, Konica Minolta, said, “Like every model in the bizhub i-Series product line, the new devices reflect a new paradigm for how multifunctional devices meet the needs of businesses by serving as a secure, smart technology hub to augment office connectivity. As SMBs continue their path to recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be critical that they choose smart technology that elevates their digital status. 

    “The new MFPs offer fast, reliable solutions for document handling and serve as an intelligent device that effectively becomes the heart of the customer’s digital office. They can also be tailored to meet the requirements of each business with the wide breadth of applications that are available from Konica Minolta’s Marketplace, which is pre-installed on every device. Furthermore, by placing the customer’s need for high operational efficiency at the heart of each MFP solution, Konica Minolta delivers best-in-class service and troubleshooting through its Remote Service Platform.” 

    The new models feature the bizhub i-Series’ fresh, contemporary exterior design and the highly intuitive smartphone-style user interface with a tiltable, floating 10-inch panel that is used throughout the bizhub i-Series range. It features a new card-type quick copy screen and various apps with integrated guidance for a better user experience. In addition, newly developed widget technology allows embedding and operating functionality directly from the MFP’s home screen, shortening the time spent in front of the MFP. This ensures an entirely natural and familiar user experience that is common across all bizhub i-Series devices. 

    High performance operation and quick response is assured by the same powerful quad-core central processing unit and standard 8 GB of memory with a 256 GB SSD, (upgradeable to optional 1 TB SSD). The three new A3 colour MFPs offer a choice of 45ppm, 55ppm or 65ppm print speeds. 

    As standard, the three new MFPs feature a dual-scan document feeder that can accommodate up to 300 sheets, with a faster 280 ipm scan speed and double-feed detection sensors. Newly designed finishers with an integrated manual staple feature are also available as an option. The new higher-speed bizhub i-Series models also have an automatic intelligent media sensor that can detect paper weight and media type. This helps to reduce user error and unnecessary support requests due to unmatched settings for the paper type being used leading to fewer paper jams, boosting productivity. 

    bizhub i-Series MFPs have been designed to work with powerful workflow tools such as Konica Minolta’s Dispatcher Phoenix. Dispatcher Phoenix offers advanced document workflow and is an ideal solution for enhancing document security via digital workflows. 


    Mutoh Australia has announced the availability of two all-new benchtop UV printers, both with unique braille and raised ..

    29 September 2020

    Mutoh Australia has announced the availability of two all-new benchtop UV printers, both with unique braille and raised effect capability. Local Managing Director Russell Cavenagh says: “The Australian introduction of the XPJ-461UF and XPJ-661UF UV- LED printers continues to expand Mutoh’s roll-out of the XpertJet platform, with advanced features and enhanced user experience. These models will be popular among users looking to produce trophy & awards, signage and of course braille signage – at which they excel, personalised products, name badges, promotional products, interior décor, packaging prototypes, drinkware and much more.”

    The XPJ-461UF and the XPJ-661UF offer many new features including a new sleek design along with an expanded print area of up to 483mm x 594mm on the XPJ-661UF. Both the XPJ-461 and the XPJ-661 include Mutoh’s innovative and unique UV- LED Lamp ‘Local Dimming Control Technology’ which produces glossy, semi-glossy and matte varnish printing in a single pass simultaneously with colours and / or white printing. This is achieved by using a 2” (50.8mm) LED-UV lamp with six zones that can be individually turned on and off. “This represents a significant productivity increase where mixed gloss/matte/semi-matte spot varnishes are called for,” says Cavenagh.

    Mutoh’s new XPJ-461UF is a lower-investment cost A3 printer with the same advantages as its A2+ sibling. Both can print thicknesses up to 15cm and can be set-as either CMYK or CMYK + White + Varnish. The varnish inks create unique special effects and embossing, while the white ink allows for easy printing on dark materials. High-quality ADA-approved braille can be achieved using either colours or varnish, or both for the fastest high-build available.

