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  • + Lets Help Maddie *Warning, You may find these images distressing

    It was the day of Madison's seventh birthday... Aaron McDonald, from McDonald Signs and Print in Young NSW, is a lo..

    21 February 2019

    It was the day of Madison's seventh birthday...

    Aaron McDonald, from McDonald Signs and Print in Young NSW, is a long time family owned sign business. McDonald Signs and Print is a member of the Australian Signs and Graphics Association (ASGA). He is also a previous winner of the vehicle wrap award in the ASGA Awards. However, and very sadly, the McDonald’s life changed instantly in September 2018, when Aaron daughter, Madison, was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident. It was the day of her seventh birthday.

    After the accident, Madison was immediately airlifted to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, She needed immediate treatment for a severe head and body injuries.

    Madison’s injuries saw her come close to death multiple times following the accident. She also suffered a stroke in the days following, eventually falling into a coma for 3 weeks and requiring Intensive Care treatment for a month. Maddie is currently still in hospital with a long road ahead. Thankfully, she has received amazing care and support from the Doctors and staff and her family. 

    As any good parent would do, Aaron closed the family business so they could focus all their efforts on helping Maddie try to get through this extremely difficult period. As a result, in the days and months following the accident, Maddie’s family faced financial pressures that are, sadly, very common when a child becomes seriously ill or injured. 

    Aaron is planning to reopen McDonald Signs and Print in April 2019 whilst also caring for Maddie and continuing her rehab. They need help.

    So how can we help?

    As an industry we would like to support the McDonald family and get their business up and running again. Any support that can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    If you or your business can help with anything for Aaron and his family, then please contact Peter Harper, CEO Visual Connections on peterh@visualconnections or Sarah Moore, Business Development Manager Visual Connections on or 02 9868 1577. 

    Together, let’s help this signage family in their time of need. 


    SCREEN Graphic Solutions has finalised the development of its PlateRite Ultima 24000N series of thermal plate recorders ..

    21 February 2019

    SCREEN Graphic Solutions has finalised the development of its PlateRite Ultima 24000N series of thermal plate recorders designed for plates up to 24 A4 pages. The series features the latest GLV™ imaging heads and delivers high throughput of up to 35 plates per hour with an outstanding cost performance. SCREEN GA plans to release the new systems to the international market in March.
    In recent years, as printing companies seek to improve the production efficiency of printed materials, the international market has shown a growing requirement for the use of large-format presses capable of easily handling multiple jobs in a single run. The need has affected both sheet-fed and web offset presses. In response to this trend, SCREEN GA has adapted and optimised the plate sizes supported by its PlateRite Ultima 24000 series to suit these presses. These efforts have now led to the development of the PlateRite Ultima 24000N series. Its two new systems offer significantly more compact dimensions than the existing models with even greater productivity and cost performance.  
    The PlateRite Ultima 24000N series incorporates the latest GLV™ imaging heads with an upgraded optical system. These heads support the output of SCREEN GA’s proprietary Spekta 2 hybrid screening, enabling richer, high-resolution expression of printing themes. The series’ Z model is equipped with 1,024 channel heads that boost output to 35 plates per hour, up from the 27 plates possible with the current system. The 512 channel S model also improves throughput to 24 plates per hour, from the 22 plates offered by its equivalent system. Both models are able to handle plates from 650 x 490 mm up to 1,652 x 1,325 mm, comprehensively covering the sizes used by large-format presses.
    In addition, the new series can be used with SCREEN GA’s MA-L40000 multi-cassette autoloader, capable of automatically supplying up to 300 plates, to achieve extended continuous operation. SCREEN GA also plans to develop a new model of its Skid autoloader, which is able to deliver a large number of uniformly sized plates. The whole system can likewise be linked to TRUST Network Service, the company’s sophisticated online maintenance support service, helping to ensure trouble-free operation.
    SCREEN GA will continue to use its position as a leading international supplier of CtP systems to meet the constantly evolving needs of printing companies. It remains fully committed to the long-term growth of the industry.

  • + SAi Increases Value Proposition to Customers with Launch of Sign Design Elements

    Reflecting its continued commitment to provide customers with added-value offerings that improve the way they work, SAi ..

    21 February 2019

    Reflecting its continued commitment to provide customers with added-value offerings that improve the way they work, SAi has announced the launch of Sign Design Elements, a comprehensive stock library of over six-and-a-half million downloadable assets for the sign industry.

    Available to customers accessing SAi software on subscription, Sign Design Elements comprises an ever-expanding collection of high-resolution images, logos, fonts, cut-ready vector illustrations, vehicle outlines and wraps, and metallic-ready files. With nearly 23,000 templates alone for global car and truck makes and models, the new portal is expected to prove particularly beneficial to those for whom vehicle wraps is a key application area.

    SAi Flexi software subscribers benefit from five free-of-charge downloads each month, with the opportunity to obtain a hundred more images or templates for just $15 (€15 / £10) per month via simple subscription add-on. The service is available to those on both annual and monthly plans and is easily accessible from the user’s SAi Cloud window.

    “Sign Design Elements responds to the specific needs of sign businesses that increasingly require high-quality images and graphic elements,” says Annette Plummer, Vice President, SAi. “This offering makes it easy for such users to quickly locate and download exactly what they need from one location directly from their SAi software, saving precious time and maintaining throughput.”

    To register for Sign Design Elements, SAi subscription customers can visit here

  • + Contex completes the HD Ultra X scanner series with two new models

    Contex has introduced two new models to the HD Ultra X scanner series. The series now includes 36- and 42-inch models, c..