    Supporting World Sight Day and Fred Hollows
    “To celebrate the release of these two amazing printers and their braille capability, Mutoh Australia is supporting World Sight Day this year on 8th October, and donating $500 to the Fred Hollows Foundation for every printer sold between now and 24th December 2020,” reveals Cavenagh. “We work in an industry of visual effects so there is a great synergy between printing, seeing, and working with colour - and restoring sight, which the great Fred Hollows enabled for millions of people!”

    The new Mutoh printers are available through Mutoh Australia’s network of reseller dealers. For more information see: 

  • + News from US: Xeikon Launches Xeikon SX30000 Digital Press

    Xeikon America, Inc. launched its Xeikon SX30000 digital press, available immediately in the US and Canadian markets. ..

    29 September 2020

    Xeikon America, Inc. launched its Xeikon SX30000 digital press, available immediately in the US and Canadian markets. 
    The new electrophotographic toner-based press is based on SIRIUS technology.
    As part of the company’s Xeikon Café TV series, the public launch event was led by Xeikon America’s Director of Marketing Donna Covannon and viewed in web broadcast format by print providers, partners, analysts and journalists. 
    Viewers of the broadcast also saw a demonstration of the new press. 
    “North American print providers have been enthusiastic,” said Covannon, “and we are thrilled to begin taking orders for the press today. We anticipate very strong sales for the Xeikon SX30000 this year and many years to come.” 

  • + Kodak Withdraws From drupa 2021

    Kodak said it has withdrawn from drupa 2021. “Kodak’s commitment to the safety of our employees and c..

    29 September 2020

    Kodak said it has withdrawn from drupa 2021. 
    “Kodak’s commitment to the safety of our employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic is paramount. The continued concerns and impacts of the pandemic make it difficult for us to commit resources for such an event in these uncertain times,” said Jim Continenza, executive chairman, Eastman Kodak Company. 
    Kodak will continue to invest in the print industry, doubling down on digital print and delivering the products its customers need to drive productivity and growth as the industry evolves.  

  • + News from USA: Mutoh Launches New Dye-Sublimation Printer

    Mutoh America Inc. a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, today announces the launch of its new 64 inch ..

    29 September 2020

    Mutoh America Inc. a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, today announces the launch of its new 64 inch dye sublimation printer, XpertJet 1682WR. The latest additions to MUTOH’s award-winning line of wide format printers, paired with MUTOH’s new DH21 Dye Sublimation ink provides improved usability and reduces operational workload which will ensure high-quality prints, high production output, and user-friendly operation.

    Standard staggered dual head design, provides great quality and print speeds. Available in both 4 colour (CMYK) and 7 colour (CMYK, Lc,Lm,Lk,) ink configurations for DH21.

    The XpertJet platform has all new features specifically designed to enhance the user’s experience, work flow and output quality. Features have been added to improve transport and printing of thinner papers. The XpertJet will be a favourite among users looking to output various types of dye sublimation including textile, hard surfaces, personalisation products, signage and more.

    * New Cover Design – sleek black modern design with easy maintenance access.
    * New Automatic Bi-Directional alignment with built in sensor – save time by automatically calibrating printer alignments, increasing ease of use.
    * New Touch Panel – user friendly touch panel which only displays keys necessary for desired functions.
    * New Internal LED lighting – illuminates work area to easily monitor print status.
    * New LED warning indicators – for each ink cartridge slot, showing remaining ink levels.
    * MUTOH Status Monitor (MSM) – check’s the printer’s operation status in real time. MSM mobile provides monitoring with a smartphone or tablet.
    * New Media Feed Flange Design – allows operators to easily and quickly load media and exchange multiple rolls when the flanges have been mounted in advance.
    * New Hi-Torque Media Flange option – for thin and lightweight papers
    * New Pressure Roller System- allows operators to manually select and engage individual pressure rollers to minimise cockling

    “We are happy to announce and introduce our latest evolution of dye sublimation printers, the XPJ-1682WR produced by MUTOH in Japan – says Randy Anderson, Product Manager for MUTOH, America “We’ve kept the core components that makes MUTOH dye sub printers strong and reliable while adding new technologies that make the printer easier to use.

    The XpertJet 1682WR is available now for pre-order through an authorised MUTOH reseller and will start shipping September 2020.

  • + DuPont Image Solutions Introduces Artistri Xite P2700 Inks for Roll-to-Roll Printers

    DuPont Image Solutions announced the new series for its Pigment Inks portfolio, DuPont Artistri Xite P2700. Artistr..

    29 September 2020

    DuPont Image Solutions announced the new series for its Pigment Inks portfolio, DuPont Artistri Xite P2700.

    Artistri P2700 is an innovative digital textile premium pigment ink formulated for mid- viscosity printheads, offering best-in-class colour with deep, rich black and outstanding colour saturation. Due to the ink formulation, it delivers the quality needed for textile printers in home, furnishings and apparel applications.

    DuPont and Creazioni Digitali, based in the Province of Como, Italy, collaborated to test and optimise the printing process and quality of the printed fabric.

    “We are delighted to deliver brilliant colours with great wet and dry crock without compromising hand feel and the sustainability advantage of water-based pigment ink jet inks,” said Eric Beyeler, global ink jet marketing manager, DuPont Image Solutions.

    “Quality and durability of the printed fabric is what our customers trust us to deliver,” said Roberto Lucini, CEO Creazioni Digitali, “With DuPont Artistri Xite P2700 inks, we can meet the crock fastness requirements our customers expect, print vibrant colours with reliable jetting performance and all this with the low environmental footprint of digital pigment inks.”

    Key features that benefit roll-to-roll printers:

    • Jetting reliability

    • 2A Wash fastness 4-5; Dry crock ≥ 4; Wet crock ≥ 3.5

    • High colour saturation

    • Better lightfastness for Y

    • Colours: CMYK ORBGV (light cmk)

    “We are very pleased to see how DuPont Artistri Xite P2700 pigment ink is helping Creazioni Digitali and their customers succeed in a very competitive Textile marketplace. Creazioni Digitali has always set the standard for printed fabrics and it is a great compliment to have P2700 be selected for their digital textile fabric offering. We look forward to continuously support Creazioni Digitali and their customer’s business success,” said Jan Scharfenberg, EMEA business director, DuPont Image Solutions.

  • + ABG launches DigiJet digital embellishment module

    A B Graphic International (ABG) has expanded the range of modules for its Digicon Series 3 with the latest digital techn..

    29 September 2020

    A B Graphic International (ABG) has expanded the range of modules for its Digicon Series 3 with the latest digital technology DigiJet (JetFX) allowing for multiple embellishment processes in one pass.

    DigiJet offers an on-line or off-line fully digital embellishment. It allows for multiple processes in one pass including spot varnishing, digital foiling and tactile screen on any size of print run. Its main features include two inkjet heads with UV pinning and UV curing, automated cold foil throw-off, a shuttle system for zero waste and stop start at job changeover, chill rollers for sensitive materials, pre-press software and food compliant fluids.

    It is currently available in single bar or dual bar configurations, with the easily adjustable quantity of varnish to a height of up to 225 microns. Jobs can be automatically changed on the fly and the new module can be integrated with workflow and MIS. 

    The DigiJet module has been already installed in a number of Digicon Series 3 machines, including UK-based converters Springfield Solutions and Baker Labels. It can be also retrofitted to existing machines.

    ‘DigiJet is a revolutionary module for the digital market,’ commented Matt Burton, ABG’s global sales director. ‘With technology improving all the time, digital embellishment is where the future is - perfect for short runs, no tooling costs, the ability to change jobs quickly, variable data, personalisation and dramatically reduced lead times. DigiJet will undoubtedly be a game-changer for many of our customers.’