    21 February 2019

    Contex has introduced two new models to the HD Ultra X scanner series. The series now includes 36- and 42-inch models, completing the range of scanning solutions for Contex’s newest line of premium scanners. Introduced in 2018 to rave reviews from the scanning community, the HD Ultra X scanner series, which also includes a 60-inch model, reigns as the market’s fastest and widest scanner series available. The scanner series outperforms the competition in color matching and image scanning quality, while exceeding environmental standards. The scanner series also boasts numerous productivity-boosting capabilities to accelerate the scanning workflow, while delivering long-term value and a quick ROI. All scanners in the HD Ultra X series are immediately available from distributors worldwide.

    “Our customers are thrilled with the capabilities of the HD Ultra X scanners, and the new models give them even more options to suit their requirements,” comments Jacob Bendix, CCO and VP of Global Sales and Marketing. “Productivity, improved workflow, and color matching have been the center of our attention, and our customers can instantly benefit from these advancements the HD Ultra X scanner series.”

    HD Ultra X scanner series expanded

    The HD Ultra X series uses CCD technology for the best quality images available in the market today. Whether scanning 36-, 42-, or 60-inches wide, customers can capture originals at an unprecedented 17.8 ips. The common platform also gives customers the same results from each scanner model. 

    The scanner series includes several unique features and productivity boosters, including true size detection and instant-ON capabilities, which cut valuable seconds from production time. A throttle buffer control also eliminates scanner pauses, allowing operators to continuously feed documents without waiting for scanned data to be processed.

    The HD Ultra X series boasts the fastest data transfer of any scanner on the market, made possible by the GB Ethernet xDTR2.5 and USB 3.0 SuperSpeed xDTR3 data transfer technologies.

    Exclusive technologies for the most advanced image quality

    The advanced technology in the Contex HD Ultra X scanner series offers customers several exclusive imaging advantages, including the highest color-rendering index (CRI). The scanners are equipped with Contex Perfect Light, which uses the latest LED technology combined with specially developed diffusion filters.

    Sharp scans are achieved by Contex’s exclusive lens spherical correction technology and accuracy lens enhancement (ALE), which minimizes optical distortion. Each scanner model in the the HD Ultra X series is equipped with X-Rite ICC color technology and Fujifilm camera lenses, which deliver greater depth of focus — 0.3 inches — and CCD optics of up to 1200 dpi. The depth of focus allows users to capture documents of all types — especially thick, delicate, or with irregularities — with ease. 

    Intuitive scanning advancements

    With just the press of a lever, Contex’s Optimal Thickness Adjustment Control (OTAC) enables users to quickly adjust the HD Ultra X to the required paper thickness. Feather mode also protects delicate originals and extra-thin documents. 

    A speed-matched roller system ensures fast and easy document loading and eliminates skewing. Operators can choose between center and side loading, or use the adjustable paper guide for smaller documents. 

    The scanner’s static-free, touchless glass system and steel anti-static feed table also minimize friction, while reducing maintenance costs over time from worn scanner glass.

    Exceeding environmental standards

    The HD Ultra X scanner series exceeds Energy Star consumption standards and is RoHS compliant.

    Additionally, the LED light source, guaranteed to last the scanner’s lifetime, saves energy by automatically turning off in between scans. Instant-ON scanning capabilities also allows operators to simply load and scan originals, without requiring the scanner to warm-up. 

    HD Ultra scanner series availability

    The HD Ultra X scanners are available as stand-alone (Contex AIO optional) or in a ScanStation Pro configuration, which includes a stand, touchscreen monitor, and Nextimage REPRO software (Contex AIO optional). The HD Ultra X scanners can be networked to any leading printer.

    For more information visit a Contex distributor, or contact

  • + Epson Printers and Projectors Win iF Design Award 2019

    Four of Epson’s inkjet printer designs and two of its 3LCD projector designs have been named iF Design Award 2019 ..

    21 February 2019

    Four of Epson’s inkjet printer designs and two of its 3LCD projector designs have been named iF Design Award 2019 winners by iF International Forum Design.

    Created in 1953, the iF Design Award is recognised around the world as one of the most prestigious awards for innovative industrial product design excellence. Products are evaluated based on a wide range of criteria, including factors such as practicability, workmanship, consideration of environmental standards, degree of elaboration and innovation, functionality, usability, safety, aesthetics, and universal design. This year's winners were selected from more than 6,375 entries from 52 countries by a 67-member jury comprised of experts from around the world.

    EV-100/ EV-105 projectors

    A projector to be used for lighting or video performances of products or exhibits in shopping centers or museums. To better show off the appeal of the product or exhibit, we focused on a simple design that melts into the surroundings. We removed all holes and wiring from the unit sides, which customers notice, for a clean design. The vents, which any projector requires, were hidden in the design as slits with identical patterns on the unit's front and rear. The cylindrical design, made to resemble a spotlight, enables you to install it on the ceiling without negatively affecting the atmosphere.

    ET-M1140/ ET-M1180/ ET-M2140/ ET-M3140/ ET-M3170 inkjet printers

    A4-sized monochrome inkjet machine with a high capacity eco tank that enables up to 6,000 sheets on a single ink refill. The new eco tank design puts a single slit through a simple and clean exterior. You can intuitively check the ink level or open and close the tank cover. A unique shape was used for the bottle tip and inlet to prevent filling mistakes. Just insert the bottle - the printer automatically refills ink then stops, giving you comfort and reassurance. While low cost, it lets you easily perform various printing and reduces downtime and waste to support your daily work. 

    ET-2710/ ET-4700/ L1110/ L3100/ L3110/ L3150/ L5190 inkjet printers

    A4-sized colour inkjet machine with a high capacity eco tank that lets you easily perform various printing at low cost. We focused on operability to eliminate hassle and concerns about stains when refilling ink. Not only did we improve front access and the visibility of the remaining ink, we also used a unique shape for the bottle tip and inlet of each colour to prevent filling mistakes for unprecedented comfort and reassurance. The protruding shape expresses the performance of the high capacity eco tank, and the simple, round design around the tank gives an approachable and familiar feeling.

    SC-T5150/ SC-T5150N/ SC-T3150/ SC-T3150N/ SC-T3100/ SC-T3100N/ SC-T5100/ SC-T5100N inkjet printers

    Full-colour large format printer (LFP) among the smallest in the world for use in offices, architect studios, schools, and retail shops. LFPs are conventionally used for special applications, but with UI identical to business printers and a simple and clean look that fits any office, we designed printers that make it easy for customers to buy their first LFP. For schools in particular we prioritised safety, reducing the outlet port to ten mm so that children cannot fit their fingers inside. The large touch panel and buzzer let you see the status at a glance and give guidance for easy use.

    SC-T5450/ SC-T3450/ SC-T3450N/ SC-T3400/ SC-T3400N/ SC-T5400 inkjet printers

    High-speed, high-resolution large format printer (LFP) for printing drawings in official bureaus and architect studios or PoP printing in retail shops. We redesigned the LFP, conventionally used for special applications, with UI identical to business printers and a simple and clean look that fits any office. It provides intuitive operation and maintains a clean office atmosphere. 
    The large touch panel, warning LEDs, and buzzer let you see the status at a glance and give guidance for easy use. We also strived to cut assembly time, streamlining work by developing new legs assembled in three steps.

    EB-L610U/ EB-L615U projectors

    A projector to be installed in classrooms and lecture halls or offices for meetings and presentations. A new laser light source allows for a very compact size while achieving a bright screen up to 6,000 lm and eliminating the need for maintenance. The exterior design consists of vertical and horizontal elements in order to blend into the interior space, and the vents use a louver shape to hide the noisy internal parts. The emphasised thinness and the rounded corners give off a simple and clean feel when looked at from any angle, allowing you to install the product naturally on desktops or ceilings.

  • + Esko and Barberán Announce an Agreement to Automate the Prepress Workflow for the Single Pass Jetmaster Digital Printer

    Barberán, a leader in the design and development of digital Single Pass presses, and Esko, a global supplier of i..

    19 February 2019

    Barberán, a leader in the design and development of digital Single Pass presses, and Esko, a global supplier of integrated hardware and software solutions for the packaging, label and wide format sectors, have reached an agreement to work together on a solution that will automate the pre-press workflow for the Jetmaster Series digital printer.

    The relationship was consolidated during the recent Barberán Open House where, according to Chris Rogers, Esko Solutions Marketing Manager, Barberán demonstrated leading edge technology to a highly receptive audience of corrugated converters. This collaboration will combine the expertise of both companies and exploit the synergy between their respective product portfolios.

  • + drupa 2020 wants to take packaging ‘to the next level’

    To address the challenges and transformations in the packaging sector, the touchpoint packaging initiative at drupa 2020..

    18 February 2019

    To address the challenges and transformations in the packaging sector, the touchpoint packaging initiative at drupa 2020 will showcase how innovative printing technologies contribute to the future of packaging. drupa will take place from June 16 to 26, 2020 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany.

    During the latest steering committee meeting in December 2018, the touchpoint packaging members Agfa, Bobst, Danone, Esko, Heidelberg, HP, Kurz, Nestlé, Siegwerk and EPDA (European Packaging Design Association) defined more than 20 projects that will cover key issues such as customisation and personalisation, digitalisation, security and authentication.

    In these projects, concepts and the latest know-how about packaging production, finishing techniques and substrates will be developed and presented - the highlight will be prototypes of new packaging solutions that meet the demands and requirements of future consumers and brand owners. drupa visitors will be able to experience both physical and non-physical packaging elements via augmented reality, virtual reality and digital workflows. Over the 11 days of drupa 2020, visitors will be able to listen to keynotes, attend roundtables, engage with specialists and see the newest packaging solutions designed to help brand owners, packaging designers and packaging converters meet the requirements of the next decade, show organisers explain.

    In addition, drupa has formalised an agreement with NABA, International Academy of Art, Design and Fashion. A handpicked group of their international students will add their insights and creativity to the steering committee member-driven projects and present their own ideas and design concepts for tomorrow’s packaging.

  • + HP Reaches 1000th HP Indigo Series 4 Press Sold

    HP Inc. announced it reached a milestone one-thousand HP Indigo Series 4 presses sold, amid growing customer momentum fo..

    18 February 2019

    HP Inc. announced it reached a milestone one-thousand HP Indigo Series 4 presses sold, amid growing customer momentum for its industry-leading1 29 inch (B2) platform across commercial and labels and packaging digital printing applications.

    “Supplying 1000 presses to customers in 65 countries is an exciting milestone. The introduction of the HP Indigo B2 platform at drupa 2012 set the stage for a massive disruption in printing, prompting print service providers to reevaluate their businesses,” Alon Bar-Shany, general manager, HP Indigo, HP Inc., said at the annual HP Indigo 2019 Global Customer Event, showcasing HP’s latest digital press portfolio and business opportunities for growth applications. “Today, adopters of HP Indigo technologies are enjoying double-digit growth thanks to their relentless drive to innovate and print different.” 