    ABG has also released an explainer video to accompany the launch of the DigiJet embellishment module offering more technical insight into this new technology.

    For enquiries, contact Currie Group. 

    Join A B Graphic International for a webinar introduction to the newly launched DigiJet Digital Embellishment module for the Digicon Series 3.
    Register below to understand more about Digital Embellishment from ABG and how DigiJet can enhance your labels.
    6th October at 8pm AEST:

  • + World’s First Successful Practical Test Use of Toray’s 100 % VOC-Free Waterless EB Offset Printing Technology in Europe

    Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that its technology for waterless electron beam (EB) offset printing has been ap..

    28 September 2020

    Toray Industries, Inc., announced today that its technology for waterless electron beam (EB) offset printing has been applied successfully for the first time on flexible packaging. The technology is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Spain’s SP Group, a European manufacturer of flexible retail food packaging, completed a series of tests to print retort pouches with this technology.

    The tests demonstrated the key benefits of this innovative printing technology. These include maximum sustainability and resource conservation and optimal compliance with health and anti-pollution standards. Another advantage is exceptional print quality, with sharper, higher resolution images that comply with food contact materials regulations. The printing industry should accordingly enjoy significant savings and efficiency gains over the medium term.

    Retort packaging samples

    The testing success represents a milestone in Toray’s R&D into waterless printing technology, which started in the early 1970s. Such technology has helped reduce VOC emissions for more than 40 years. Toray began developing printing technology that is completely free of these chemicals in 2015.

    The application that the SP Group created for its test on the COMEXI CI8 offset press employed water-washable EB ink from Toray. Francisco Bernal, CEO of SP Group, emphasises that, “Using such innovative technologies as waterless EB offset, VOC-free printing has matched our core corporate principles of sustainability while maximising quality. Testing with Toray technology embodied SP Group’s pioneering spirit and ongoing commitment to optimisation.”

    Toray’s technology offers several advantages. Waterless offset printing does not require dampening water, so VOC emissions are 60% to 80% lower than with wet processes. The special ink and EB curing-based process eliminate the need for solvents. Liquids that clean printing units are free of organic solvents, for zero VOC consumption in cleaning processes. Finally, Toray could achieve 100% VOC-free in all printing processes.

  • + Ball & Doggett Release Cherry Wood Veneer Face Stock

    / Masterfully crafted from real cherry wood and cut into thin slices - this process makes every sheet unique and d..

    15 September 2020

    / Masterfully crafted from real cherry wood and cut into thin slices - this process makes every sheet unique and different
    / The natural texture and grain variations in the wood wont effect the print and converting process
    / This face stock easily accepts foil stamping
    / Top coated and optimised for HP Indigo Presses.
    / Designed for premium product labelling on bottles and food packaging (wine, spirits, beverages and gourmet food)

  • + Canon Launches Updated ColorWave and PlotWave Portfolio

    Canon Production Printing Australia have today announced the launch of a new ColorWave and PlotWave printer and plotter ..

    15 September 2020

    Canon Production Printing Australia have today announced the launch of a new ColorWave and PlotWave printer and plotter series. The series features new integrated printing security that offers high tech security features such as safe submission to protect data and user credentials when sending files to the printer.

    Comprising three ColorWave models (3600, 3800 and 9000) and five monochrome PlotWave models (3000, 3500, 5000, 5500 and 7500) featuring the latest security technology, SMARTshield, the range provides safe storage, protecting print data from theft or accidental data leakage; authorisation to restrict access to confidential files, and hack prevention which ensures no one from outside the organisation can access the printer’s files. 

    Craig Nethercott, Managing Director, Canon Production Printing Australia, says “Whether print data is in submission, in storage, or being authorised – SMARTshield ensures that it remains secure.”

    “From R&D departments printing confidential prototypes, to building companies being able to retain plans confidentially to ensure that the actual buildings remain secure, companies need to have confidence that their data is protected.