    Ryan Printing a New York, US-based, print service provider, was recognized as the 1000th worldwide installation of an HP Indigo Series 4 press with its purchase of an HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press.  “The Indigo 12000 HD will be a perfect fit for our longer and large-size digital runs and our shorter traditional offset jobs, and will help enable us to open up new markets and capabilities,” said Al Ryan, owner and general manager, whose new press will expand production alongside its HP Indigo 7800.

    Setting a new industry benchmark for quality, the HP Indigo 12000 HD has reached 50 installations worldwide, including the recent purchase of five units by Smartpress. The 29 inch (75 cm) wide Series 4 press platform also includes the oversized B1 HP Indigo 50000 for commercial and photo printing, HP Indigo 20000 for labels and flexible packaging, and HP Indigo 30000 for folding cartons.

    Additionally, HP Indigo’s narrow-web Series 3 labels and packaging presses, including the HP Indigo 8000 and HP Indigo 6000 series, have reached 1500 installed units. Recent HP Indigo labels and packaging momentum includes: 

    ·       Continued adoption of the highly productive HP Indigo 8000 Digital Press, enabling label customers to cost effectively convert medium and long runs from flexo to HP Indigo. “The HP Indigo 8000 is a great combination of outstanding productivity with renowned HP Indigo print quality. The 8000 has delivered a revenue stream equivalent to three of our flexographic converting equipment processes,” said Rocky Rahija, CEO, Flextec.

    ·       Pack Ready Laminator by Karlville, a pioneering technology extending the value of flexible packaging printing on HP Indigo digital presses, is gaining traction with eight customer installations worldwide.  Offering an immediate time-to-market solution for flexible packaging converters, Pack Ready uses an adhesive-free lamination film that can meet global food packaging safety standards.  

    ·       Rootree’s launch of a 100% compostable packaging solution based on the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press.  “We’ve made a commitment in the industry to bring environmental consciousness in packaging by addressing the full packaging lifecycle. With the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press, we’re manufacturing packaging fully made with 100% compostable films with up to 75% less waste than conventional packaging manufacturing,” said Philippe St-Cyr, general manager, Rootree.

    ·       Flexible packaging converters installing large fleets of HP Indigo 20000 digital presses, including a total of 28 units at ePac in the US and eight with LVAI in China.

    More than 650 visitors, including customers, partners and print industry analysts, joined the February 11-14, 2019 event at HP Indigo’s headquarters, production and R&D sites to be inspired by new technologies and customers and brands sharing growth stories. 

  • + Kernow Coatings launches KernowPrint Lucid for HP Indigo

    Kernow Coatings, the global leader in the development of digitally printable synthetic substrates, announced today the l..

    18 February 2019

    Kernow Coatings, the global leader in the development of digitally printable synthetic substrates, announced today the launch of KernowPrint Lucid clear polyester synthetic sheets – a new material built using the company's proprietary Cobalt Coating Technology for HP Indigo.

    KernowPrint Lucid for HP Indigo expands the range of materials offered by Kernow and provides users with an ultra-clear printable film for commercial printing special effects, industrial nameplates, and button panel applications. 

    KernowPrint Lucid for HP Indigo is a new product that expands the existing KernowPrint for HP Indigo synthetic materials range from Kernow Coatings. The polyester based film delivers high optical clarity and is well suited for applications requiring high transparency, windows, and specialty print needs. To aid in feeding, the KernowPrint Lucid for HP Indigo features an opaque paper backing that can be easily removed after printing. In addition, the material takes advantage of the Kernow Cobalt Coating Technology for HP Indigo to create an optimal surface for ink adhesion and colour vibrancy, while fully controlling static during printing and post-processing. Users can deliver high-durability prints that repel liquids, greases, and oils, including harsh industrial chemicals. Based on a polyester core, KernowPrint Lucid for HP Indigo can handle repeated folding and handling, including strenuous use in applications such as machine button panels and membrane switches.

    The KernowPrint Lucid clear synthetic material for HP Indigo is available in a range of sheet sizes for any HP Indigo press and comes in 105, 130 and 180 micron thick sheets.

    The newly released material joins the growing range of synthetic products for HP Indigo driven by Kernow's Cobalt Coating Technology. The combination of high optical clarity, extreme durability and easy handling has led customers to early successes in markets, such as industrial manufacturing, promotional piece embellishment, and greeting card special effects.

    “The success of our Cobalt Coating Technology with customers has been above and beyond anything we expected”, states Dan Lawellin, HP Indigo Materials Product Manager for Kernow Coatings. “As customers have come to trust Cobalt, optically clear materials have been one of the top requested products by our closest partners. KernowPrint Lucid for HP Indigo gives us a way to answer those needs with a material that is tough, durable, and easy to use. The HP Indigo press is perfectly suited for short run and variable needs of markets such as membrane switches. By providing customers with a new high clarity material, they can take advantage of the digital print technology and further transition business from traditional screen and offset prints to the more lucrative digital presses. Outside of industrial print, we're seeing designers really jump on this product for layered special effects that add excellent depth to promotion pieces and greeting cards.”

    KernowPrint Lucid Clear Polyester for HP Indigo is launching worldwide through distributors in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.

  • + Write On/Wipe Off with Drytac's WipeErase Films

    Drytac, a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the print, label and industrial markets, has..

    18 February 2019

    Drytac, a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the print, label and industrial markets, has announced the global availability of two new exciting additions to its WipeErase range of films.

    Drytac ReTac WipeErase and WipeErase White are both designed to be written on with standard dry-erase markers to create a whiteboard anywhere - an ideal practical solution for environments including schools, universities, offices, hospitals, retail stores and more. In addition, their anti-graffiti properties allow for easy removal of permanent markers, while they can both be branded or decorated using UV printing technology.

    Drytac's ReTac WipeErase is a 6 mil (150 micron) white dry-erase film, coated with a scratch- and stain-resistant lacquer that is guaranteed for up to ten years. The film is easy to handle, can be applied to a smooth surface and can be taken down and repositioned with no loss of adhesion and leaving no residue, thanks to its integrated ReTac Permanently Peelable Adhesive. Unlike a whiteboard, it won't suffer from ink staining or ghosting.

    Shaun Holdom, Global Product  Manager at Drytac, comments: "ReTac WipeErase is ideal as a replacement for whiteboards and flip charts, where sheets can be moved around to help with visualising and planning, and then taken away for future use. It essentially provides an 'A-frame whiteboard in a tube'. This product is also hugely beneficial in a retail environment where messages need to be moved around the store relevant to specific product ranges."

    These innovative attributes have already won fans in the graphics industry: ReTac WipeErase topped the Laminates, Adhesives, Films, Coatings category in the SGIA Product of the Year awards in 2018. These prestigious awards were announced ahead of the SGIA Expo 2018 in Las Vegas in October 2018 and recognised the most exciting products to be showcased at the event, selected by knowledgeable industry professionals.

    Drytac's second new product, WipeErase White, has a permanent adhesive for locations where the signage will not need to be moved, such as wall coverings, restaurant menus and whiteboards. It is a 6 mil (150 micron) film with excellent durability and scratch resistance.

    "The WipeErase White film incorporates Drytac's adhesive expertise to deliver a product that is very easy to apply, yet remains firmly intact for many years," explains Shaun Holdom. "When it is time to remove or replace the film, it will leave no residue and the area can have new media applied to it immediately."

    As well as offering 'a whiteboard in a roll', both Drytac ReTac WipeErase and WipeErase White can be used to resurface existing whiteboards to give them a new lease of life.

    Holdom explains: "Whiteboards often suffer from 'ghosting', making them look grey and shaded. In time, the pens used on these boards scratch the surface and when rubbed off leave a very faint impression of previous writing. Once this has happened, there is no way of repairing the whiteboard itself and so the ghosting needs to be put up with, or the board replaced. A sheet of one of our WipeErase products applied to a whiteboard essentially makes it as good as new and is considerably cheaper than replacing it. Do this across a whole organisation and the savings could be huge."

  • + Roland DG Disaster Support Program

    Roland DG would like to extend its thoughts and best wishes to those who have been affected by the recent flooding in Qu..

    18 February 2019

    Roland DG would like to extend its thoughts and best wishes to those who have been affected by the recent flooding in Queensland. Roland DG would like to offer assistance and provide the following information on how to best handle your electronic and production equipment in this situation to customers affected.

    Water exposure can make equipment dangerous to inspect, test and operate so please use extreme caution in doing so.  

    • Equipment can short out when powered on as the chassis could become 'live' and endanger lives.
    • Always get professional advice before attempting to powering on electrical devices if unsure
    Water damage and the after effects of water damage will impact on a machines ability to operate. 
    • Water can damage production equipment, from gears to bearings, rail assemblies, motors, rollers, electronic circuitry and more.
    • Rust can settle in either immediately or within a short amount of time, this is exacerbated because the water is not 'clean' and can leave residue over components and potentially create electrical shorts.
    • High levels of humidity and moisture can enter your equipment.  This can, like water itself, cause issues outlined above.
    Power outages and fluctuations can also have a major impact on electrical and electro-mechanical products. Over both the short and long term there are procedures that can assist you when expecting outages that should be implemented, our service people are available to advise specifically for your type of machine/s.

    If you require assistance or your business has been affected, please contact our service team through or call 1-800-500-119. Roland DG will provide assistance at reduced service rates to review damaged or moisture affected Roland equipment and advise condition reports for any insurance claim requirements.
    We will endeavour to find additional ways to assist those affected from providing special disaster pricing for replacement products so please contact Roland DG for more details on how we can help get your business back up and running.
    The Roland DG Care service team will be scheduling service runs in the affected regions from mid to late February. Should there be any questions please do not hesitate to contact Roland DG directly for assistance on 1-800-500-119. One of our staff will be more than willing to arrange assistance or offer advice.

  • + Neopost Australia & Arlon Graphics Distribution Partnership Announcement

    Neopost Australia, a state-of-the art graphics solutions enterprise offering wide-format print technology, equipment, an..

    18 February 2019

    Neopost Australia, a state-of-the art graphics solutions enterprise offering wide-format print technology, equipment, and consumables to the graphics industry and Arlon Graphics, a leading cast vinyl manufacturer offering innovative product solutions with unparalleled customer support to the sign and graphics industry, announce a new distribution partnership for the Australia region. 

    Arlon and Neopost are both committed to providing exceptional customer support, technical expertise, and a diverse product portfolio to the Australian market. Neopost will bring their experience and energy to give greater accessibility to Arlon products. 

    “Neopost is delighted to be announced as distributor for the Arlon product range in Australia. This partnership cements Neopost’s resolve to continue with our strategy to become THE leading partner to the sign & display industry, providing the widest range of media and print solutions to our customers that offer the highest quality, every single time,” says Stuart Macdonald, Managing Director, Neopost Australian. “We are excited to move forward as a key supplier of the Arlon range, which will no doubt help Neopost grow our product range in the sign & display space and allow us to expand our offering to our customers across the widest range of product.”