    “This updated portfolio offers that peace of mind – meeting the highest security standards,” says Nethercott. 

    The series has been designed to support and encourage creativity in all organisations at every stage of the design process - from the visualisation of ideas, through the developmental process to final designs.

    From corporate workspaces, to copy shops and production environments, the printers in these series are designed as sustainable, compact and ergonomic solutions to fit any environment, while also operating quietly to minimise distractions.  The interface is easy to use and can be operated by anyone, whether or not a trained operator.

    Integrating optional finishing and scanning solutions, ColorWave and PlotWave printers now offer a range of fully compatible stackers and folders, any printer in the series can be configured to meet specific requirements and easily produce finished documents.

    Also compatible with both series are scanning solutions for a large range of requirements – the Scanner Express, which can be integrated on top of the PlotWave and ColorWave printers for walk-up prints, and the Scanner Professional, a stand-alone production scanner for maximum quality and productivity that can be integrated with one or more printers.

    Using ClearConnect software, the printers provide a streamlined workflow for any individual print job or complex multi-file document set. By providing active operator warnings and accurate print previews, the software also enables users to make necessary corrections before hitting print, and to submit prints with ease, from any location or device. 

    Designed to save time and speed up the design process, Publisher Select, part of the ClearConnect software suite, eliminates misprints and wasted materials with a ‘what you see is what your print’ preview on your computer desktop. Improving productivity, the software offers dual printer support for a range of Canon’s large format printers and has the functionality to assign specialised media templates to print jobs or individual files within a multi-file print job. 

    Martijn Fransen, Strategy & Marketing Director, Technical Document Systems, Canon Production Printing, comments, “With our long heritage in the large format printing market, Canon is dedicated to continuously developing innovative technology to support our customers’ evolving needs and enable them to confidently print their concepts and designs right first time at a high quality.”

  • + Koenig & Bauer Presents Rapida 76 in B2 Format

    A new generation of the Rapida 76 from Koenig & Bauer has just been released onto the market. The B2 press (st..

    15 September 2020

    A new generation of the Rapida 76 from Koenig & Bauer has just been released onto the market. 

    The B2 press (standard sheet format 530 x 750 mm; special format 605 x 750 mm) boasts peak printing speeds of up to 18,000 sheets per hour and a fully revamped and particularly aesthetic appearance.

    To cater for as many different applications as possible, up to 11 printing and finishing units can be combined to configure a Rapida 76 which is tailored precisely to individual production needs. 

    That could mean a 10-color press with an automatically convertible perfecting unit for 5-over-5 production – possibly together with an additional coating tower to allow the printing of covers, for example – or packaging presses with double-coating facilities for the production of pharmaceutical packaging and the like. 

    Further variants incorporate raised foundations to accommodate higher piles with board substrates, or various delivery extensions for coating applications. 

    Ink duct dividers can also be chosen to enable rainbow printing. 

    Thanks to a comprehensive range of measuring systems and optional facilities for inline sheet inspection, the Rapida 76 is ideally prepared for a diversity of special applications, including even the production of security documents.

    The half-format press handles both conventional and UV inks and coatings with equal ease. Beside IR/hot-air drying systems, various UV, HR-UV and LED-UV systems are also available.

  • + Epson launches its next gen A3+ colour EcoTank multi-function printer

    Epson has launched the EcoTank Pro ET-16600, its second generation wireless all-in-one A3 wide format printer offering l..

    15 September 2020

    Epson has launched the EcoTank Pro ET-16600, its second generation wireless all-in-one A3 wide format printer offering long life cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill supersized ink tanks. The ET-16600 includes enough ink to print many thousands2 of pages straight out of the box,, is powered by PrecisionCore® Heat-Free printing technology and delivers sharp text and colour prints up to A3+ (13" x 19").

    It can also copy and scan pages up to A3 (11" x 17") and features a 500-sheet paper capacity and rear specialty-paper feed, plus a 4.3" colour touchscreen for easy navigation.