    About Neopost
    Neopost is a leading partner to the Australian Print Industry, working with the world’s leading manufacturers of print technology to deliver the very latest innovation to our customers. We deliver market leading technology through an extensive network of dedicated account managers and service representatives to deliver world class solutions to the Australian print sector. We have been supporting the Australian Print Sector for over 60 years and continue to innovate and partner with leading brands to offer the very best in equipment, media and support solutions to help Australian print businesses achieve growth.

    About Arlon Graphics
    Arlon Graphics, LLC is a cast vinyl manufacturing company in the business of creating innovative material for visual expression. Founded in 1958, Arlon Graphics manufactures and markets high-quality pressure-sensitive materials for the fleet, architectural, digital imaging, and signage markets. Through more than 180 distribution partners across the globe, a growing number of strategically-positioned sales offices and warehouses, and customer-centric operations, Arlon is recognized as a global leader in graphic films. Join the Arlon Graphics conversation and follow us at @arlongraphics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. For more information, visit

  • + More Money in Your Pocket with Océ Australia’s New ColorWave 3000 Series

    Océ Australia has today announced the launch of its new generation Océ ColorWave 3000 series, a reliable, ..

    13 February 2019

    Océ Australia has today announced the launch of its new generation Océ ColorWave 3000 series, a reliable, flexible and productive large format colour printing system, which it says has been designed specifically ‘for the creators’.

    Dale Hawkins, Senior Manager – Indirect/Marketing for Océ Australia says the easy-to-use range is ideal for those looking for a productive, accurate and versatile printer that will help build business, save time…and put more money in their pockets.

    The fourth generation of Océ’s CrystalPoint colour printers, the ColorWave 3000 series has a decade of proven technology behind it, providing businesses with reliable, repeatable, accurate output on a wide range of mono or colour applications where uncompromising quality is required.

    “Using distinctive Océ TonerPearls, CrystalPoint brings together the best of toner and the best of inkjet to provide a versatile, precise and instantly dry print solution that is ideal for a wide range of media and applications,” Hawkins explains, saying the two models in the new series are ‘packed’ with smart, time-saving innovations and intuitive operational features.

    “The ColorWave 3000 range has been designed to deliver both high productivity and unparalleled ease of use, with automated print quality settings that deliver reliable, ‘first-time-out’ quality and ‘set and forget’, intervention-free operation,” he says.

    “The Océ ColorWave 3500 has been designed for worry-free, ‘walk up’ printing of CAD documents, plans, maps and the like, at the high level of precise detail required by corporates and businesses in sectors like architecture, engineering and construction.”

    “Its stablemate, the Océ ColorWave 3700, provides higher media capacity and versatility, as well as superb rendering which captures every detail perfectly. This makes it the perfect choice for reprographic applications where that level of precision is a must, as well as superior, photo-quality graphics and other commercial digital print applications.”

    As well as being so easy to use that even inexperienced operators can get outstanding, reliable results, both machines are exceptionally versatile, printing on a wide range of media from thin uncoated stocks like 80gsm bond to vinyls, without compromising on quality.

    “CrystalPoint printing technology means that the image is totally independent of the media, so you can choose the right media for your application and be sure of getting consistent results,” Hawkins says. “Prints are delivered dry off the machine and are both robust and water resistant, giving them a certified archival lifetime of at least 100 years.”

    Featuring the kind of benefits for which Océ has become renown among print service providers, Hawkins says the technical expertise and market experience of the Netherlands-based manufacturer is evident in every aspect of these machines.

    “There’s Océ’s workflow software which makes job changes seamless, media capacity of up to six rolls for fast changeover between jobs without sacrificing productivity and even Océ ImageLogic scanning technology which turns imperfect originals into perfect prints using advanced image enhancement,” he says.

    “On the 3700 Océ step it up even further with Océ MediaSense, which automatically adjusts the gap between the imaging device and the media, to ensure superb high quality output without manual adjustments.

    “The result is a finely-tuned, beautifully engineered machine which will allow printers the ability to grow their applications volumes and expand their product range to capitalise on profitable new revenue streams while enjoying higher profit margins and faster return on investment.”

    Add great environmental and OH&S credentials – CrystalPoint emits no fine dust, ozone or odour – and reliable, low-maintenance performance, backed by technical and service support from Océ Australia’s dedicated national team – and the new range ticks all the boxes.

    “At the end of the day, building business success is about capitalizing on opportunities and building profitability,” Hawkins says. “With the poster printer option on the CW3700, you can move into the Graphic Arts applications while still maintaining your revenue from CAD prints using one single machine. The Océ ColorWave 3000 series, allows you to say ‘yes’ to more jobs, more often … and keep more dollars in your own pocket.”

    The Océ ColorWave 3000 series are now available from Océ Australia

  • + Pozitive Running Introduction to Vinyl Application Course

    Pozitve Signs and Graphics Supplies, in conjunction with Ritrama and Auto Artisan Group, are hosting an 'Introduction to..

    12 February 2019

    Pozitve Signs and Graphics Supplies, in conjunction with Ritrama and Auto Artisan Group, are hosting an 'Introduction to Vinyl Application Course' on the 26th and 27th of February. 

    There are only limited places for each day, so you have to be quick to reserve your place. 

    The course costs $195, which includes lunch, drinks and tool kit.

    Check out the Pozitive Ute wrapped with Ritrama Slide and Tack film

    To register, visit:

  • + Konica Minolta’s Andrew Ward Helping Others Keep Their Head Above Water

    When he’s not helping customers or working with state-of-art printing technology, Andrew Ward, Konica Minolta&rsqu..

    12 February 2019

    When he’s not helping customers or working with state-of-art printing technology, Andrew Ward, Konica Minolta’s NSW Sales Manager for Production and Strategic Sales, dedicates his time to ‘Head Above Water’, a fundraising group formed to positively affect Mental Health on the Northern Beaches. 

    Shocked by the rate of suicide on the Northern Beaches and the negative effects of poor mental health, Andrew and a bunch of his mates got together and decided to take action. The name they chose, is a reflection of the need to implement exercise as a key strategy that contributes to positive mental health and a sense of wellbeing. It also takes into account that having good mental health is a daily proposition that needs attention. 

    (Andrew in the blue top)

    The people behind the charity are all volunteers giving up their time to try and make a difference.  

    “We are hoping to raise money via entry fees and donations to individual swimmers and swim teams,” says Andrew. “We’re also seeking lane sponsors and naming sponsors for the event. With your valuable support we know we can make a huge difference to mental health awareness, not just in the Northern Beaches, but across Australia.”

    Head Above Water is running a 24 hour swim-a-thon at the Collaroy Rock Pool, raising money for Gotcha4Life. Their event will be held on the 16th & 17th March. So far the swim has attracted a lot of interest and over 100 swimmers have registered, 5 of these will be from the NSW branch at Konica Minolta. Overall, the team is hoping to attract 300+ swimmers and raise $80-100K for this really worthwhile cause. 
    If you’d like to take part in the swim-a-thon, donate or look at sponsorship opportunities, the follow these links 
    Register to swim and raise money
    It’s a great opportunity to help a worthy cause. For more information, please visit

  • + Scodix Strengthens Digital Enhancement Offering with New Ultra Presses

    Scodix, a provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, announced the commercial launch of th..

    12 February 2019

    Scodix, a provider of digital enhancement solutions for the graphic arts industry, announced the commercial launch of the Scodix Ultra 101 and the Scodix Ultra 202 Digital Enhancement Presses. The Scodix family of presses, including the Scodix Ultra 101 and the Scodix Ultra 202, was developed to meet the increased demand for business-generating digital enhancement and allow print service providers of all sizes to target new revenue opportunities.

    Designed as a stepping stone into the world of digital enhancement, the Scodix Ultra 101 is fully compatible with offset and HP Indigo presses. Seamless integration ensures print providers can maximize their uptime and crucially, expand their throughput. The Scodix Ultra 101 offers six Scodix enhancements including Scodix Sense, Scodix Foil, Scodix Metallic, Scodix VDE, Scodix Glitter and Scodix Cast&Cure, plus combinations of all of the above, offering users a competitive business differentiator. The Scodix Ultra 101 solution is making its worldwide debut at the HP Indigo Global VIP customer event on February 12th. The full capabilities of the Scodix Ultra 101 will be demonstrated with HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital press.

    “Delivering visually striking and tactile enhancements, Scodix adds great value to HP Indigo prints,” states Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager, HP Indigo Division, HP Inc. adding, “The introduction of the new Scodix Ultra 101 is further testament to the company’s innovation and will increase applications and business opportunities for HP Indigo customers.”

    The Scodix Ultra 202 ‘full feature’ Digital Enhancement Press provides customers with the largest array of enhancement capabilities in the industry today. This press produces unmatched quality – quickly and cost-effectively – enabling print providers to increase their throughput and creating business opportunities. Users have the freedom to print enhancements on paper, lamination, a variety of water-based coatings, PVC and carton, opening the door to a succession of new applications.

    All nine of the Scodix applications run efficiently on the Scodix Ultra 202 press, replacing the need for separate systems on the production floor and preserving a small footprint. By incorporating digital enhancement, print providers can expand their service offering with attention-grabbing applications. These include premium business/greeting cards, folders, head-turning book covers, audience-engaging brochures, stand-out labels and packaging.

    Scodix brings numerous benefits to a range of industries, including commercial print, direct mail, folding cartons, point of display, web2print, security markings and many more with a focus on fine details.

    Adina Shorr, CEO at Scodix, concludes, “By adding these new systems to our portfolio, we are increasing the number of customers that can employ Scodix and ‘turn print into an experience’.

    “The Scodix Ultra 202 promises to be our flagship product, with the widest range of applications and substrate compatibility in the market, while the brand-new Scodix Ultra 101 provides a taste of that, allowing smaller printers to add luxurious embellishments and personalisation that sells brands, whilst protecting profitability.”

  • + Roland DG Announces New TrueVIS VG Series $5000 Cash Back Trade-In Offer

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, today announced the launch of..

    11 February 2019

    Roland DG Australia, a leading manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and 3D devices, today announced the launch of a new $5,000 cash back Trade-In program for the TrueVIS VG Series Printer Cutters.

    Recently, the TrueVIS VG Series was awarded the BLI Buyers Lab top choice for image quality and productivity through its unparalleled colour output, reliability and integrated print and cut versatility. To celebrate this honour Roland DG are offering customers the opportunity to upgrade to the latest TrueVIS VG Series Printer Cutter, and receive $5,000 cash back when trading in their old wide format printer.

    To qualify for the $5,000 cash back offer, purchase a TrueVIS VG-540 or VG-640 wide format printer cutter before March 8th 2019, then register the old printer for trade-in, it’s that easy. Roland DG will verify and arrange for the collection of the old printer and provide the cash back*.

    For more details and to register your trade-in, visit, or contact Roland DG on 1800 500 119. 