    Powered by PrecisionCore Heat-Free Technology, Epson’s most advanced printhead technology, the  EcoTank Pro ET-16600 multi-function inkjet printer ensures peak A3 productivity and flexible paper handling. It is primarily aimed at home and small office users who require A3 professional quality colour output with sharp text at an affordable cost per page.
    For one upfront price, the Epson ET-16600 prints up to 4,500 pages in black2 and 2,800 pages in colour2 straight out of the box without worrying about ongoing ink replacement and costs.

    That said, if and when you do run out of ink, replacement bottles that only cost from $24.99 hold enough ink for another massive 7,500 pages in black2 and 6,000 pages in colour2.
    At the heart of the ET-16600 is the truly innovative PrecisionCore technology which features Epson’s advanced Thin-Film Piezoelectric (TFP®) elements produced via a MEMS manufacturing process using semiconductor micro-fabrication techniques.
    Forming the foundations of this proprietary technology is the PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip, a digital chip that produces dots at the micron level — 1/100th the size of a human hair. Each nozzle on the printhead delivers up to 50,000 droplets per second and it’s this extraordinary focus on accuracy and detail that enables PrecisionCore to deliver exceptional results.
    For a machine that prints A3+, the ET-16600 is also fast with print speeds of up to 25 ISO ppm for black and white and 12 ISO ppm1 for colour prints that rival and beat many colour laser printers without compromising a single droplet of quality.

    There’s more reasons for packing a greater number of nozzles into a smaller surface area too, as this high-resolution inkjet printhead along with PrecisionCore Heat-Free technology, gives users ultra-sharp text, as well as stunning graphics and images — all with smooth gradations on both plain and specialty paper.
    Did someone mention efficiency? The ET-16600 comes with a 50-sheet automatic document feeder and offers duplex print, scan, copy and fax functions. This means the ET-16600 is always ready to print with the two 250-sheet front loading paper trays plus the rear specialty tray to accommodate specialty media. In other words there are more ways for you to get creative by printing on envelopes, labels, card stock and more.

    For those of us who still fax (you’d be surprised how many people do) the ET-16600 can fax as fast as 3 seconds per page, save up to 180 pages in memory, and store up to 200 numbers. Or by using the included PC-Fax software, users can even send a colour fax right from their computer. It’s a great way to save time and paper.
    Using the EcoTank Pro ET-16600 all-in-one has also never been easier — whether in the office, on the road or even across the globe as with its simple wireless connectivity you can connect to your wireless network almost immediately. Even the latest wireless standard, 802.11 n4, is supported.

    Wi-Fi Direct means no router is required enabling users to print from virtually any room anywhere. That said if you’re the type who likes cables, the ET-16600’s built-in Ethernet makes sharing the printer on your network quick and easy with a single wired connection too.
    The EcoTank Pro ET-16600 comes loaded with connectivity convenience in the form of Epson Connect which enables you to print wirelessly from your iPad™, iPhone™, Android™ tablet or smartphone. You can also easily print documents, photos, emails and web pages while in your home, office or on the road and can scan your documents and save them to the cloud for access anytime, anywhere too.

    If you want to share your Google® content you can print on the go from a smartphone or tablet using Google Cloud Print™, with your Gmail™ or Google Drive™ account or print from your Chromebook™ and Google Chrome™ without installing drivers or connecting cables. 

    It’s kind to the environment too as along with the big ink tanks creating zero cartridge waste, the EcoTank Pro ET-16600 includes features such automatic, two-sided printing and copying saving users up to 50% on paper supply.
    In other words the  EcoTank Pro ET-16600 not only provides brilliant results for the home and office, but also a smart value choice for the cost conscious consumer.
    Epson’s new EcoTank Pro ET-16600 is available now via and from all authorised Epson retailers and resellers across Australia with an RRP of $1,699.00