  • + Transforming Stores Into Experiences: The Future of POP Displays

    The future of the retail industry is beginning to look much different than many predicted. While it seemed for a while t..

    11 February 2019

    The future of the retail industry is beginning to look much different than many predicted. While it seemed for a while that online shopping would dominate the retail scene, millennials and Generation Z have surprisingly begun to show a preference for shopping in brick-and-mortar locations. 

    Around 40% of consumers make purchases inside of physical stores at least once a week, with over half citing reasons such as not wanting to wait for delivery or wanting to see a product in-store before buying. Point-of-purchase (POP) displays have long been an essential marketing tool for brick and mortar stores. Customers want fresh, new experiences and the right POP display will help provide that.

    POP Displays Provide Desired In-Store Experience

    POP displays are meant to present consumers with something fresh, new, and exciting as they approach checkout. These displays enhance consumers' retail experiences while showcasing unique products. Marketers utilising POP displays have the option to issue calls-to-action and do a little bit of storytelling to get consumers familiar with and interested in their brands.

    Aiming to get the best consumer reactions from your POP display should be item number one on a marketer or retailer's agenda. Fresh and enticing features, such as digital displays, should work effectively to capture consumer attention and allow retailers to make changes to displayed information quickly. When designing POP displays, consider incorporating the following:


    Interactive displays that give consumers an experience in-store are fantastic ways to catch the attention of the consumer and nudge them toward the sales cycle. Examples include secure video game console displays or makeup testing options, which give consumers hands-on opportunities to interact with the product.

    The option to touch, feel, or test products when applicable is paramount to purchasing decisions. Consumers are turning back to brick-and-mortar because they want to see the products they are considering in person.

    Brand Identity

    POP displays should give consumers a taste of the brand the product represents. Consumers in younger generations, especially, are looking to feel a connection with the products they buy—they want to feel good about the purchases they make.

    By customising POP displays to showcase innovative design and marketing techniques, marketers can project the things they value, such as minimalism, eco-friendly practices, or social sustainability.

    Personal Connections

    Consumers seek out brands that they feel good about. They want to have a medium to connect with the world around them and the causes they care about when they make purchasing decisions. Through showcasing aspects of a business that highlight these things, a retailer or marketer can anticipate a positive consumer response.

    Every Retailer Has Its Place

    Retail marketing has seen a turbulent decade. Forecasts have shifted dramatically as retailers try to pin down trends in a volatile and disrupted market. With the rising popularity and efficiency of the internet, brick-and-mortar retailers feared what the future would bring. Luckily, older and younger generations alike seem to be heading in-store once again for many of their purchases, suggesting that brick-and-mortar and online retail can co-exist after all.

    Interactive, fresh POP displays will remain a relevant and effective way to drive interest and sales from customers who come looking to get a taste of what they're buying before they part with their funds.


    Working in partnership with cross-media marketing specialist TagG Informatique, SCREEN Europe announces today the commer..

    11 February 2019

    Working in partnership with cross-media marketing specialist TagG Informatique, SCREEN Europe announces today the commercial availability of a fully-integrated native IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream) controller. Thus, enabling compatibility with the latest IS/3 and MO standard: DCA GA (Graphic Arts) accredited by the AFP consortium, for use with its range of high-speed, continuous feed printers in the Truepress Jet520 series.

    Recognising that an IPDS interface is essential for printers needing to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data, Screen partnered with TagG and its subsidiary, R&D Tech Research, because of the company’s excellent track record integrating IPDS controllers with OEM equipment.

    “TagG’s expertise in this area combined with the strength of our relationship made them the obvious partner, and we’re delighted with the outcome of this joint venture. TagG has developed an efficient solution that is extremely reliable,” states Takanori Kakita, President at Screen Europe.

    As a cross-media marketing company, TagG has an annual production of over 300 million printed A4 pages per year and 50 million folds posted per year. The company is a pioneer of VDP in France and through the development of new software and adaptation of new technologies, its R&D department revolutionizes personalization and offers new perspectives to creative and marketing departments. TagG has been using the Truepress Jet520HD with IPDS controller at its production site in Entrelacs, Savoie.

    Stuart Tootill, Systems Engineer at Screen Europe, adds, “Not only are we delivering IPDS functionality, but users can also use Equios workflow on the same press. This provides access to functionality such as advanced colour management, automated pre-flighting and PDF fixing for jobs that don’t require the security of IPDS. We are seeing more printers that typically use IPDS getting more PDF work, so this flexibility is a huge plus point for printers who want to serve different markets or run different kinds of jobs on the same press.”

    With the introduction of IPDS, transactional and security printers have more freedom to use Screen’s Truepress Jet520 series, with confidence that data is transient and secure, whilst closed-loop technology ensures 100 percent delivery. This includes the highly productive flagship Truepress Jet520HD+ press, offering exceptional offset quality for commercial printing and supporting a wide range of paper stocks including standard offset coated papers, without the need for pre-treatment. The IPDS controller can also feed the Truepress Jet520NX press, supporting not only transactional printing, but also direct mail, transpromo, and book printing, which allows customers to extend their markets. Both presses will be showcased at HID 2019 in Lucerne, Switzerland, from February 25-28th.

    TagG Informatique Founder Hervé Lesseur adds, “We enjoy our close relationship Screen and it’s been a pleasure to collaborate on this project. Screen has a fantastic reputation in the market for reliability and productivity, with the addition of the TagG IPDS controller we’re delighted that more printers will have access to that across the globe.”

  • + NZSDA Conference 13-15 June Tauranga

    ( )..

    11 February 2019